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  • 2017
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.0  (16)

The Deed: Chicago is a reality TV show that premiered on CNBC in March 2017. The show stars real estate mogul Sean Conlon, who is known for his expertise in buying and flipping properties in Chicago. In The Deed: Chicago, Conlon funds struggling real estate projects and works with the investors and developers to turn the properties into profitable investments. The show was a spin-off of Conlon's first show, The Deed, which aired on CNBC in 2016.

Each episode of The Deed: Chicago features a different property and its investors struggling to make a profit from the project. Conlon invests his own money into the properties and becomes a partner with the investors for the duration of the project. He shares his expertise and provides guidance on the renovations and marketing strategies needed to turn the property into a profitable investment. Conlon is passionate about helping people become successful in the real estate business and often shares tips and advice for aspiring investors.

The show is set in Chicago, Illinois, and showcases some of the city's most unique and historic neighborhoods. Conlon takes viewers on a tour of each property, pointing out its strengths and weaknesses, and highlighting potential growth opportunities. Throughout the episodes, viewers are given insight into the real estate market in Chicago and the challenges that investors face when trying to flip properties in the city.

One of the most exciting aspects of The Deed: Chicago is the transformations that the properties undergo throughout the episodes. From dilapidated buildings to stunning homes and business spaces, the transformations are impressive and inspiring. Conlon works closely with the developers, contractors, and designers to ensure that each property is transformed to its full potential. He often provides his own input on design choices and marketing strategies to make sure that each property stands out in the competitive Chicago real estate market.

The show's format is similar to other real estate reality shows, but with a twist. Instead of just following real estate agents as they navigate the market, The Deed: Chicago focuses on the investment side of the business. Each episode provides valuable lessons for those looking to invest in real estate, including how to identify a good investment, how to work with partners, how to manage finances, and how to navigate the real estate market.

Another highlight of the show is Conlon's personality. He is charismatic, knowledgeable, and passionate about real estate, and his energy is infectious. He has a no-nonsense approach to investing and is not afraid to make tough decisions when necessary. He is also willing to share his mistakes and failures in the real estate business, which makes him relatable to viewers who may be struggling to find success in the industry.

In addition to the main focus on real estate investing, The Deed: Chicago also touches on social and personal issues. For example, in one episode, Conlon works with a developer who is struggling with addiction and helps him get back on track with his life and business. In another episode, Conlon works with a developer and his daughter to create a restaurant that will not only be profitable but will also bring the community together. These personal stories add a human element to the show and make it more relatable and engaging to viewers.

Overall, The Deed: Chicago is an exciting and informative show that provides valuable insights into the real estate industry. Whether you are an aspiring investor or just a fan of real estate reality shows, this series offers entertainment, education, and inspiration. Conlon's expertise and personality make him the perfect host, and the transformations of the properties are truly impressive. If you are looking for a show that combines real estate investing, personal stories, and stunning transformations, The Deed: Chicago is a must-watch.

The Deed: Chicago is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on March 29, 2017.

The Deed: Chicago
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The Comeback Queen
6. The Comeback Queen
April 8, 2020
A first-time Chicago flipper faces foreclosure after a contractor took her money, did shoddy work, and lied about inspections.
The Bungalow Kings
5. The Bungalow Kings
April 1, 2020
Best friends Mike and Liviu want to become the Bungalow Kings of Chicago. The young rookie developers have snapped up two of the tiny, old-fashioned houses. Not only do they plan to supersize both into three-story, ultra-modern, four-bedroom homes, but they also think they can supersize their profits by renovating both at the same time. Sean is tempted by the potential for a double profit and is intrigued by Mike and Liviu's business plan of cornering the market in bungalow renovations all across the city. However, will partnering with these inexperienced developers on a challenging reno really turn out twice as nice? Or, will it just cause double the trouble?
Will This Host Make the Most?
4. Will This Host Make the Most?
March 25, 2020
Robin purchased a 19th-century Greystone on Chicago's South Side, but the ambitious project is over budget and months behind schedule.
The Great Transformation
3. The Great Transformation
March 18, 2020
Successful Chicago broker Nick originally planned a six-month reno, but he's been leaning on all the wrong people and the stalled project is now costing him money.
Save Me From the Wrecking Ball!
2. Save Me From the Wrecking Ball!
March 11, 2020
An Ambitious contractor tries to turn his dark past into a bright future, but his latest project will either make or break both his career and his finances.
Designer Dreamhouse
1. Designer Dreamhouse
March 4, 2020
Caren and her husband Nic have a good track record as home flippers, but their first attempt at building a house from the ground up is causing them serious problems. The couple have only just started construction on the elaborately designed, luxury four-bedroom house, but Sean is shocked to learn that it's already $100,000 over budget. Caren, an award-winning interior designer, seems reluctant to compromise on any of her big ideas or her costly finishes. Sean sets out to get the project back on track but teaching Caren to build for profit, not just for prestige, proves a real challenge.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 29, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (16)