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This Old House is an all American television series and magazine that covers projects involved in renovating houses within certain periods of time, usually weeks. The show is broadcasted alongside another series Ask This Old House, which are both owned by This old House Ventures.

Ask This Old House, is done such that people who read the magazine are asked to send various questions that they have about all sorts of projects related to home repairs and home improvement. These questions and worries are then answered by experts in the field of home repairs and renovations. Sometimes, answers provided by guest experts feature in the magazine.

Ask This Old House, which is also a part of This Old House is quite similar to the other show Ask This Old House. It is also hosted in an open space and features the same experts in This old House.

The venue of the show is usually an open space in a rural area in Boston. Here, answers are provided to most of the questions sent by viewers. Sometimes, in every episode, some home owners are paid a visit by some of the handymen on the show who provide assistance in carrying out certain tasks in projects such as painting, plumbing.

The show is underwritten by a series of people and associations but was originally underwritten by Weyerhauser and Owens-Corning.

Since creation, the show has experienced a lot of changes with respect to its theme song. However the initial theme song used for the show was a song written by the joint collaboration of Mitchell Parish and Fred Coots and was performed by Fats Waller.

This show has aired on other channels like PBS, The Learning Channel and Local TV stations where it had other names.

It is produced by WGBH Productions and distributed by Warner Brothers.

34 Seasons, 866 Episodes
February 20, 1979
Cast: Kevin O'Connor
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This Old House Full Episode Guide

  • A tour of the finished project in Detroit features the major areas of improvement and preservation.

  • The family begins painting; decorative molding is fixed; and the fireplace receives a facelift with a new tile surround.

  • The repaired leaded glass bay windows are installed; and tile is laid in the kitchen. In addition: city farming in Detroit.

  • The damaged oak flooring is repaired; and the front steps are mended.

  • Rough wiring is set up in the kitchen; a new HVAC system is put in; and new fascia is put up.

  • A new solution is put to use for some traditional decorative molding; the plumbing fixtures are chosen; and the new kitchen ceiling strapping is put in.

  • Peeling paint is scraped off; rough plumbing using PEX starts; and the problems with the leaded stained glass windows in the living room are investigated.

  • A camera is thread down the main plumbing pipe to check for any huge blockages to the street; a leaky parapet at the front of the home is worked on; and the kitchen gets opened up.

  • Setting up a security system; blowing in insulation from the outside.

  • A couple plan to renovate an abandoned home themselves, beginning with the leaky roof.

  • A tour of the finished project house, spotlighting the new addition in the back; refurbished front hall, dining room and pantry; expanded master suite; new bathroom; and new front porch.

  • Ship lap is picked for the third-floor walls while reclaimed granite is utilized for steps, a marble slab is cut for the kitchen island and a cast stone mantel is constructed around the fireplace in the family room.

  • Exterior decorative features are highlighted, including a roof article over the bank of windows, restored front door and evergreen trees on the edges of the property. In addition: lazure painting in a bedroom.

  • New shingles are put in; radiant tubing is installed on the first level; the fireplace is given a makeover; and the side decks and rails are crafted.

  • A trench to buryelectrical cables. Laying a brick patio. Kitchen cabinet installation.

  • A new shed is constructed; copper is installed on the front porch; the windows are trimmed with a PVC creation; and the new boiler is set up. In addition: An energy-efficient home made by This Old House Magazine is highlighted.

  • An all new front porch is put up using custom cut pieces; a marble quarry is toured; and new color mixtures for the exterior are pondered. Also: repairing the original stucco panels.

  • The new foundation is parged to match the old stucco. Richard uses some creativity to drain the new master bath shower and the electrician starts work in the new powder room. Tommy and Charlie replace the living room windows.

  • A custom range hood is crafted, and on the roof a reconstruction of the original chimney. The homeowners get together with the designer to discuss options for the first floor, including the living room panels.

  • The homeowner apprentices with the mason on the fireplace. Kevin joins the homeowners at a custom cabinetry shop in Maine as they begin to design their new kitchen. Tommy changes the pitch of the two small dormers in back.

  • The assembly and installation of the steel beams are chronicled. Also: laboring on the HVAC plan for the second and third floors; removing the front porch and installing new footings; and sizing a new firebox.

  • A new foundation is crafted using insulated concrete forms and precast stairs; and the aged foundation is reinforced and waterproofed. Also: searching for specimen trees.

  • Installing a new steel beam, removing an oil tank, and digging for the new foundation.

  • Homeowner Emily sorts through colors and wallpaper ideas for the living room. The old plaster walls are demolished. Landscape architect Kim Turner presents her plan to Nick and Emily and a certified arborist begins removing the old silver maple.

  • Homeowners plan to restore and expand their early English-style Arts and Crafts Home; plans for mechanical and plumbing systems.

  • In the season finale, the exterior transformation is examined; a custom closet is crafted; and the home's interior is toured.

  • The staircase is finalized with a maple newel post; and a reproduction antique light fixture is hooked to a granite lamppost. Also: how water is drawn from the well; and how the backup generator is set up.

  • Landscaping starts with a backyard patio; the den is given some formal wainscoting; the interior paint colors are chosen; and the pre-made staircase is installed.

  • Clapboard siding is put up; salvaged granite is picked for the yard; the geothermal pipes are hooked up in the basement; and a trip to the factory in Vermont reveals how the kitchen cabinets are coming together.

  • Work starts on the geothermal system; First Period houses are visited; the stairs and wall panels are crafted at the factory; and new technology to seal ductwork is featured.

  • Red cedar shingles are placed on the roof; window installation starts; and the pre-built cupola is raised to the top of the garage. Also: a jaunt to Vermont to see reproduction light fixtures.

  • The plan for the living-dining room area is revealed; and the exterior trim shows up. Also: raising the roof.

  • A perimeter drain is put in; the new foundation is reviewed; the first shipment of pre-cut framing lumber shows up; the landscape plan is revealed; and framing starts.

  • A tour of the workshop where the house will be built. Also: blasting of the rock ledge commences; and the foundation is poured.

  • A new project begins on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

  • Historical texture is applied to the wall of the master bedroom; and the end of the renovation shows a lot of improvements, such as a new Victorian front porch, restored windows, a soothing master bedroom, better living space and an open kitchen.

  • Plants removed before to construction are brought back; a craftsman carves two newel posts; the refurbished clawfoot tub and marble countertop are put in; and the treehouse is revealed to the children.

  • The work goes on with the tree house; the refurbished windows are put in; wainscoting is placed in the front entryway; and the parquet flooring is made to look new again.

  • The front porch gable is given an arched shingle design; a look at how to make a custom floor cloth for the kitchen; porch railings are put together; and beginning work on a tree house.

  • A window is made from a storm door for the mudroom deck; paint colors are chosen for the inside of the home; the deck piers are shingled; and the master bath gets new tile.

  • The installation of the flooring for the front porch, as well as the roof shingles; choosing light fixtures; and talking about new fireplaces on the first level.

  • The homeowners decide on exterior paint colors.

  • Kevin, Roger, Tom and Norm build a high tunnel greenhouse for Matt and his family. Kevin meets HFOT Community Outreach coordinator Chris Mitchell for Volunteer Day at the house. Kevin visits Army veteran Joe Beimfohr at his home. Closet builder Brian McSharry creates a special master closet design. Norm designs and builds a rustic dining table. The DeWitts finally move into their new home.

  • Kevin learns that Matt DeWitt"™s disability doesn"™t limit his cycling passion. Richard sees some of the 150 ADA approved requirements in the home. Kevin meets HFOT recipients Alex and Holly Dillmann. Richard learns about touchless faucet technology. Norm sees an ADA-compliant shower threshold and automatic door openers. Kevin meets Cat to discuss how life will be more manageable for Matt.

  • The transformation of the 1966 Garrison Colonial is reviewed. Included: the technology built into the new kitchen; the customization of the spaces over the garage; and the updates made to the older parts of the house.

  • Installing tall fescue, which needs less water and fertilizer than other varieties; and designing the great room's entertainment center. Also: the finished mechanical room; and the final heating and cooling decisions.

  • New plants are added to the landscaping plan; and a wrought-iron chandelier with 52 bulbs is installed. Also: the radiators being used in the garage and upstairs sitting room; the upstairs laundry room; and the insulated steel garage doors that should help keep the heat inside the garage.

  • The bluestone front walk is started despite significant grade challenges; porcelain tile made to look like slate is installed in the screen porch; and the vanity project is recapped. Also: selecting and fabricating antique granite for the front walk and custom house marker.

  • With the second floor sanded, stained and sealed, the crew commences work on the first floor; the custom refrigerator panels are spotlighted; and a chest of drawers is re-purposed as the sink base in the powder room. Also: local designer Robin Gannon shows how she decorated 22 rooms of an historic inn.

  • The Charlestown project wraps up. Included: restoring the exterior with a new dormer, windows, shutters and front entry; testing the security system; visiting the mechanical room in the basement; spotlighting the completed master suite; and touring the second floor, which features a guest room, guest bath and new living room.

  • A basement door is concealed; the new Cararra marble island top is spotlighted; a PVC fence is installed on top of the retaining wall; the front steps are given new life with a grinder, a router, epoxy and non-slip exterior paint; and the salvaged marble mantel and surround are installed in the sitting room. Also: the transformation of a Boston lighthouses into a summer home.

  • A major upgrade begins: adding a Greek Revival-style front door. On the second floor, new wood wainscoting is installed; a feature wall insert for the master shower is created with marble basket weave tile; and small section of copper roof is added to the roof.

  • The ductwork for the new direct vent gas fireplace units is worked on; subtle Greek Revival details are added to the interior window trim; and the exterior window trim is painted. Also: Sullivan Square Community Garden; and Beacon Hill's hidden gardens.

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