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Improvised comedy television series Reno 911! has the basic format of a reality cop show. Its primary focus is the bumbling Reno Sheriff's Department in Reno, Nevada (not to be confused with Reno Police Department, or Washoe County Sheriff's Office), and the absurd citizens they encounter.

Reno Sheriff's Department's highest ranking deputy is mustachioed Lieutenant Dangle, who wears very short shorts, insists he's not gay, and tries his hardest to keep the rest of the gang under control. Beneath Lt. Dangle are a host of deputies, each with unusual quirks. Among the deputies are Trudy Wiegel, a very unstable woman, Raineesha Williams, who is overly proud of her overly large posterior, and Travis Junior, the NASCAR-loving redneck.

The duties of the deputies often lead them to strip clubs, bars, and civilian houses where they attempt to resolve domestic disputes, make arrests for petty theft, and execute unsuccessful drug busts.

Reno 911! is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (89 episodes). The series first aired on July 23, 2003.

Where do I stream Reno 911! online? Reno 911! is available for streaming on Comedy Central, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Reno 911! on demand at Apple TV+, HBO Max, CBS, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Sling, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes, Comedy Central online.

Thursday 10:30 PM et/pt on Comedy Central
6 Seasons, 89 Episodes
July 23, 2003
Cast: Thomas Lennon, Cedric Yarbrough, Robert Ben Garant, Kerri Kenney
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Reno 911! Full Episode Guide

  • Wiegal discovers her health insurance will no longer cover personal sessions with a psychiatrist. In attempt to continue her sessions, she finds someone to attend couple's therapy with her.

  • When strange lights are reported in the desert and mysterious, unnamed deputies show up around the station, the Reno lieutenants aren't sure if they should include them in the departments Secret Santa.

  • Jones and Williams partner up for an undercover investigation of a swingers club.

  • The deputies crash children's parties around Reno to stop the sale of illegal toys.

  • Wanting to boost their recruitment numbers, the Reno sheriffs department has a well-known Reno movie director film a commercial.

  • As Jim finally gets a chance to present his Princess Diana tribute, the rest of the deputies have their hands full as a "Jesus Christ Superstar" touring company arrive in Reno.

  • Wiegel and Rizzo find themselves trapped in a crook's getaway vehicle. The two take this prime opportunity to get better acquainted.

  • Mayor Hernandez is once again in need of the deputies assistance. This time it's over a prostitute who wont leave his hotel room.

  • The deputies feel a bit of nostalgic about their old cases when they transfer video evidence from VHS tapes to DVD.

  • The Reno deputies serve as tour guides for a mission sent straight from the Vatican.

  • The conclusion. Jim's party is spoiled by a real death, so the deputies spring into action to solve the case of the murder-mystery dinner party.Scott Thompson and Rachael Harris guest star.

  • Jim holds a murder-mystery dinner. The guest list includes his ex-wife, her ex-fiancĂ©, and her new fiancĂ©.Scott Thompson and Rachael Harris guest star.

  • Raineesha and Jim attempt to get a convicted serial killer to tell them the location of his victims' burials.

  • Jones and Junior take the chance to accompany a suspected murderer on a flight to Thailand. Back in Reno, Jim and Franky perform emergency on a doctor, and Trudy and Raineesha mingle with a street hustler.

  • In the season six premiere, two new officers join the Reno force. Meanwhile, Raineesha and Jim confront a recently terminated employee who refuses to leave.

  • The cops will so anything they can to finish in first place at the Carson City parade's "Patriotic Float of the Year" contest.

  • Fed up with their undercover assignments, the deputies hire a Hollywood acting coach in an attempt to behave like real criminals and drug addicts.

  • Junior decides to campaign for position of Commissioner for Animal Carcass Removal in Reno.

  • Wiegel is hopeful after learning her father is out of prison and now wants to spend time with his daughter. Too bad he really only wants to take her coworkers to strip clubs.

  • Officer Raineesha Williams is profiled in the role of a single mom when a reporter from the magazine Strong Sister arrives.

  • The deputies are faced with the task of training a squad of police officers from Baghdad, but they soon realize there may be some cultural differences between the two squads.

  • Jackie the prostitute is dying, so the department stop by the hospital to pay their last respects.

  • The Reno officers are enlisted to assist in the creation of the wall at the border being made to keep the immigrants from entering the US illegally.

  • Undercover at Burger Cousin. To stop a string of robberies at a local burger joint, Deputies go to work as fast food employees, where they meet a boss (Seth Green) even tougher than Lt. Dangle. Special appearance by Michael Q. Schmidt as the trash tossing tourist.

  • Dangle discovers his father had a secret family in Chicago which includes a step brother and half sister.

  • The deputies sell coconut nut clusters in order to raise some money.

  • The deputies professional ethics are challenged when the shady mayor of Reno asks for a personal favor.

  • The women of the police force are issued new bullet proof vests which seem to accentuate their natural figures.

  • The deputies have a run in with Tommy Hawk, a bounty hunter with a reality show of his own.

  • Dep Wiegel wishes to auction off her baby to the highest bidder, but being a racist may hinder her chances when a family of color makes the highest bid.

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