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Ask This Old House is a how-to series created by Russell Morash. The series was inspired by a section of This Old House Magazine, and was created in 2002. The series empowers home owners by giving them the knowledge to perform home updates and enhancement projects without hiring a contractor.

Viewers of Ask This Old House send in how-to questions or concerns regarding home improvement projects. Expert carpenters, builders, design artists, and landscapers answer these viewer and reader questions on the show. After discussing the viewers question, experts demonstrate how to complete the projects. This award-winning series showcases the talents of O'Connor, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey and Roger Cook. These experts also call in more specialized help for rare problems and unique project dilemmas.

The show is set in Boston, and takes place in a rustic barn. Many viewer questions can be answered while sitting in the cozy barn, but some project demonstrations do take the team out of the barn and into homes of lucky show participants. To complete some projects, the team of experts goes into the home, and completes the projects with help from the home owner.

Viewers also enjoy the show's weekly installments of "What Is It?", and "Useful Tip". In "What Is It?", show hosts are presented with an unknown tool and asked to guess what it is normally used for. During "Useful Tip", viewers are showcased as they read or show a useful tip they use in home improvement projects.

14 Seasons, 349 Episodes
October 10, 2002
Home & Garden
Cast: Kevin O'Connor, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Roger Cook
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Ask This Old House Full Episode Guide

  • In Hawaii, a unique keepsake box is crafted from island materials; storing solar power is explored; and an organic garden is planted.

  • A rain garden is planted to keep runoff and waste away from marshlands; and a dark bedroom receives new overhead lighting. Also: installing cabinet hardware accurately and consistently.

  • Creating a planter box with red cedar; 3-D scanner for home interiors; surge protection.

  • Using cameras to find a problem in a drain pipe; installing an electric convection heater in a bathroom; masking primer.

  • Installing a portable generator to power an entire house; repairing a poorly installed piece of wood floor nosing; dishwasher cycles.

  • A whole house water filter is set up; and a patio and granite fire pit are constructed. In addition: the contrast between soft and hard wood.

  • A home message center is crafted; and cable-powered fixtures are installed. Also: the value of carbon monoxide detectors.

  • A home is altered to be more energy efficient; and a hybrid water heater is replaced. In addition: voice-recognition technology.

  • An historic plan is used to revamp a back yard; and an inactive door handle is swapped with a passage set. Also: the history of plumbing.

  • Suggestions for lawn care; and a jigsaw tutorial. In addition: putting in a motorized lift for a chandelier.

  • A cutting board is crafted using scrap heart pine; an abundantly bright room is recast with LEDs; and mice-preventive methods are discussed.

  • Repairing a hot water problem; and refreshing a dining room. In addition: a former NASA astronaut discusses tools.

  • A trip to comedian Nick Offerman's woodworking shop. In addition: measuring a house's energy consumption; and making a dish soap mistake.

  • Rooftop and tiny-space gardening. In addition: bringing power to an outside storage area; and doing away with ceiling stains.

  • A non-working hot water radiator is diagnosed; handsaws are highlighted; and a driveway is lighted up with LED garage lights.

  • A rundown walkway is refreshed with bluestone; and wire connections are the topic of discussion. In addition: instructions on creating mead.

  • A woodworking shop is set up in a garage; and a wireless light switch is connected. Also: plumbing's memory lane.

  • Kevin helps a contractor install a home elevator for a young man with disabilities. Jenn Nawada investigates how to grow microgreens. Tom explains the best way to match historic moldings. And Richard diagnoses a problem with well water.

  • An efficient washer and dryer is chosen; and an issue with a three-way switch is fixed. Also: ideas for table saw safety.

  • A robotic wall is utilized to furnish a micro-apartment; and a reclaimed piece of pine is transformed into an attractive bench.

  • An HVAC innovator displays a new technology that could alter the way houses are heated and cooled. Also utilizing plaster to patch drywall.

  • A tank water heater is changed out with a more efficient one; and a backyard orchard is started. Also: ideas for circular saws.

  • A fractured deck board on a front porch is replaced; and crown molding is utilized to conceal wires during an outlet install. Also: An inquiry about blue stains in the bathtub is answered.

  • A bookshelf is made using stair treads and a few tools; and wild foundation plantings are converted into an enviable front garden.

  • Analyzing fire hazards in homes and how to prevent them. Also: an old kitchen sink strainer is replaced.

  • An old window is fixed; and a robotic lawnmower is featured. Also: Talking about lead in drinking water.

  • In the Season 14 finale, a home gym is assembled for a wounded Navy SEAL; and a bad doorbell is fixed. Also: the important roles that 22 and 45 play under the sink.

  • A bookshelf is transformed into a secret door; and an outdoor house hydrant is connected. Also: the two tools utilized for the majority of electrical work.

  • Nick Offerman stops by. In addition: making a steel pipe shelf; and putting together a pond-less waterfall.

  • Festive lighting is added to a deck; and fireplace options are talked about. Also: the best tools for new gardeners.

  • Fixing an antique door; and growing edible herbs inside. Also: vanishing toilet water.

  • A washer and dryer are hooked up; and a chandelier is installed in a dining room. Also: how to use a power driver.

  • An Idaho potato farm is visited. Also: home weather stations; and track lighting.

  • A wildlife wellspring is created in a front yard. Also: making a wood floor patch appear seamless; and unclogging a sink.

  • A light fixture that mimics a 19th-century home's history is installed. In addition: an overflow drain for a baby's bath; and insulation R-value.

  • A chimney gutted; the installation of an exhaust fan in a kitchen; and tips on roof shingles.

  • Learn how to make maple syrup. Also: a backyard chicken coop is made; and the value of USB outlets is talked about.

  • A closet is improved with a coat rack, shelves and a new door; the cause of a leaky toilet is discovered; and a wiggly sconce is replaced at a house that used to be a church.

  • An entryway door deadbolt is switched for a smart lock controlled by Bluetooth; and a weather-resistant television is installed on a porch.

  • A new attic staircase is set up; and an out-of-date kitchen is given an elegant new look. Also: the finest blowtorches.

  • A pedestal sink is switched out; a new outdoor switch and post light are put in; and favorite plants are made into artwork.

  • Using old oak to make a coffee table; lawn you can drive on; keeping your pipes from freezing.

  • Featuring: an electrical answer to ice dams; Jim Cantore, the meteorologist; caring for your snowblower; and checking in on the furnace.

  • Childproofing a house for a new mother; and fixing a sink. In addition: a review of voltage testers.

  • Bridget Lancaster talks about home brewing. In addition: a Do-it-yourself project for only $40 helps conserve water; and advice for avoiding holiday disposal trouble.

  • A butterfly garden is made; and a dark closet is lightened. In addition: tools every woodworker should own.

  • Richard travels to Atlanta to replace a vessel sink with a self-rimming sink. Scott installs a motion sensor security light in a driveway. And the guys ask "What is it?"

  • How to create soil from organic garbage. Also: why a steam boiler is losing water.

  • Energy efficiency is explored during a visit to Germany. Also: installing a residential wind turbine in Texas.

  • Driveway, Shaker Table

  • How to electrically wire a detached garage.

  • How to install house fans, and help with a school's garden.

  • Richard and Kevin investigate Germany's energy efficiency. Wind turbine installation in TX

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