Watch TV Shows on CNBC

CNBC is a cable news channel that focuses primarily on financial market news. The channel broadcasts live coverage of the markets five days a week. They also have a limited lineup of original prime time programming. The network occasionally will broadcast content that had previously aired elsewhere in the NBC family of channels.

CNBC has several hosts that are household names in the financial world. The most well known is Jim Cramer. Cramer is the host of Mad Money which airs shortly after the end of the trading day five days a week. The show is geared towards novice investors looking for information and tips on how to invest their money.

CNBC is the home to what has been called the most important show in the world of finance. That show is Squawk Box. Squawk Box covers the financial news of the day before the markets open in the morning. But the show is best known for landing interviews with the top names in finance on a regular basis. Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio and Kyle Bass are just a few of the financial heavy hitters that have appeared repeatedly on the show.

CNBC focuses mainly on the US markets. They have a studio inside of the New York Stock Exchange. They also tend to hone in on stocks with a large market cap rather than small unknown companies.