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  • TV-G
  • 1983
  • 30 Seasons
  • 9.3  (6,038)

Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting was a beloved TV show that aired from 1983 to 1994, featuring the talented artist Bob Ross. The show was produced by Janson Media and was a huge success, with a large and loyal fan base that still exists today. Bob Ross was the host and star of the show, and he was known for his trademark afro hairdo, soft-spoken demeanor, and his ability to effortlessly create beautiful landscape paintings. He was also known for his catchphrases like "happy little trees" and "we don't make mistakes, just happy accidents". His gentle and soothing voice and calm demeanor made him a comforting and reassuring presence on television, and his painting techniques were easy to follow and understand.

Every episode of the show featured Bob Ross creating a new painting, typically a nature scene like mountains, lakes, forests, or seascapes. He would start with a blank canvas and walk his viewers through each step of the painting process, explaining his techniques and offering tips along the way. He used a variety of tools and techniques, including palette knives, brushes, and a wet-on-wet painting method that allowed him to blend colors together seamlessly.

Bob Ross was not the only one featured on the show, as he was joined by his son Steve Ross and fellow artist Dana Jester. Both Steve and Dana were talented artists in their own right and often provided commentary and additional instruction during the painting process. Steve and Dana also occasionally painted their own works during the show, giving viewers a wider range of artistic styles to enjoy.

The show was popular not only for its painting techniques but also for its soothing and meditative quality. Bob Ross's calming voice, coupled with the gentle sound of his paintbrush on the canvas and the tranquil nature scenes he painted, made for a relaxing and enjoyable viewing experience. Many viewers found the show to be therapeutic, particularly those seeking stress relief or dealing with anxiety or depression.

In addition to the relaxing and educational aspect of the show, Bob Ross was also a source of inspiration and motivation for many. He encouraged viewers to try their hand at painting and to not be discouraged by mistakes. His positive and upbeat attitude, coupled with his talent and skill as an artist, inspired many viewers to take up painting themselves and to pursue their artistic passions.

Overall, Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting was a wonderful and beloved television program that continues to inspire and enthrall audiences to this day. Bob Ross's gentle and encouraging demeanor, coupled with his talent as an artist, made for a truly unique and special viewing experience. Whether you are an avid painter or simply looking for a relaxing and enjoyable TV show, Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting is sure to delight and inspire.

Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting is a series that is currently running and has 30 seasons (390 episodes). The series first aired on January 11, 1983.

Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting
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Blue Ridge Falls
13. Blue Ridge Falls
February 15, 1994
Join Bob Ross in the mountains of the east, and bask in the breathtaking serenity of a waterfall bubbling and splashing, nestled among the evergreens.
Evening's Glow
12. Evening's Glow
February 8, 1994
Enjoy the golden radiance of a setting sun with Bob Ross as night hastens over a softly blended knoll - you'll be home at last, just down trail's end.
A Cold Spring Day
11. A Cold Spring Day
February 1, 1994
Painter Bob Ross invites you to enjoy the last of winter's snowy touch on canvas, as mountains and valleys begin to emerge from their slumber.
Seaside Harmony
10. Seaside Harmony
January 25, 1994
Roll up your trousers and walk the beach with Bob Ross; enjoy a sky full of clouds and waves crashing carelessly upon the rocks.
Mountains of Grace
9. Mountains of Grace
January 18, 1994
Join guest artist Steve Ross today -- experience the magnificence of splendid mountains and glassy lake embraced by leafy trees and bushes.
Home in the Valley
8. Home in the Valley
January 11, 1994
Visit a quaint Bob Ross shanty and experience the tranquility of mysterious distant mountains and an inviting pond just outside the door.
Through the Window
7. Through the Window
January 4, 1994
A cleverly constructed shape on canvas! Peek through the panes with artist Bob Ross and share a beautiful snowy day outside.
Misty Foothills
6. Misty Foothills
December 28, 1993
Bob Ross invites you along to enjoy a fabulous mountain lake view with layers of soft hills and trees shrouded in heavy clouded haze.
A Copper Winter
5. A Copper Winter
December 21, 1993
Step into a snow-covered forest with Bob Ross, a scene that's been gently warmed by the beauty of winter's rustic touches of color.
Wilderness Trail
4. Wilderness Trail
December 14, 1993
Go on a real nature hike with Bob Ross - follow the overgrown path deep in the woods and enjoy the silent beauty of the surrounding stillness.
Winter's Peace
3. Winter's Peace
December 7, 1993
Today Bob Ross paints a warm and elegant snow-kissed scene with a little cabin snuggled deeply into the embrace of foothills, evergreens and bushes.
Woodgrain View
2. Woodgrain View
November 30, 1993
Bob Ross creates the illusion of luscious textured wood as you are invited to step into another dimension of mountains overlooking a quiet northern river.
Babbling Brook
1. Babbling Brook
November 23, 1993
Join Bob Ross and experience the magic of early morning in an oval, as gentle trickles and splashes of a happy stream pierce the silence.
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Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting is available for streaming on the Janson Media website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting on demand at Apple TV Channels, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 11, 1983
  • IMDB Rating
    9.3  (6,038)