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At Restaurant Startup, people with ideas for restaurants come and pitch their ideas to a series of professional restaurant investors. If the restaurant investors enjoy what they have seen during the initial pitch than they will invest a certain amount of capital into the restaurant in order to get the business moving forward.

However, the catch is once the restaurant is established and begins to make a profit, a percentage of the profit is paid back to the original investors. Now, if the restaurant completely fails and no profit is made, than the investor will lose their initial investment and the people in charge of the restaurant will be forced to close down the building.

The television show gives people an idea of the amount of effort, energy, time and strategy which has to be put into the creation of a new restaurant business. In order to make their restaurant startup successful, many things are taken into consideration, such as the type of foods the restaurant will serve, the prices of the food at the restaurant, the restaurant's design, the menu design, the table set up and the restaurant's operating base.

Restaurant Startup is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on July 8, 2014.

Restaurant Startup is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Restaurant Startup on demand at, Peacock online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on CNBC
3 Seasons, 26 Episodes
July 8, 2014
Cast: John Beach, Roy Rede
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Restaurant Startup Full Episode Guide

  • Two Miami chefs known for both their food and their fiery personalities vie for investment help.

  • Two teams that have found their dream location need money from the investors to sign their lease.

  • Chefs looking to make a name with a taste of Spain, and two friends trying to capitalize on an up-and-coming Manhattan neighborhood try to cash in with the investors.

  • Two teams with late-night snacks, one with a spin on the traditional eggroll and one with an old family rice ball recipe, look to impress the investors.

  • Replacing Tim Love in this episode, Elizabeth Blau joins Joe Bastianich. One restaurant is looking for more profit from opening a rooftop bar, and two brothers want to open a fourth location featuring small plates.

  • Replacing Joe Bastianich for this episode, Elizabeth Blau joins Tim Love to judge two teams pitching their different visions for fast-casual restaurants that are offshoots of pre-existing establishment and that they believe can become franchise empires.

  • An owner who lost everything in his divorce, including a restaurant, and an owner buried in debt from a hemp-centric restaurant try to get money from the investors.

  • One team has created an interactive culinary experience, and a Michelin-star chef is staking his comeback on truffles.

  • Looking to give “the stuffy steakhouse a casual makeover,” Joe Bastianich and Tim Love begin season three being pitched business plans for two different steakhouses.

  • Restaurateurs and investors Joe Bastianich and Tim Love must choose between mad scientists – mad food scientists, that is, each with a unique approach to molecular gastronomy.

  • A brother and sister team from New Jersey; a husband and wife team from northeastern Pennsylvania.

  • A rock n' roll couple from Detroit and a company outgrowing its tiny space are featured on the show.

  • A food truck hopes to stabilize their business by opening a brick-and-mortar location; two culinary teachers from Philadelphia look to transition from the classroom to a fast-casual takeout restaurant.

  • A married couple runs a restaurant with an international small plates menu in Las Vegas; a restaurant that serves slow-cooked meats with a heap of healthy options in a fast-casual setting.

  • A food truck owned by newlyweds uses only handmade ingredients that showcase the owners Venezuelan roots; two childhood friends that have generated a huge social media following that has the entire city of Buffalo rooting for the colorful company.

  • A Los Angeles deli where everything on the menu is roasted to perfection including their signature sliders; a popular chef-driven breakfast café owned by an ex-stockbroker turned restaurateur.

  • A Moroccan food catering company hopes to conquer Manhattan.

  • The owner of an Atlanta food truck loses money in a Ponzi scheme; a chef that was forced to shutter his popular restaurant in order to pay for a lengthy custody battle.