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This Old House is an all American television series and magazine that covers projects involved in renovating houses within certain periods of time, usually weeks. The show is broadcasted alongside another series Ask This Old House, which are both owned by This old House Ventures.

Ask This Old House, is done such that people who read the magazine are asked to send various questions that they have about all sorts of projects related to home repairs and home improvement. These questions and worries are then answered by experts in the field of home repairs and renovations. Sometimes, answers provided by guest experts feature in the magazine.

Ask This Old House, which is also a part of This Old House is quite similar to the other show Ask This Old House. It is also hosted in an open space and features the same experts in This old House.

The venue of the show is usually an open space in a rural area in Boston. Here, answers are provided to most of the questions sent by viewers. Sometimes, in every episode, some home owners are paid a visit by some of the handymen on the show who provide assistance in carrying out certain tasks in projects such as painting, plumbing.

The show is underwritten by a series of people and associations but was originally underwritten by Weyerhauser and Owens-Corning.

Since creation, the show has experienced a lot of changes with respect to its theme song. However the initial theme song used for the show was a song written by the joint collaboration of Mitchell Parish and Fred Coots and was performed by Fats Waller.

This show has aired on other channels like PBS, The Learning Channel and Local TV stations where it had other names.

It is produced by WGBH Productions and distributed by Warner Brothers.

41 Seasons, 992 Episodes
February 20, 1979
Cast: Kevin O'Connor, Norm Abram, Richard Trethewey, Tom Silva
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This Old House Full Episode Guide

  • Staircase is built. Kevin visits Idea House. Tom and Jeff work on the main staircase. Richard tours a factory to see how a furnace is built.

  • Raising roof cheeks and second floor walls. New apprentices arrive as part of the Gen Next program. Engineering for a septic system.

  • Installation of engineered lumber. Window is cut into basement. Staircase design options. Kevin visits lumber factory.

  • Mark McCullough and Jeff Sweenor take down the chimney. Scott and Shayla window shop. Jeff Sweenor and Richard Trethewey visit a convention to discover new plumbing products, while back at the ranch the exterior walls come down. Jeff will reuse the original rafters for new wall framing.

  • Kevin sees how the glass and windows for the house are manufactured. Radiant heat is installed under the driveway.

  • Mark McCullough rebuilds the front wall while Tommy and Kevin visit the 2005 Cambridge project.

  • Tommy calculates the risers for a set of stairs and radiant heat is installed. Norm and Richard visit the project they did 30 years ago in Santa Fe.

  • Jenn and the homeowners select pavers for hardscape, while the water main is replaced and the original foundation is repaired.

  • Pouring a buttress; revisiting the 2001 Manchester by the Sea project; solving a ductwork problem; installing a PVC trim overhang.

  • Laying a sill on a new foundation; scoping the sewer; starting a design plan to create a sleek, modern space.

  • Old fixtures are salvaged and asbestos is removed at the house while Norm, Richard and Kevin head back to where it all began 40 years ago, in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Later, Roger starts to remove a tree that's threatening the property.

  • Renovation plans for a 1957 mid-century modern house in need of a total overhaul; demolition begins.

  • The Net Zero house is complete. Kevin and Tom discuss challenges and Richard reviews mechanicals.

  • Features a whole-house renovation, including carpentry and remodeling.

  • Sod farm; HVAC installation; adding a gas fireplace to the living room; attaching screens to the side porch; digging a well.

  • The difference between blueboard and drywall; sizing a solar array; installing a wood ceiling; installing a generator; a boat building school.

  • Reviewing design samples; heating pump; applying stone veneer; installing a wall-hung toilet tank; building a vanity.

  • Sealing the home against air leaks; reviewing the pre-drywall checklist; landscape plan; fabricating pieces for porch columns and rails; shingles are applied as the last layer of the exterior wall system.

  • The electrician installs a load center. Tom and apprentices put up cedar roof shingles. Kevin and Jeff add insulation to the basement. Tom shows apprentices how to block behind walls with future cabinets and wall fixtures. The barn gets raised.

  • Roof insulation is next step at the net zero house. Richard tours the basement of The Breakers in Newport. Kevin meets Congressman Norcross at the house, who is also an electrician. Apprentices install and flash windows.

  • Insulation is crucial to a net zero house. Kevin finds Jeff and the apprentices starting the work. Dana shops for efficient yet decorative lighting. Tom and Jeff work with the apprentices to build false rafter tails and then they install them.

  • New apprentices join the team in Rhode Island as the roof goes up. Kevin and Tom take a tour of Judith's finished house in Charleston.

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