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Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting is an American television series from 1983. The program focuses on show host Bob Ross and serves to educate the audience on painting techniques. Every episode of the program begins with Ross in front of a blank canvas and concludes with a complete landscape. Over the course of the episode, Ross teaches the audience how to paint with oils, applying one layer of paint over another that is still in the process of drying. In addition to teaching the audience about oils, Ross also explains the proper role of knives and different types of brushes in the art of painting. In an effort to break up the monotony of watching a man teach painting, Ross would occasionally break into storytelling about the day's project or share stories of his life.

The entire run of Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting consists of 403 half-hour-length episodes across 31 seasons. The program is available in English or subtitles for Spanish-fluent viewers. Other than the titular host, The Joy of Painting would occasionally feature Ross' longtime friend and collaborator, Dana Jester, or his son Steven.

Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting is a series that is currently running and has 30 seasons (388 episodes). The series first aired on January 11, 1983.

Where do I stream Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting online? Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting is available for streaming on Janson Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting on demand at Amazon, Hulu, iTunes online.

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30 Seasons, 388 Episodes
January 11, 1983
Arts & Culture
Cast: Bob Ross
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Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting Full Episode Guide

  • Join Bob Ross in the mountains of the east, and bask in the breathtaking serenity of a waterfall bubbling and splashing, nestled among the evergreens.

  • Enjoy the golden radiance of a setting sun with Bob Ross as night hastens over a softly blended knoll - you'll be home at last, just down trail's end.

  • Painter Bob Ross invites you to enjoy the last of winter's snowy touch on canvas, as mountains and valleys begin to emerge from their slumber.

  • Roll up your trousers and walk the beach with Bob Ross; enjoy a sky full of clouds and waves crashing carelessly upon the rocks.

  • Join guest artist Steve Ross today -- experience the magnificence of splendid mountains and glassy lake embraced by leafy trees and bushes.

  • Visit a quaint Bob Ross shanty and experience the tranquility of mysterious distant mountains and an inviting pond just outside the door.

  • A cleverly constructed shape on canvas! Peek through the panes with artist Bob Ross and share a beautiful snowy day outside.

  • Bob Ross invites you along to enjoy a fabulous mountain lake view with layers of soft hills and trees shrouded in heavy clouded haze.

  • Step into a snow-covered forest with Bob Ross, a scene that's been gently warmed by the beauty of winter's rustic touches of color.

  • Go on a real nature hike with Bob Ross - follow the overgrown path deep in the woods and enjoy the silent beauty of the surrounding stillness.

  • Today Bob Ross paints a warm and elegant snow-kissed scene with a little cabin snuggled deeply into the embrace of foothills, evergreens and bushes.

  • Join Bob Ross and experience the magic of early morning in an oval, as gentle trickles and splashes of a happy stream pierce the silence.

  • Explore the gorgeous mountain countryside with Bob Ross, and learn to paint a perfectly realistic-looking woodgrain background so simply!

  • Join Bob Ross and experience the amazing beauty of the 'northern lights' phenomenon as they dance across the dark, dark sky - this time in an oval!

  • Travel with Bob Ross to the mountains of the north and marvel at the sight of a quaint cabin nestled into a lovely winter landscape.

  • Follow guest artist Annette Kowalski as she creates a beautiful hanging clay pot full of leaves and flowers using the Bob Ross painting method.

  • Visit this gusty, sandy beach with Bob Ross and see how the approaching menacing clouds hug the great sea and sky ahead.

  • Hike into the mountains with Bob Ross and stumble upon a cozy well-worn shack amidst the solitude of the wilderness.

  • Take a stroll with Bob Ross deep into the swamp and breathe in the fragrances of damp earth and moss-filled trees on a rill bank.

  • Guest artist Steve Ross invites you to experience the refreshing beauty of a highland lake and its gentle splashing waterfall.

  • Take a trail through the meadow with Bob Ross and enjoy magnificent warmth and beauty of the sunlight's glory as it rests gently upon an old barn.

  • Capture a vision of glory with Bob Ross as you view the brilliance of afternoon sunlight peeking over a distant mountain top.

  • An interesting way to frame two pictures! Bob Ross paints a mountain landscape from luscious summer to beautiful winter, both on one canvas.

  • Step into an oval classic with Bob Ross and get inspired by the gorgeous browns and oranges of undoubtedly the most beautiful season of all.

  • Take a walk with Bob Ross down a little lakeside path in a secluded place; you'll delight in the discovery of a small uninhabited island.