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This is the ultimate makeover show-for businesses. Marcus Lemonis finds failing or near failing businesses and swoops in to save them, with one catch: the owners have to do it his way. Marcus goes over the books, the files and essentially leaves no stone unturned in his thorough research of all aspects of operations. Marcus develops a plan that can bring the most success and even offers his own money and expertise as a partner in the venture. The allure is the scandals that he sometimes uncovers concerning shady doings behind the scenes and how he confronts employees and demands change if they really want his assistance. Marcus Lemonis is direct and fearless in his advice and at times that ends up with his walking away from a sinking ship without throwing the lifesaver.

The Profit is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (131 episodes). The series first aired on July 30, 2013.

Where do I stream The Profit online? The Profit is available for streaming on CNBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Profit on demand at Amazon, Hulu, NBC, CNBC, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV, Peacock online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on CNBC
7 Seasons, 131 Episodes
July 30, 2013
Action & Adventure, Kids & Family, Reality, How To
Cast: Adrian Pasdar, Lisa Zane, Keith Szarabajka, Allison Hossack, Lisa Darr
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The Profit Full Episode Guide

  • Marcus revisits an episode from the very first season of "The Profit"; Marcus reveals what he got right, what he got wrong; Eco-Me, an all-natural cleaning supply company, has mounting debt.

  • Marcus doesn't sugarcoat the truth as he describes what almost melted a 100-year-old family legacy and reveals if this sweet deal has since gone sour.

  • Marcus Lemonis invests in struggling businesses in efforts to save them.

  • Marcus revisits and offers advice to the coolest company he's ever worked with.

  • Marcus takes a look back at his time spent with Ashtae Products and invites the memorable Woods family to join.

  • Join Marcus and a special guest as they take a look back at one of the more memorable recent episodes and find out how this sauce company is faring.

  • Marcus takes an intimate look at an episode from The Profit’s second season, giving insight on the automotive business and sharing what he was thinking while filming.

  • An inside look into the big business of tiny homes with Marcus Lemonis and John Wiesbath, host of Tiny House Nation.

  • Marcus Lemonis invites a very special guest to revisit an episode where the business owner's refusal to listen nearly took her company down the drain.

  • An inside look into the big business of tiny homes with Marcus Lemonis and John Wiesbath, host of “Tiny House Nation.”

  • Marcus Lemonis and Executive Producer Amber Mazzola revisit an emotional episode about a family-run furniture business in Miami.

  • A behind the scenes look at how the Flex business owners went from broken to thriving.

  • Marcus Lemonis and Executive Producer Amber Mazzola reveal insights from the filming of a fan-favorite episode about a gourmet marshmallow business that went from sweet to sour in an epic showdown.

  • A Los Angeles-based van conversion company is excited to bring even more people to their outdoor lifestyle.

  • One woman's mission to create her own line of handbags has resulted in a quality but bland and over-priced product. Marcus must help her become a more creative and better business person.

  • One woman is on a mission to create her own line of handbags that has resulted in quality, but a bland and overpriced product. Marcus must help her become a more creative and better businessperson.

  • At a Los Angeles dessert shop, Marcus must help an entrepreneur reign in her ideas before her many ventures cause chaos to her delectable empire.

  • Marcus Lemonis goes to a Mississippi town, where he learns about the economic effects of a natural disaster.

  • A mini racecar track and amusement park has become outdated and run out of gas. Marcus Lemonis will try to help the owner get out of the past.

  • In a special episode, Marcus Lemonis shares insights on two companies where he never made a deal.

  • A mother-and-daughter team deals with health problems and family resentments, and needs Marcus to help them face their issues and raise their macaron business to the next level.

  • At Polar Bear Coolers sales have been plummeting the last few years due to a broken inventory process and an owner more concerned with "rocking out" than appreciating his employees. If Marcus can't help this uninhibited owner improve his communication and streamline his process this company will meltdown.

  • Local Miami celebrity Ana Quincoces has personality to spare, but her burgeoning sauce and marinade business has failed to take off. While Ana's poor branding and overly defensive attitude prove to be a handful for Marcus, she faces one huge challenge: Ana must prove her mettle before The Profit invests.

  • "Coco Vinny" wants to spread the "Coco" love to the rest of the country by selling coconut beverages; if he can't prove to Marcus Lemonis that he has a valid business concept, then this company could be all cracked up.

  • In the Season 7 premiere, Marcus visits a struggling Italian restaurant in New Jersey, where he tries to teach the owner, Dante, management skills. But if his loving father, Jimmy, can't learn to stay out of the way, Dante may never grow up and this business could be cooked.

  • Marcus Lemonis travels to Lebanon to explore his roots and discover secrets of his past.

  • Marcus helps a father and a son overcome their troubled past.

  • The owner of a fly-fishing boat and apparel company designed a unique floating tent, but he can't take any feedback.

  • Two brash social media influencers built a million-dollar sock company, but it's at a standstill after major losses. Will arrogance keep them from meeting the goals Marcus has set for them?

  • The owner of an Asian-inspired shaved-cream shop expands his business before perfecting his concept; now, his company is on the verge of bankruptcy; Marcus tries to push him to change his concept and let go of the manufacturing process.

  • Greg and Jennifer want to keep their restaurant small, but their son has dreams of going national.

  • A cookie business grew too quickly from a tiny shop to a full-production wholesale company and is now besieged by angry lenders. Marcus tries to teach owner Rachel how to stay in business.

  • Two former employees from The Casery want to start their own cell phone case brand; Marcus tries to help Charlotte overcome her confidence issues to become a CEO, so she and Skyler can build a new company from the ground up.

  • Ben started designing and selling home decor at 8 years old. Several decades later, his company's revenue is dropping, and employees are jumping ship.

  • After a call from the North Pole, Marcus travels to Santa Claus, Ind., to save Santa's Toys after owners Mark and Heidi's bad inventory and horrible customer experience have placed their business on the naughty list.

  • A master bagel maker has built a big following in Chicago. But even as he dreams of expanding beyond the windy city his business is growing stale. His branding is uninspired, his product mix is all over the place, and while he and his wife have overcome great challenges together, he struggles with giving her a say in the company. If I can't push him to rise to the occasion this would-be mogul isn't going anywhere.

  • The overbearing owner of a Chicago-based bagel chain ignores his wife's business ideas and hangs on to the outdated look of his cluttered storefronts, so Marcus Lemonis steps in to help develop some interesting new products and revamp the burned-out brand.