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  • TV-14
  • 2012
  • 5 Seasons
  • 8.3  (25,522)

Key & Peele is a sketch comedy show that aired on Comedy Central from 2012 to 2015. The show featured Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the creators, executive producers, and stars of the series. Key & Peele was known for its innovative and eclectic humor, which blended social commentary, satire, and absurdity to create a unique comedic style.

Each episode of Key & Peele consisted of several sketches that ranged from quick gags to more elaborate and sustained pieces. The show's sketches covered a broad range of topics, including race, politics, pop culture, and everyday life. One of the show's trademarks was its ability to take complex issues and turn them into hilarious and relatable comedy.

Key & Peele featured a diverse cast of characters that showcased the range and versatility of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's comedic talents. The show's characters included Luther, President Obama's anger translator, who provided a hilarious and exaggerated interpretation of the President's calm and calculated speeches. Another popular recurring character was Wendell, portrayed by Key, a socially awkward and nerdy office worker who struggled to fit in with his coworkers.

In addition to its recurring characters, Key & Peele featured numerous one-off sketches that were equally as memorable. Some of the show's most popular sketches included "Substitute Teacher," in which Key played a substitute teacher with a no-nonsense attitude and a penchant for mispronouncing his students' names, and "Gay Wedding Advice," in which Peele played a flamboyant wedding planner offering advice to a straight couple.

One of the standout features of Key & Peele was its ability to use humor to address serious social issues. The show was unafraid to tackle topics such as race, gender, and sexuality, and its sketches often sought to challenge stereotypes and promote understanding. One of the most powerful examples of this was the "Negrotown" sketch, in which Key portrayed a man escaping from the realities of racism by entering a utopian city where black people could thrive and be free from discrimination.

Despite its groundbreaking and innovative comedy, Key & Peele was not without its critics. Some viewers felt that the show's humor was too edgy and offensive, while others thought that its social commentary was too heavy-handed. However, these criticisms were often offset by the show's popularity and critical acclaim, with Key & Peele winning multiple Primetime Emmy Awards and earning a devoted fan base.

In conclusion, Key & Peele was a boundary-pushing sketch comedy show that blended humor and social commentary in a unique and innovative way. The show's characters and sketches were unforgettable, and its willingness to tackle serious social issues made it a standout in the crowded world of comedy television. While it only aired for five seasons, Key & Peele remains a cultural touchstone and a testament to the enduring power of great comedy.

Key & Peele is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (58 episodes). The series first aired on January 31, 2012.

Key & Peele
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The End
11. The End
September 10, 2015
In the series finale, sketches include a man calling 911; Ray Parker Jr.'s new songs; a man who's obsessed with an Internet meme; and a young man being educated about a place called Negrotown.
Meegan & Andre Break Up
10. Meegan & Andre Break Up
September 9, 2015
Sketches include two friends arguing at a club; Meegan and André having a serious discussion; a rapper walking out of an interview; Conrad flying business select; and a man sporting a new mustache.
The 420 Special
9. The 420 Special
September 2, 2015
Neil deGrasse Tyson relaxes at home, Keegan must keep it together during a job interview, a tailor deals with a gassy client, the valets discuss "Game of Thrones," and a telemarketer tries a new strategy.
Hollywood Sequel Doctor
8. Hollywood Sequel Doctor
August 26, 2015
A tickle game between two friends gets weird, a writers' room brainstorms for "Gremlins 2," a man deals with an unruly office janitor, two thugs suspect their friend snitched, and Keegan and Jordan discuss Africa at a party.
MC Mom
7. MC Mom
August 19, 2015
A gangster participates in a drive-by, a mom writes a song for her son, two scam artists compete with each other, an "Undercover Boss" reveals himself, Big Boi runs into André 3000, and two guys get into a car accident.
The Job Interview
6. The Job Interview
August 12, 2015
Judge Jessie has a new show. A couple of ladies catch up over drinks. The valets talk about Val Kilmer.
Killer Concept Album
5. Killer Concept Album
August 5, 2015
Sketches include a politician who denies sending lewd photos and a detective questioning a rapper.
Severed Head Showcase
4. Severed Head Showcase
July 29, 2015
A gospel group must practice without their coach, a group of warriors celebrate a beheading, a prisoner tries to trick his guard, and a young man is confronted for only speaking in catchphrases.
A Cappella Club
3. A Cappella Club
July 22, 2015
A PSA helps prevent child soldiers in Africa, a college a cappella group gets a new member, Meegan and André go on their first date, a terror group runs a food truck, and two old men discuss popular music.
Airplane Showdown
2. Airplane Showdown
July 15, 2015
A flight attendant deals with a passenger who refuses to fasten his seatbelt, British explorers discuss their travels, two couples try to avoid spoilers on a double date, and a prayer group receives divine intervention.
Y'all Ready For This?
1. Y'all Ready For This?
July 8, 2015
A football team gets amped up before a game, President Obama and Luther meet Hillary Clinton, two guys prepare for potential threats on a flight, a band of pirates sings a chantey, and a cop is a bit too trigger-happy.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 31, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    8.3  (25,522)