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  • 2013
  • 8 Seasons
  • 8.6  (2,118)

The Profit is a reality TV show that airs on CNBC and is hosted by businessman Marcus Lemonis. The premise of the show is that Lemonis invests his own money into struggling small businesses in order to save them from failure and make them profitable. In each episode, Lemonis visits a different small business that is failing for one reason or another. He analyzes each business by looking at their sales, marketing, operations, finances, and management. Lemonis then makes an offer to invest his own money into the business in exchange for an ownership stake. His goal is to turn around the business by fixing its problems and getting it on the path to success.

Lemonis typically offers the business owners advice, expertise, and capital, but in return asks for a percentage of the business and a degree of control and ownership. This allows him to make the changes needed to improve the business. The types of struggling businesses featured on the show vary widely - from restaurants and retail stores to manufacturing companies and service providers.

A typical episode shows Lemonis observing the staff and operations of the business, examining their books and records, and asking tough questions of the owners. He points out problems with the product, service, marketing, customer service, inventory control, or staffing issues. He then works with the owners to address these issues directly, often providing capital to improve facilities, technology, hire new staff, upgrade equipment, or invest in better inventory.

Lemonis is shown negotiating with the owners over the percentage of the company he requires for his investment. They have difficult conversations about valuations, salaries, and what level of control Lemonis will have in management decisions. Intense disputes often occur before a deal is struck.

Once an agreement is made, Lemonis gets to work immediately implementing changes to turn the business around. This may involve changing the product, rebranding, altering staff roles, streamlining operations, upgrading facilities, or reaching out to new markets. Employee and customer reactions to the changes are featured.

The Profit offers viewers lessons in running a successful business. Lemonis emphasizes the importance of attention to detail, listening to customers, managing cash flow, controlling inventory, and creating company culture. He demonstrates tough love and accountability in getting lackadaisical owners to step up and improve their business practices.

At the end of each episode, updates are provided on the impact his investment and guidance had on the business. Most episodes conclude with the featured business showing increased sales, profits, and optimism for their future success. The Profit offers an inside look at the ups and downs of running a small business in America, while showcasing the transformative power of smart capital and expertise.

The Profit is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (139 episodes). The series first aired on July 30, 2013.

The Profit
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Raise The Roof
8. Raise The Roof
September 28, 2021
A home construction business that's trying to revolutionize the way houses are built is struggling to keep up with demand for their innovative homes. With options to grow in both the residential and commercial market, the owners are also facing a bit of an identity crisis. Marcus must show them the importance of laying a firm foundation first, if they're going to cash in on their potential.
Claws and Effect
7. Claws and Effect
September 21, 2021
A Brooklyn crab restaurant started by best friends Fifi and Gwen has Marcus excited about the possibilities. If they can fulfill their potential, he believes Crabby Shack will have all the makings of the next great restaurant chain.
A New Leash of Life
6. A New Leash of Life
September 14, 2021
A business owner with a love of animals gives Marcus a new challenge. While her product is great, she lacks some of the business skills to bring it to the masses. Marcus will need to help her find the same passion for profits she has for...
Who's the Boss?
5. Who's the Boss?
September 7, 2021
A small-town family-owned spirits company needs Marcus' help to expand. They must come to terms with their past and agree on their future if they truly want a shot at the big time.
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
4. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
August 31, 2021
Marcus attempts to help a Salt Lake City sweet potato pie business go nationwide.
Checks and Balances
3. Checks and Balances
August 24, 2021
A sister and a brother are desperate to keep their furniture business open and keep the legacy of their father alive.
Any Way You Slice It
2. Any Way You Slice It
August 17, 2021
A Santa Monica staple serving up creative slices has Marcus' head spinning. Marcus must get the owner to fall back in love with his business and resolve his relationship with a not-so-silent partner or he risks losing his 20-year pizza legacy.
Mo Honey, Mo Problems
1. Mo Honey, Mo Problems
August 10, 2021
Marcus faces one of his biggest challenges to date when he visits a family business in Utah that is drowning in debt. With his help, the family will need to become a hive of activity to turn their fortunes around.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 30, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    8.6  (2,118)