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"West Texas Investors Club" is an eight-episode series that takes place deep in the heart of Texas, where self-made multimillionaires Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam carved their fortunes from a harsh and unforgiving land. For the past several years, they've chosen to pass on that success by investing in promising entrepreneurs - but only on their turf and their terms. Along with their close friend and confidante Gil Prather, Rooster and Butch invite ambitious entrepreneurs from across the country to come down to West Texas and make their case. These folks know that they're getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance to secure funding...but what they don't know is that clever products and beautiful balance sheets will only get you so far with these investors. No, Rooster and Butch won't make a deal until they've peered into your heart and soul - and taken the true measure of your character and your company.

West Texas Investors Club is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on August 4, 2015.

Where do I stream West Texas Investors Club online? West Texas Investors Club is available for streaming on CNBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch West Texas Investors Club on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV, Peacock online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on CNBC
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
August 4, 2015
Cast: Mike 'Rooster' McConaughey, Wayne 'Butch' Gilliam
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West Texas Investors Club Full Episode Guide

  • Two frat boys from Florida have engineered a way to chill beer faster. Butch and Rooster put the gadget to the ultimate test under harsh desert conditions. Later, a free-spirited Californian tries to convert meat-eating Texans to her plant-based burgers.

  • A business-savvy entrepreneur from New York City must prove that his maple water brand has mass appeal. Later, a young woman from Sweden introduces Butch and Rooster to her mother's walking pole company. The guys send her on the show's toughest challenge yet.

  • A pastor and an MMA fighter claim to have the most durable groin protector in the world. Naturally, the investors set out to destroy it. Later, two brothers with a rocky past come together to pitch their outdoor apparel company. Butch and Rooster set up a competition to test the stability of their relationship.

  • A serial entrepreneur presents what he claims to be the best soy sauce on the planet. Later, a tech-savvy duo from Ohio pitches a wearable audio recording device. Butch and Rooster take the gadget on an epic treasure hunt through the desert in order to determine its practical use.

  • An eager entrepreneur pitches an online service that turns photos into wall art. Later, a Bay Area couple presents their humanely-sourced frozen chicken business. Butch and Rooster test the products with West Texas' most discerning food critics: children.

  • A straight-shooting fireman has developed a safety tool that promises to save lives. Later, a retired flight attendant pitches her once-successful invention for women�۪s purses. Butch and Rooster give her a chance to prove her business�۪ worth with a live infomercial.

  • A young mother wants to franchise her after-school education program. But first she must convince middle-school dropout Butch that learning can be fun. Later, a couple presents a device that monitors a sleeping baby' vitals.

  • A military brat wants to attract blue-collar beer drinkers with his craft brand Guns & Oil. The boys challenge him to make a name for himself in the crowded West Texas beer market. Later, two Russian immigrants show off a product that solves a global epidemic: thigh chafing.

  • A shoreline fisherman pitches his supercharged bait launcher in a last-ditch effort to get his troubled business off the ground. Later, a retired teacher introduces Butch and Rooster to the world of "escape rooms." After proposing a high valuation and ambitious business plan, she must prove herself with an impromptu mock-up of her interactive puzzle game.

  • An Irish musician comes to West Texas to pitch his potentially game-changing synthesizer system for guitars--and Gil immediately gets jealous. Later, Butch and Rooster take a conflicted young entrepreneur with an undershirt business on a spiritual journey into the desert.

  • When two eyewear entrepreneurs from California pitch Butch and Rooster on their "cool brand," the investors decide to test the product at the coolest event in town: Gil's Goat Roping. Later, an ex-rocker with a smartphone repair business inspires Butch to think big.

  • A tech-savvy entrepreneur turns the tables on Butch and Rooster. Later, a pastry chef faces the toughest test in West Texas Investors Club history: Rooster's mom.

  • A young pilot arrives in West Texas ready to pitch his Uber-like app for air travel but must first complete a challenge on blind faith. Later, Butch and Rooster put the inventor of a clamp-on caddy to the test--only to find themselves in uncharted territory.

  • A pickle entrepreneur seeks help from Butch and Rooster; the investors test a young food truck manufacturer by sending him on an unusual sales call.

  • "A Time to Grill" After a YouTube star pitches what he claims is the world's best BBQ sauce, Butch and Rooster put him to the test against the top pitmaster in West Texas. Later, a single mother tries to sell the investors on a website that helps parents save for their child's college education.

  • A young entrepreneur pitches Rooster and Butch on an app that could revolutionize the bar scene; two best friends present a device that promises to reduce contact with germs.