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Ask This Old House is a how-to series created by Russell Morash. The series was inspired by a section of This Old House Magazine, and was created in 2002. The series empowers home owners by giving them the knowledge to perform home updates and enhancement projects without hiring a contractor.

Viewers of Ask This Old House send in how-to questions or concerns regarding home improvement projects. Expert carpenters, builders, design artists, and landscapers answer these viewer and reader questions on the show. After discussing the viewers question, experts demonstrate how to complete the projects. This award-winning series showcases the talents of O'Connor, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey and Roger Cook. These experts also call in more specialized help for rare problems and unique project dilemmas.

The show is set in Boston, and takes place in a rustic barn. Many viewer questions can be answered while sitting in the cozy barn, but some project demonstrations do take the team out of the barn and into homes of lucky show participants. To complete some projects, the team of experts goes into the home, and completes the projects with help from the home owner.

Viewers also enjoy the show's weekly installments of "What Is It?", and "Useful Tip". In "What Is It?", show hosts are presented with an unknown tool and asked to guess what it is normally used for. During "Useful Tip", viewers are showcased as they read or show a useful tip they use in home improvement projects.

16 Seasons, 386 Episodes
October 10, 2002
Home & Garden
Cast: Kevin O'Connor, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Roger Cook
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Ask This Old House Full Episode Guide

  • Building a swing set; building saw horses with materials leftover from the job site; automated home construction.

  • Mark replaces a chipped brick in a fireplace surround and then Mauro updates it with a whitewashed look; Richard shares some advice on maintaining water heaters; Tom demonstrates the importance of a properly installed drip edge.

  • The team discusses tools that make good gifts; Jenn returns to her home state of Florida to help a homeowner design a tropical landscape for his backyard; former apprentice Nathan returns to help Tom change the swing of an entry door.

  • Tom installs crown molding on cabinets with full overlay doors; Richard discusses toilet seats; Mauro teaches apprentice Mary how to strip wallpaper without using any chemicals.

  • Richard installs a garage heater; Tom teaches sanding; and Ross installs a security system.

  • Mark installs a stone walkway; Mauro breaks down painter's tape; and Tom builds a headboard.

  • Tom repairs a basement window and Ross visits NASA to learn about the International Space Station.

  • In the Season 17 premiere, Jenn installs a new type of pool; and Richard installs a heat pump water tank in Florida.

  • In Austin, Ross visits a community that plans to have all net zero energy housing; Richard demonstrates the uses of less common wrenches; Tom and Kevin build a console table using a maple slab with a live edge on it.

  • In Austin, Ross visits a community that plans to have all net zero energy housing; Richard demonstrates the uses of less common wrenches; Tom and Kevin build a console table using a maple slab with a live edge on it.

  • Mark teaches apprentice Krysten how to reface a granite fireplace; Jenn gives some tips on starting an organic garden; Richard helps a homeowner replace her kitchen faucet when she realizes her shutoff valve is broken.

  • Mauro shows a homeowner the safe way to strip paint; and Tom explains basic chiseling techniques.

  • Tom installs an alternative to a gutter; and Ross and Richard update Kevin on a future house technology.

  • Mauro teaches a homeowner how to paint a metal door; Mark explains how to match mortar for repointing jobs; Tom teaches apprentice Austin how to make a variety of different wood joints by building simple utility boxes.

  • Richard discusses a frozen air conditioner and Tom fixes an end cap on a stair railing.

  • Richard demonstrates a solution for replacing a water main shutoff and Mark waterproofs brick.

  • Mark installs a metal railing using anchoring cement and Tom replaces a cracked kitchen floor tile.

  • Mark installs a metal railing; Richard analyzes steam heat; Tom replaces a broken tile.

  • The guys head to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey to profile nonprofits working to tear down, clean out, and rebuild homes that were destroyed during the storm.

  • Roger installs a downspout alternative; painter Mauro Henrique explains the differences between various types of paintbrushes; Richard installs a vanity for homeowners who gave up on it seven years ago; Tom shows closet storage options.

  • Richard shows Kevin the proper way to ventilate a sink; in Nashville, Tom converts a regular door into a Dutch door; Jenn updates a landscape by moving around, dividing, and pruning the current plants in the yard.

  • Richard heads to Milwaukee to install an instantaneous water heater; Tom demonstrates some techniques for cutting straight edges with a circular saw; Mark rebuilds a retaining wall that was stacked with the wrong material.

  • Mark tests out different tools that collect silica dust more efficiently; Richard shims a wobbly toilet; Kevin heads to the Catskills to build a wooden slice table with Jimmy Diresta, a maker who's famous online for his how-to videos.

  • A toy box is built; and the guys exchange gifts. Also: preventing fires from holiday decorations.

  • The differences between water filters; and different ways to locate studs in a wall. Also: removing a tree that's leaning toward a house; and installing a smart garage door opener.

  • Replacing a small radiator with one that's the correct size; and repointing brick. Also: the importance of sunscreen on the jobsite.

  • Reseeding a dead section of lawn and blending it in with the rest of the yard; the basics of changing a toilet; and an off-grid home tests commercial HVAC equipment.

  • How to install a backsplash. Also: a wireless leak detector that prevents floods; and a water feature that collects and reuses rainwater.

  • How to build a tool box. Also: installing smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; and diagnosing a leaking temperature and pressure relief valve, and installing an expansion tank to fix it.

  • A new type of water softener is installed. Also: a home organization app; and building a shadow box using wood from an old door.

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