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Katuri is an educational preschool series about four baby chicks growing in the nature forest under the tender and love of their mom. Attaching more importance on hands-on learning experience, mother Flora encourages her chicks to get along with each other and help their peers to get out of trouble, also to inspire their curiosity and imagination in the adventure.

Katuri is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (101 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2017.

Where do I stream Katuri online? Katuri is available for streaming on Janson Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Katuri on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Janson Media
2 Seasons, 101 Episodes
January 1, 2017
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Katuri Full Episode Guide

  • The little pheasants along with the bunny siblings go to a spring to get water for sick Mother Flora. While scooping up water, the dipper gets broken. For disappointed chicks, Girl Bunny suggests scooping up water in her balloon. Can the chicks successfully get water for their Mom?

  • The little pheasants encounter Penguin who needs to go to the sea to return to the Antarctic. But when they reach the stream, it's frozen solid. Well, then, they'll sled their way to the sea! The chicks and Penguin ride a sled on a frozen stream! Can they reach the sea safe and sound?

  • Arriving at an unfamiliar place in a cherry box, Chip and the cherries are thrown onto a fruit stand in a supermarket. Chip runs around inside the supermarket, away from a naughty boy and the security guard. But he gets caught by the guard eventually. Then, Bbamgduk swoops in and rescues him. Let's go home, Chip!

  • The little pheasants in the nest boat are on their way to a picnic on the hill. But their friends want to join them and hop on the boat one by one along the way. The boat gets heavier and heavier. And some hyper active friends rock the boat. Can the chicks and their friends get to the hill safely?

  • The little pheasants visit a mud flat. Chip befriends Mudskipper who jumps around on the mud flat. When it's time to go home, Chip says goodbye and takes off, leaving his scarf on the mud flat. Thinking Chip might worry about his scarf, Mudskippers starts jumping toward the forest with it!

  • Granny Wagtail is visiting the forest after a long time. The little pheasants help her find her way. She says she's looking for a little pheasant she used to play with. Huh? But we're the only pheasants in this forest. Who could she be looking for?

  • The little pheasants play with morning glories, using them as toy phones, but drop one in the pond. But someone in the pond beings to talk to them on the phone! It's Grandpa Catfish. Lonely Catfish laughs for the first time in a long time thanks the chicks. Call us again, Grandpa!

  • Squirrel who lives alone is envious of the pheasants taking care of each other. Then, one day, a baby chestnut curculio crawls out of a chestnut that Squirrel picks up and calls him Dad. Squirrel is so happy he has a family! But the baby's real mother shows up. Does Squirrel have to part ways with Baby Chestnut Curculio?

  • Mother Grasshopper is busy chasing her son around to feed him. He's too busy jumping around to eat. The little pheasants admire the grasshopper's hopping skills, but it looks like he's getting weaker and weaker. His stomach growls. Baby Grasshopper, let's get some food!

  • The little pheasants spot Dragonfly sitting on a foxtail. They approach him to become friends but he flitters away. Every time they get close, he flies away. The chicks prepare a cherry he may like and he begins to creep closer to them. Can the chicks become friends with Dragonfly?

  • The little pheasants visit the stream on bicycles and see a school of salmon returning home from the sea. Where do the salmon live? Curious, the chicks follow them and meet a salmon that's fell behind alone. Salmon, we'll help you get home!

  • Baby Tiger appears in front of the little pheasants playing with a boomerang. He chews on the boomerang and Chip's beloved straw doll to pieces. It's because he's teething and has itchy gums. Hmm! Could they find a toy strong enough to endure Baby Tiger's chewing?

  • Skillful Mr. Otter makes a four-person bicycle for the little pheasants. With Mother Flora's help, they soon get used to it and can ride it by themselves. They take off and reach the pond. Oh, no! We haven't learned how to stop the bicycle!

  • Romi, a tomboy baby squirrel, shows up! She cuts in line to go down on a slide and always wants to the first in line in playing choochoo. The chicks have a hard time playing with her. Mother Flora tells them about a way for all of them to play nicely. Romi, do you want to play a game with us?

  • Choo-choo! The little pheasants are riding the Snake train, slowly and safely. Then, they pick up Squirrel on the way, but Squirrel tickles Snake, wanting him to go faster. Snake begins to run amok like a rollercoaster. Up and down, up and down! Whoa! It's too fast!

  • The little pheasants visit Mrs. Cow's home to play with Calf. But Calf won't do anything without his mom. The chicks take Calf on a winter outing and arrive at a frozen pond. Calf is terrified of the icy pond. Can Calf skate alone like the little pheasants?

  • Mrs. Tree Frog, why are you putting mud on your face? Oh, it makes my skin smooth! Curious little pheasants put mud on their faces too. But other animal friends start running away, scared at seeing them. Whoa! It's Mud Monsters!

  • Jack, flying on a leaf, falls into a falcon nest placed high on a cliff. Falcon Baby, who can't fly yet, tries flying with Jack on a leaf. But strong wind breaks the leaf. Just before the crash, Falcon Baby starts flapping his wings! Come on, Falcon Baby! You can fly!

  • The little pheasants find a new playground where they jump around with Sparrows. But this playground is so strange! It has arms, a face, eyes, a nose and a mouth! Ah ha! It's Mr. Scarecrow fallen in the rice paddy! Don't worry, Mr.! We'll help you up!

  • Wanting to be good dancers, the little pheasants take Mrs. Golden Oriole's dance class. They try hard to learn to dance for their Mom. But Chip is like he has two left feet. Soon Mother Flora will be here to see them dance. Can the chicks show a great dance for their Mom?

  • Anything that crosses this line is mine! Cat draws a line on the ground and takes everything that crosses it. The little pheasants, who were playing catch, lose their ball and Chip to Cat! Why is Cat so cranky? Hey, Cat, you just want to play with us, right?

  • The little pheasants meet Goldfish in a plastic bag that has been washed away by the rain. It's Goldfish's first visit to the forest, so the chicks decide to show him around. But while playing in the Playground, the bag gets caught on a branch and torn. Water starts leaking out of the bag! The chicks rush to the pond with the bag on their heads. Goldfish, hang on!

  • Curious about the sea, the little pheasants and Mother Flora visit Captain Lobster. Off they go on a big sailboat with the captain to the stream! But soon it gets windy and the current is strong. The pheasants and Captain Lobster vigorously row and finally come into the view of the blue sea!

  • Today, Crow, a first-time babysitter, is supposed to take care of the little pheasants. She's eager but her body can't keep up. She keeps saying "Let me help you with that!" but fumbles around, failing miserably because of her too tiny size. Can she and the chicks have a fun day?

  • The little pheasants make a mess in the Playground and leave for a meal. When they come back, their toys are gone! Huh? It turns out Mr. Badger, the forest cleaner, put them all away. He knows how to have fun with cleaning! Kids, you want to learn how?

  • Today is the birthday of Squirrel, a friend of the little pheasants'. But the chicks forget what day it is and Squirrel gets upset. Meanwhile, chatty Sparrows keep interrupting the chicks' play time in the playground. Then Sparrows follow them when they run away home.

  • Chip finds a pretty pebble near the stream. But he drops it into the water when Jack fools around. How can I find the pebble? Then, Water Spider with a bubble on her head springs out of the water. The little pheasants use bubbles made by Water Spider and go on to explore the mysterious underwater world to find the pebble.

  • Bbamgduk and the little pheasants decide to keep an eye on a basket full of tangerines until Grandpa returns. But the hungry Squirrel knocks it over, trying to steal a tangerine. The spilled tangerines are now all buried in snow. Let's find them before Grandpa comes back!

  • The little pheasants, who were playing jegichagi, happen to meet a human boy. Awkward at first, but soon, they're all playing together and reach the stream. Scared, the boy won't cross the stepping stones. The chicks cheer him on to do it, waving the jegi. You can do it! Come on!

  • Why are you so slow, Cicada Larva? Cicindela Chinensis makes fun of him. The little pheasants think Cicindela Chinensis is too mean. They form a team with Cicada Larva and race against Cicindela Chinensis. You can do it, Cicada Larva! Cicada Larva finally reaches the finish line! Who will be the winner?

  • The little pheasants ride on each other's shoulders to pick a pomegranate. But the pomegranate that fell to the ground starts to run away like it has legs! The chicks chase the pomegranate to the treasure trove of Shrewmouse. But Shrewmouse already ate the pomegranate! As an apology, Shrewmouse shows them an amazing device.

  • Duri rescues Swallowtail Prince tangled on a spider web and gets invited to the butterfly kingdom. A flower ring turns her into a butterfly and she has a good time with Butterfly Prince. Duri, wake up! She gets disappointed, realizing it was all a dream. But look! The flower ring is still on her finger! The butterfly kingdom wasn't a dream!

  • Father Appasus with his eggs on his back is rushing to somewhere. He's in a hurry to get to the pond before the eggs hatch. The little pheasants decide to help him safely move the eggs to the pond. But why are there so many obstacles in the forest? Go, Father Appasus!

  • The little pheasants visit Mrs. Pig's home for fun and delicious things. But it's time to go home. Reluctant to leave, Bobby decides to remain and play alone. But it's no fun playing alone. Missing his siblings, Bobby finally decides to return home. He always has the most fun with them!

  • After seeing a beautiful flight of the geese, the little pheasants play, pretending to be geese. Then, a real goose appears! Excited, the little pheasants play with him around the forest. But Goose leaves and the little pheasants realize they've strayed too far away from home. Can they safely find their way home?

  • The little pheasants are erecting a stone tower which crumbles down because of the ear-splitting noise of the cicadas. The forest animals suffer from the noise too. Mr. Bell Cricket, the best musician in the forest, please turn the cacophonous noise of cicadas into beautiful music!

  • The little pheasants are walking in the forest, singing the frog song, and meet stubborn Tree Frog. Mother Flora suggests rope jumping together, but Tree Frog says "No, I don't want to!" But the frog who loves jumping is secretly itching to join in. Tree Frog, come on! Jump rope with us!

  • Someone covered the whole forest with spider webs! The little pheasants start looking for the culprit. Their search leads them to beautiful spider web arts of stars, flowers, apples, etc. They finally find the artist! Why did Baby Spider make so many spider web arts?

  • Granny Mandarin Duck who loves helping others shows up and teaches the little pheasants how to blow a ground cherry. But she disappears even before the chicks thank her. Then, they encounter Grampy Mandarin Duck scouring the forest, looking for the lost Granny Mandarin Duck. Granny, where are you?

  • Deer doesn't like his cumbersome antlers. But when the little pheasants adorn them with a wreath, he begins to like them. However, a swarm of bees starts chasing after the flowers of the wreath. Startled, Deer runs amok, creating a commotion in the forest.

  • Stag Beetle wants to play with the little pheasants, but he gets sad when his sharp pincer-like mandibles keep ruining the game. Just then, Mrs. Spider tightly wound in a web asks for help. Stag Beetle, show us the power of your pincers!

  • The little pheasants and Mother Flora go on a picnic on a hill, and encounter a flock of white fluffy sheep. The chicks want to be friends with the sheep, but the scared sheep mistake the birds as monsters. Can the chicks become friends with the sheep?

  • Mrs. Dove from the city comes to visit the home of the little pheasants. Mother Flora and Mrs. Dove chat, drinking coffee. The coffee aroma makes the chicks wonder what coffee tastes like. Squirrel, who followed the smell, also vies for a chance to sip it. Does coffee really taste as good as it smells?

  • The little pheasants play with the plane made of leaves and it flies away. On their way to retrieve the plane, they meet Mr. Goat who looks like a wise old man of the mountain. He shows the little pheasants fancier looking planes and asks that these are what they have lost. The little pheasants tell the truth. Mr. Goat compliments their honesty and gives them fancy planes as a prize.

  • Ms. Chicken's coop has all the modern convenience. The automated food and shower amaze the little pheasants. Ms. Chicken believes that the outside could be far too dangerous for her chicks, so they have to stay indoors and exercise on a running wheel. Jack manages to break the wheel by running too fast and it rolls outside. Paengdug the dog saves Jack and chicks.

  • The little pheasants experience their first snow and they build their own snowmen. The sun sets and the long winter night begin. Chip finds it hard to sleep as he's worried about his snowman. Chip and the snowmen have a magical night but he's unsure it was real or a just dream. The other little pheasants don't believe his story but the snowman's new feature gives it away.

  • A feather drops from Mother Flora's tail so the little pheasants play with it. Along comes the Weasel, who takes the feather and won't give it back unless the little pheasants catch his tail. The little pheasants try their best but the Weasel is too fast. Mother Flora teaches them a little trick that will allow them to get the feather back.

  • It's the freezing winter and the little pheasants go sledging on a frozen brook. At first, sledging isn't fun or easy until Mr. Otter teaches them how it's done. Their sled speeds up way too fast and unable to stop. The little pheasants collect all kinds of animals as they go downhill. Eventually, they stop and have a party on the ice with all other animals.

  • Squirrel appears with an interesting object that looks like a boat. They hop on and it floats up into the sky. In fact, it's actually a Girl's hat. She takes the little pheasants back to her campsite to show her parents. For the little pheasants, it's their first-time meeting Humans. Luckily the Girl and her family are nice, but Mother Flora gets concerned when she finds out.

  • Today the little pheasants are expecting a new guest: Grey Squirrel, Squirrel's cousin from the countryside. When he arrives, the Grey Squirrel shows them his yo-yo and a spinning top. The little pheasants are mesmerized. Thinking that he lost his friends to his cousin, Squirrel does his best to get them back.

  • Autumn leaves are falling, the little pheasants want to taste perfectly ripen persimmons. After being disappointed by empty persimmon trees, Squirrel takes them to a tree full of fat juicy persimmons but warns them of a scary dog named "Paengdug" guarding it. Accidently they wake up the dog and he chases them around, they then learn the secret behind Paengdug.

  • Duri meets a Ladybug and they play doctor together by watering plants and providing them the sunshine. Her siblings are interested so they join in too. But they accidentally break a twig off the grape vine while trying to help. They learn a new trick to save the twig.

  • A story about a princess inspires the little pheasants to plays as the characters. Duri is the princess while the others become her knights. Duri feels betrayed when a noble-looking Pony appears and judging by her looks, Duri's brothers assume that she must be a real princess.

  • One day the little pheasants and Squirrel play with a boomerang but it gets stuck in a tree. The Black Bear is so big he can retrieve it for them. Impressed, the little pheasants want to become as big as the Black Bear. Mother Flora takes them to Granny Fox who makes anyone's wish come true.

  • It's too far to get to the stream so the little pheasants beg Mother Flora to carry them. When they arrive, they meet Ms. Toad who is carrying all seven of her babies. The little pheasants want to give Ms. Toad a help and offer to look after the Baby Toads. The Baby Toads nag the little pheasants for back rides and the little pheasants discover how heavy it is to be responsible for babies.

  • It's a sports day for all the forest animals. You need a partner to run the race. The little pheasants all find one except Chip. Finally, he asks a Wildcat to be his partner. The Wildcat agrees but when the time comes he hesitates because he is too shy to run. Chip understands the Wildcat and waits until he is ready.

  • Bobby goes off track while leaf-sledding with the family and gets lost in a cave. While he struggles to get out, he meets a lonely Golden Bat who lives there. Bobby asks the Golden Bat to help him get out but the Golden Bat convinces Bobby to stay and be friends. Bobby finds it difficult to reject the offer. It's up to Mother Flora to find Bobby before it is too late.

  • The little pheasants love to race to see who gets there first. Unfortunately, Chip is always the last so he doesn't want to compete anymore. Until he meets the slowest Snail, who is determined to climb to the top of a tree without assistance. But it looks impossible at the Snail's pace. The next day, Chip remembers Snail and returns to the tree to learn an important lesson.

  • Usually, the little pheasants make kites out of leaves. But this time Duri makes hers out of a flower. The little pheasants are puzzled by the Honeybees following the kites. Mother Flora teaches them that the Honeybees are attracted to the scent of nectar from Duri's flower kite. So they let the Honeybees collect the nectar to make honey.

  • Strange teeth marks are found on the playground. The only clue they have is some distinctive footprints. The little pheasants search around the forest for the animal responsible by trying to find a match to the footprints at the scene. During their search, they meet a teething Rabbit who likes to nibble on everything. Maybe he knows what happened.

  • While Mother Flora is absent, Duri becomes "Mom for a day". Her confidence dwindles when she realizes her siblings don't really listen. Her patience drops when Chip gets sick due to Jack antics on the merry-go-round. To make matters worse it begins to rain. All the little pheasants, especially Duri miss Mother Flora, so they're happy when she returns and brings shelter for them.

  • Mother Flora measures the little pheasants' growth. Everyone has grown taller except Chip. After seeing a Crane, Chip is inspired and makes stilts out of sticks to become taller. While trying to gain his balance, Chip ends up wandering around the forest. Mother Flora comes to rescue Chip and reassures him that it takes time to grow.

  • The Ducklings and little pheasants play tag. The Ducklings have an advantage that they can run to the water. So Jack comes up with a plan, the little pheasants use a leaf boat to explore the stream. However, the current is stronger than expected. Even the Ducklings can't help stop the boat. It's up to Mother Flora to rescue her babies!

  • The little pheasants discover Squirrel and Woodpecker arguing over who a tree belongs to. Bobby suggests that they should have a walnut cracking contest to decide who gets the tree. Squirrel wins and offended Woodpecker flies away. The excited Squirrel becomes stuck in the entrance. The only one who can help is Woodpecker, so the little pheasants must convince him to come back and free Squirrel.

  • While searching for their missing marble, the little pheasants discover Grampy Crow with his head stuck in a tree. After the little pheasants get him out, he enlists their help to retrieve his treasure. But getting the right one isn't easy, so Mother Flora suggests for them to "work as a team". Grampy Crow gives them an extra shiny marble as an appreciation.

  • It begins to rain while the little pheasants were drawing in the garden. With the fun interrupted, the little pheasants complain about the rain. Then Mr. Worm appears and teaches them a game that they can only play when it rains. They spend all day in the rain playing with their new friend. When the rain stops, they receive the best reward: a beautiful rainbow.

  • While playing with footbag, Jack accidentally drops it into a hole. Shouting down for its return, they bother the owner of the hole: Mr. Mole. He complains about their rudeness and disappears again. Unfair! But Mother Flora explains about Mr. Mole's sensitive senses. With the new knowledge, they whisper politely into the hole to see if he can help.

  • In the middle of the night, Chip wakes up and sees Squirrel. While trying to give back one of Squirrel's acorns, Chip tumbles and is rescued by Mr. Owl: a protector that patrols the nights looking after forest dwellers. Chip's so impressed that he wants to be a hero like Mr. Owl but he didn't get a chance to thank him. So the little pheasants and Squirrel try to find Mr. Owl during the day.

  • The little pheasants play in the sand after a heavy rain. They come across a Mudfish who got stuck in a puddle after the floods went down. The little pheasants use their sand toys to dig a stream to save the Mudfish. When the sand turns to pebbles, the little pheasants and the Mudfish are stuck.

  • Baby Wild Pig loses control while chasing an apple and gets her head stuck in the little pheasants' head quarter tent. Trying to free her ends up with Wild Pig getting prickled by chestnut spikes. The little pheasants try to help more and go on a wild ride through the forest. They end up bumping into a tree. Luckily, the tree they bumped into is filled with apples for the Wild Pig.

  • While running an errand for Mother Flora, the little pheasants get distracted by delicious mulberries. A Raccoon washing his sweet potatoes in the nearby stream, witnesses the little pheasants getting covered in juices while they eat mulberries. The Raccoon who loves things clean is scared away by the little pheasants. So they decide to follow him home and return the sweet potatoes he left behind.

  • The little pheasants create music together using instruments they found in nature. But when Bobby starts playing his reed pipe, it all sounds out of tune. He goes on a journey to find the better reed pipe. Bobby finds a Bell Cricket, a natural musician who teaches him how to play well. Bobby gains his confidence and with mom as the conductor, the little pheasants put on a musical performance.

  • The darker the night is, the more the stars' glitter. Watching the nights sky the little pheasants discovers a moving star which is actually a Firefly. Following the Firefly takes the little pheasants and Mother Flora into the deepest part of the woods. The sudden darkness scares the little pheasants. Luckily the Firefly and his friends come to light their way back home.

  • Because the Crake is migrating every season he has never learned how to make friends. The little pheasants decide to become his first friend, but the Crake also needs to learn how to play with others. An oversight on the see-saw puts Chip in trouble. While little pheasants panicking, the Crake soars to the sky and saves Chip. This builds up the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  • Chip finds three Ants in the sand pit and helps them to escape. While taking them home Chip gets lost in the forest. It's now the Ant's turn to return the favor! The Ants take Chip to their queen. She orders the troop to form the shape of Chip so Mother Flora can find him easily.

  • While the little pheasants play a game with small rocks, Duri's rock breaks. Chip goes with her to the riverside to find a new one. When they return to play again, Duri's new rock moves around by itself. In fact, it's alive and it's a tortoise! They return the tortoise back to his home and learn to ask the important question when they collect the rocks: "Are you a rock or a tortoise?"

  • The little pheasants meet a Flying Squirrel who boasts his flying skills. The little pheasants beg him to be their teacher for the day and teach how to fly. Reluctantly, he gives them tips and lessons even though he's never actually flown before. But the Flying Squirrel masters the joy of flying when he tries to save Jack.

  • Chip is in charge of 'bugsitting' a Baby Caterpillar. He enjoys the responsibility and the fact that he's now a big brother, but it's exhausting work. After taking a nap Chip discovers the Caterpillar is gone and has been replaced by a hanging cocoon. What should he do now?

  • The little pheasants find a bag made from a leaf during their treasure hunt. They're curious to find out what's inside, but know it's rude to just look so they search for its owner. Ms. Weevil claims the bag as hers and to everyone's surprise, they discover the bag contained her eggs that soon hatch.

  • While chasing dandelion seeds, the little pheasants meet a Baby Spider who wants to find the perfect place to make her home. They follow their drifting dandelion seed to find a perfect place. But after a small tour of the forest, the Baby Spider decides the best place will be the one where she first met the little pheasants.

  • The little pheasants' friend Squirrel shows up distraught, he buried his biggest acorn and now he can't find it. With Mother Flora, they all look around for the acorn. They find a small bud is sprouting from where the acorn should be. Mother Flora knows what's happened and explains about the seeds and the trees to the little pheasants and Squirrel.

  • Mr. Dung Beetle takes pride that he can roll anything round so Chip decides to challenge him with a watermelon. Halfway up the knoll, the fruit tumbles down. Luckily, Mother Flora is at the bottom of the path and saves the day. Everyone gets to celebrate with a piece of sweet watermelon.

  • During hide and seek, the little pheasants discover a twig which is actually a bug named Stick Insect. The Stick Insect has the ability to blend into his surroundings. It's an amazing talent and the little pheasants discover he's the best at hide and seek.

  • Chip wakes up early from his afternoon nap and meets a Roly-Poly bug that can curl up into a ball. Excited Chip tries to copy the Roly-Poly and ends up rolling down the hill. Mother Flora steps in and sets some rules so the little pheasants can safely have fun playing with the Roly-Poly.

  • During a game of ball, the little pheasants come across a Bombardier Beetle that releases hot steam when it gets scared or surprised. Due to its reactions, it hasn't made any friends. The little pheasants become friends with the Bombardier Beetle and along with Squirrel, they all play together.

  • Overexcited while pretending to be a train accidentally sends Chip over the edge of the small ledge. Luckily he's caught by a Snake. To his surprise, Chip befriends him straight away and the other little pheasants soon become friends too. They discover that the Snake can make the best train ever.

  • While playing tag Jack falls into a cocklebur bush, when he reappears covered in the prickly seeds his siblings mistake him as a monster. They run away as fast as they can back to Mother Flora. She instantly recognizes the monster as her playful son, so the other little pheasants decide to put her to the test and disguise themselves as well.