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Join Rob, the galaxy's most curious and adventurous robot as he explores wondrous planets with his friends: Ema, the alien linguist, TK the walking toolkit, and Orbit the quirky artist, in this 3D animated preschool series. Rob the Robot is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (104 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Rob the Robot online? Rob the Robot is available for streaming on Janson Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Rob the Robot on demand at Amazon Prime, Tubi TV online.

Janson Media
2 Seasons, 104 Episodes
Kids & Family Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Stacey DePass, Camden Angelis, Jake Beale, Jordie Mand
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Rob the Robot Full Episode Guide

  • Everyone except for Ema has a photo with one of the biggest objects in the galaxy. They decide to head to the Cheese Planet and snap a photo of Ema with the biggest cheese!

  • Rob and friends take a visit to the Egg Planet and get cracking on an egg hunt to help a frazzled bunny catch and sort out the missing eggs. This eggciting mission turns out to be more challenging than eggspected!

  • Rob and his friends seek out an ancient treasure and discover that teamwork is best, when they find themselves in a race against a treasure hunter on the Explorer Planet.

  • TK's never ridden a horse before, so the friends decide to take her on a wild ride to the Horse Planet to overcome her fear.

  • Rob and his friends learn about perseverance and how to deal with disappointment when they help a lonely goalie practice his soccer skills on the Soccer Planet.

  • Rob's eager to show off his Spelunking Skills on the Cave Planet but when Rob's enthusiasm gets the best of him, the crew end up losing more than just their way.

  • While doing his morning exercises, Rob discovers he's low on power. A quick check reveals that his charging pad is broken! The crew head to the Power Planet only to make an even more curious discover - the Power Planet is out of power!

  • Rob and his friends venture to the Puzzle Planet where their puzzle abilities are tested while trying to find their pal, Squeak - only to discover Squeak has solved the biggest puzzle of all!

  • Rob and friends are excited to visit the Miniature Museum on the Miniature Planet! The miniature objects on display are hilarious and interesting but for some reason...Orbit can't see them!

  • Ema's trying to learn how to ride a bike, but she's terrified to move or let anyone push her. The gang suggests she try a different bike, and head to the Bike Planet to find the perfect ride for her.

  • Rob and friends travel to the Lighthouse Planet to see a real working lighthouse. When they arrive, they soon discover a big problem - the light bulb is missing!

  • The gang head to the Building Block Planet to see who can build the best tower. Orbit and Ema learn the hard way that slow and steady is sometimes the best approach.

  • Rob and friends travel to the Traffic Light Planet to learn about road safety. Unfortunately, the gang lets competition get in they way of learning street safety.

  • Eager to meet a gallant, well mannered knight, in shining armor, the crew take a trip to the Medieval Planet. Only problem is, the knight they meet has no manners at all!

  • When Rob can't finish the story he's been writing, the crew head of to the Story Book Planet to find the perfect ending.

  • The friends want to experience a lunar eclipse, so they head to the Robot Moon to take in the event first hand! There's only one problem, Ema's afraid of the dark!

  • On the Candy Planet, Rob and his friends discover that sometimes, too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

  • Rob and Ema are eager to show off their aviation knowledge on the Aviation Planet, but end up taking off in an unexpected direction.

  • After experiencing his share of ups and downs on the Elevator Planet, Orbit learns that being honest and taking responsibility for your actions is the best way to solve a problem.

  • The crew is getting set for movie time but discover they're out of their favorite treat...grape juice! They head to the Grape Juice Planet for a refill, only to discover a flock of greedy crows are eating up all the grapes!

  • It's "Intergalactic Talk Like A Pirate Day!" and to celebrate, the crew's traveling to the Buccaneer Planet! Things don't quite go as planned however, when an overly bossy Pirate takes the fun out of their adventure.

  • The crew is playing "explorer" and decide to go an a real life expedition to the Explorer Planet. The expedition quickly goes off track however, when Orbit loses his lucky coin!

  • When Rob struggles to make a clay model of the Rocket, the crew offers to find him some assistance on the Art Planet. Shortly after arrival, Rob inadvertently tips over a ball carrying statue, setting in motion the the biggest game of dodgeball the galaxy has ever seen!

  • The gang heads to Movie Planet, in order to film Ema singing a song for her cousin Mea. Ema however, get's so caught up in being the star of the show, she forgets about the rest of the crew - now trapped underneath the stage's trap door!

  • The crew discovers Orbit's having issues telling time! They take him the to the Clock Planet to learn time telling basics, but are set off on a wild cuckoo chase when Orbit unwittingly sets a giant cuckoo bird free!

  • The Friends travel to the Space Camp Planet to learn more about gravity. They learn the hard way that was goes up, doesn't always come down!

  • When Rob can't get a song out of his head, the friends take him to the Repair Planet to help fix a faulty chip. But when Rob decides to fix more than he should, he finds himself changed...for the worse!

  • Wanting to go someplace where they can play on big rides, the crew head to the Fair planet for some fun. They soon realize however, TK has a big fear of heights!

  • The crew want to have a Halloween party, so they decide to go the the Pumpkin Patch Planet to find the perfect Jack-O-Lantern.

  • When Rob and Ema discover a shared interest in rock collecting, Rob proposes a rock hunting expedition to the Mineral Planet! But when they find only one of their favorite rocks, they soon learn the importance of sharing and sacrifice.

  • Having just received his Finders' Badge, Rob decides to help the crew acquire their own badges on the Scout Planet. Unfortunately Rob gets a little carried away, and in the end, needs the crew to help find him!

  • The friends travel to the Super Power Planet so they can be like their favorite comic heroes! Orbit is unimpressed with his new super power at first, until he realizes that one of the greatest powers - being Super Smart!

  • The gang Travel to Astronomy Planet to see a rare comet. But when the planet's high powered telescope breaks down, the crew learns sometimes simpler is better.

  • The gang venture off in search of real life dinosaur! Unfortunately, Rob's over enthusiasm soon leads them into dino-sized trouble... Welcome to Dinosaur Planet!

  • When the gangs favorite video game is broken, the crew head to Arcade Planet in order to keep playing their favorite game. Rob soon learns however, there's a lot more to having fun than playing by yourself.

  • When TK breaks her guitar, the friends head of to the Repair Shop Planet for some last minute repairs. There, they discover you don't need fancy instruments to make music, just a little imagination!

  • When the crew head to the Beach Planet, they encounter a peculiar character - a hermit crab with no shell!

  • What could be more fun than going to the Old West Planet to play real cowboys?? Unfortunately, Ema get's carried away in her new role as sheriff and learns there's a lot more to being sheriff than having fun!

  • Out of ingredients for their favorite salad, the friends head to the Garden Planet to plant their own veggies! They quickly learn the merits of tool safety when Rob takes a bad bonk to the head.

  • Never having seen a wild animal in real life before, the friends take TK to the Safari Planet for a jungle adventure!

  • When Ema loses her tooth, the friends whisk her away to the Fairy Planet in search of some magical help from the Tooth Fairy!

  • Wanting to make an exact duplicate of Orbit's latest masterpiece, the crew travel to the Copy Cat Planet. Orbit and the crew learn the hard way, that being unique isn't such a bad thing!

  • Rob agrees to teach the gang martial arts, spurred on by Orbit's inability to catch a pesky space fly. They travel to the Dojo Planet, where Orbit learns one of the greatest lessons of all - believing in one's self.

  • With the Intergalactic Cook Off Competition just a day away, the friends head to the Food Planet to make the perfect dish! Unfortunately, Ema's fussy eating habits land them in hot water....and giant pickle meatballs!

  • Rob wants to be just like his hero Heracles, so the crew travels to Stadium Planet for hero training. Rob learns the hard way that there's a lot more to being a hero than just feats of strength.

  • When TK decides to bring her old Teddy to the Junk Planet. The crew soon discovers that a lot of things on the planet can be fixed or recycles - including TK's Teddy!

  • While the gang are having some snow time fun on the Winter Planet, they discover a lonely goose. The crew wonders why their honky new friend hasn't migrated for the winter?

  • When the crew head to Wizard Planet, they discover that learning magic requires much more than a wand and pointy hat; a great wizard must also be a great listener!

  • Mea knows how much her cousin Ema loves a good mystery, and sends Ema a book with blank pages for her birthday! Uncertain why Mea would send such a mysterious gift, the gang travels to the Mystery Planet to try and solve the riddle.

  • When Rob, TK and Orbit find they just don't have what it takes to catch speedy little Squeak, they decide to visit the Tune Up Planet to get upgrades that will increase their robotic abilities.

  • Wishing they could all make a wish that would come true, Rob and the gang head for the Wishing Planet. Although their wishes do come true, and look great at the beginning, they all backfire in some way.

  • Rob isn't very good at space style miniature golf but is perfectly willing to keep trying till he gets it.

  • Rob and friends discover that Squeak's key is missing and he's starting to wind down! They decide to travel to the Wind Up Planet, in order to re-start their little friend.

  • The Crew travel to the Game Planet to compete for a special prize in a TV style game show.

  • Heading to the Space Ball Planet to see which one of them is the best Space Ball Bowler, Rob and his crew get caught up in a challenge with an alien robot...with Rob's special one of a kind Space Ball at stake.

  • The crew is celebrating Cosmic Day, the day where everyone from all over the Cosmos celebrates friendship! Orbit however, falls into a "bah humbug" sort of mood when the only gift he receives is a hockey puck.

  • With their rocket running out of power, Rob leads the gang to the Power Planet. There they must find the three different power elements that TK needs to mix together to make new fuel for their rocket.

  • Rob finds a stowaway space frog on board the rocket and the crew decide they must find it a better place to live than on their rocket ship.

  • The gang want to get some balloons to decorate their ship for a party so they drop by the Party Planet. Once there, they discover an egg and decide to return it to a nest they see waaay up on a mountain of presents.

  • When Ema's soccer ball is squashed, Rob and the others head to the Ball Planet to replace it. Once there, they learn they all have a sport they are good at. However this causes problems as no one can agree on what sport to play!

  • Rob can't find his favorite stuffed dinosaur anywhere!! The friends decide to travel to the Prize Planet to win Rob a new toy.

  • The Crew finishes reading their favorite storybook, and can't wait to find out what happens in book two! Only problem is, they don't have the second book! They decide to travel to the Story Planet to live out their own epic adventure!

  • The gang visits the Tree House Planet to find a clubhouse for their new Club. However, one by one, they each leave to form their own clubs when they can't agree on what club activity to do first.

  • Orbit has constructed amazing kites for the gang. Needing wind to fly them, they visit the Windy Planet. The land on the planet ready to play, but are surprised to discover there is no wind on the Windy Planet.

  • When the crew go to the Picnic Planet for a picnic, strange things start happening. Their food begins to vanish into thin air!

  • Wanting to top off their Help Giving Day feast with a special dessert, the gang head to the Comet Cake Planet! However, they soon discover there's only one cake left that's ready to eat, and a seemingly greedy alien robot has stolen it!

  • When the crew discover they're out of eggs for Rob's special breakfast omelette, the gang head to the Farm Planet to get some more.

  • While Rob and his crew search the spooky Junk Planet for a part to fix their rocket, TK hears noises and sees large footprints which make her believe there's a monster on the loose!

  • TK is tired of being the smallest one on the rocket and wishes she were bigger. The gang set off to Big and Small Planet to help TK get her wish.

  • Everyone's looking forward to having a sleepover, and decide the Bedtime Planet is the place to go. There's only one problem, Orbit forgot to mention he has bad dreams when he doesn't sleep in his own bed.

  • The Gang rocket to the Camping Planet where Ema and TK get set to teach Rob and Orbit all about camping.

  • When the gang finally admit there are too few hiding places on the ship to play Hide N Seek, they head to the Hide and Seek Planet where they find tons of cool places to hide.

  • Rob and friends discover that TK isn't feeling very well. The crew travel to Medicine Planet looking to help her, but in the process Rob and Orbit get sick too!

  • Rob has built a surprise for Squeak; his very own mouse house! However the others suggest it could be improved, so they travel to the Craft Planet to see who can build the better house.

  • The crew is heading to the Space Fair, but their mission gets derailed when they find Squeak all dirty. They race off to the Scrubadub planet in hope they can clean up their friend before the fair is over.

  • After having put in a hard days work around the ship, Rob and his pals agree they need some fun time. They race off to the Circus Planet for a day of fun and laughs.

  • The gang decide to travel to the Imagination Planet where they can each act out their favorite imaginary character.

  • Squeak is turned into a bunny rabbit by mistake during Rob's magic show! The friends have to travel to the Magic Planet in order to find a way to turn him back!

  • Squeak is in need of a snack so the crew travel to the Cheese Planet to find him the best snack ever!

  • TK receives a friendly message from her cousin, Rika, over the ship's transmitter - only she can't understand it! They Travel to the Language Planet, only to discover that the robot in charge isn't able to speak or hear!

  • Ema wants to learn how to make a paper airplane - the Origami Planet seems like the perfect place to go.

  • Ema's cousin Mea has left her pet cat Violet for the friends to take care of while she's away. However when Violet continues to fidget, they realize she wants something but have no idea what that might be.

  • When the friends discover a giant bone floating in outer space, they decide to travel to the Museum Planet to discover where it came from.

  • Rob and the gang set off for the Music Planet to prepare for the Intergalactic Music Talent Show. Only problem is that the contest is only one day away, and Ema doesn't know how to play any instruments!

  • The crew is getting ready to train for the Intergalactic Space-A-Lympics. Orbit however isn't so excited; he's terrible at sports!

  • When Orbit accidentally paints himself pink, the four friends travel to the Paint Planet to find a way to put him back to normal.

  • When Ema suddenly realizes she's very different from her robot pals, she gets down in the dumps. Rob decides to take everyone to the Spare Parts Planet to help Ema become more like them...or so she thinks!

  • The gang receive an invite to Intergalactic Space Dance Competition. They rocket to the Dance Planet where they have fun discovering new types of music - all except TK who finally admits she doesn't know how to dance.

  • The friends receive an invite for an upcoming race but aren't in agreement on who should enter. They decide the best way to settle things, is to have a friendly competition between themselves on The Race Planet!

  • When the flower Orbit is painting starts to wilt, Rob and crew head to the Garden Planet to search for a replacement.

  • It's been raining in space for days and the crew is feeling down in the dumps. They decide a change of scenery is needed, and set off to the Weather Planet where they hope to find just the right climate.

  • When Rob and the gang decide Ema's pet fish is lonely, they head off to the Ocean Planet to try to find it a new friend.