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In the historical romantic drama Love In Chains, a noble woman's social heritage is kept a secret. Instead, she works as a serf maid for a noble man. Things get complicated when the pair fall in love. The series originally aired on Polish television. Love In Chains is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on August 28, 2019.

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Janson Media
2 Seasons, 48 Episodes
August 28, 2019
Cast: Kateryna Kovalchuk, Oleksiy Yarovenko
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Love In Chains Full Episode Guide

  • Nikolay presents the proof of Grigoriy's wound being self-inflicted and the medals stolen. The case is taken to court martial. Grigoriy kills himself. Natalie takes the monastic vows and becomes Sister Grigoriya. Nikolay is going to go to Europe. The Chervinskys' house is to be sold. Orysia and Nazar get married so that they weren't separated after the sale.

  • The Chervinskys' bondsmen help Zhadan to capture the Skopets. Zhadan interrogates one of them and starts his search for Katia from the faraway farm. He finds Oleksa who tells him where Katia is. The doctors extract the bullet from Grigoriy's leg. It's Russian-made, which proves that the wound was self-inflicted.

  • Nikolay makes the marshal of nobility accept the complaint regarding Grigoriy's crimes. He tells Natalie the truth about Grigoriy, but she doesn't believe him. Zhadan offers Grigoriy the money for buying out his estate in exchange for manumission for Katerina, but he declines the offer.

  • Zhadan, Bogdan, and Lukyan are searching for Katia. Meanwhile, Moliboga returns Katerina to Grigoriy and receives his reward. The Helmsman demands that Grigoriy got rid of Katerina. Miller tells Nikolay the truth about Aleksey's murder. Afanasiy finds out from Nazar about Galina's ordeals. He finds her and asks for her forgiveness. Galia gives birth to a baby girl.

  • Zhadan goes to Makarova, and Olga thoughtlessly gives Moliboga information on when and where Katia is going. Natalie intends to forgive Grigoriy and come back to him after a while. Meanwhile, she visits him and meets the Helmsman, but doesn't suspect anything regarding him. Also, she agrees to Orysia and Nazar's marriage.

  • Katerina blames herself for the kiss with Zhadan. Moliboga finds out about a strange girl staying at Zhadan's. Olga tells him to find out who she is. Orysia, Darina, Pavla, and Pavla's mother make Yakov believe that Galia's forgiveness is his only chance for salvation. Nikolay confesses his feelings for Yelena to Korenev and unexpectedly finds out that Vladimir already knows.

  • Yelena helps Katerina leave the mansion in secret, and Zhadan hides her at his house. Volodia almost exposes Katia by accident, but Yelena manages to downplay the situation. Yakov finds out about Galina's new job and makes sure she loses it. Orysia and Darina find a way to make Yakov return Galina her money. Reshetnikov tells Nikolay everything he knows about Grigoriy.

  • Nikolay finds Reshetnikov, but the latter is gravely ill. Nikolay calls a doctor: he badly needs Yegor's statement. Zhadan finds out the truth about Katerina from Makarova, apologizes to her, and helps her stay in the Korenevs' service. Makarova doesn't give away Katerina's whereabouts to Grigoriy.

  • Grigoriy is absorbed with his search for Katia. Aleksandr takes Natalie's dowry back from him, and Grigoriy sends all her belongings to her father. Yakov enjoys his revenge on Galina: takes the cow and intends to sell Oleksa. Galina buys the boy out in exchange for her necklace.Korenev finds out that Volodia is Katia's first pupil and wants to fire her, but Volodia rises to her defense.

  • Zhadan settles the conflict with Van Gell, saving Makarova from new troubles. Makarova lets Katerina go, and she escapes from Zhadan. Aleksandr finds out that Grigoriy is prepared to pay 5,000 for Katerina and scolds his son-in-law. Natalie overhears their conversation and asks her father to take her away. Olga involves Zhadan into perfumery industry.

  • Misha once again tries to help Katia escape and is punished by his mother. Katerina demands that Makarova gave her back her money and the letter. The madam doesn't budge and sends Van Gell to Katia. Zhadan saves her from a night with Van Gell. Also, he tells Makarova that Liutovich was arrested for bribery and embezzlement. Afanasiy goes away to the army.

  • Natalie is concerned about Grigoriy's health and makes him promise her to go to the doctor. Grigoriy is obsessed with Katerina and places an ad in a newspaper to find her. Aleksandr finds out about Grigoriy's debts and the purchase of the estate and demands explanations but receives none. At Vasilina's funeral, Katia accuses Liutovich of her murder.

  • Zhadan despises Katia, believing the rumors about her coming to the brothel to sell her virginity. He sends Vasilina to a doctor who promises to heal her. Makarova tells Van Gell his order for an innocent girl has been carried out. Natalie confronts Grigoriy about his purchase of Shefer's estate.

  • Pavlina succeeds in restoring Natalie's trust in bondsmen. Grigoriy is busy with his search for Katerina, and Nikolay - for witnesses in Aleksey's murder. He finds student Zoshchenko, who tells him about the miller, and also the address of Reshetnikov's mother.

  • Vasilina finds Katia and brings her to the brothel, where she is found by the madam, Makarova. She believes Katia can bring her money and lets her stay, stealing all her money and the letter of recommendation. A doctor diagnoses Vasilina with syphilis. Grigoriy offers Natalie to buy Shefer's estate, but she is set against it. Thus, he compiles the deed of sale in secret.

  • Katerina escapes Grigoriy. He makes sure Katia is actually alive, digging up her grave and finding no body inside. Katia turns to Nikolay for help, and he finds shelter for her in Kiev, with his lover Yelena Koreneva. Katerina tells Nikolay about the miller's claim that Aleksey was killed by an officer. Katerina never arrives to Yelena's.

  • Miller and the student are hiding from gendarmes at the mill, where they meet Katerina. Miller tells her the truth about Aleksey's death: he was killed. The gendarmes find Nazar, covered in burns, and accuse him of setting Sheferovka on fire. Orysia manages to persuade them that Nazar was with her. Unexpectedly, Lukyan helps her in it.

  • Katerina helps Shefer's bondsmen file a complaint against Lidiya. In Chervinka, Nazar starts a rebellion against Grigoriy. Chervinsky manages to stifle it. Galina helps Yakov clear himself after a test set up by Grigoriy. Lidiya and Katerina run into each other at Aleksey's grave.

  • Sofya returns to Lidiya her gift. The latter is hurt and demands to pay back all the money she has ever given to the Kosachs. Katerina refuses to run away with Stepan, fearing that the Goremykas will suffer because of her. Nikolay tries to buy Katerina from Lidiya and fails. Grigoriy orders Yakov to increase the estate's income and appoints Lukyan to supervise him.

  • Lidia beats up Katerina half to death. Zakhar commissions the Goremykas to nurse her back to health. After a shot of morphine, Grigoriy mistakes Natalie for Katerina. Yakov finds a way to stop Galina from exposing him as a thief. Lukyan tries to impress Orysia, and Galina - to court Afanasiy. Natalie finds out she is pregnant.

  • Having come back from Paris, Natalie and Grigoriy find Larisa at their house. Grigoriy fights with Piotr over her presence. Piotr accuses his son of being greedy: he believes Grigoriy came back only to be present at the discovery of his mother's last will. Larisa attempts to go back to her apartment, but Piotr stops her. Piotr mentions his son's infatuation with Katerina.

  • Having examined Aleksey's body, the district superintendent rules the cause of his death was a suicide. Nikolay has his doubts but doesn't act on them just yet. Grigoriy finds an excuse to leave the city for the duration of the investigation, taking Natalie away on a honeymoon.

  • Aleksey accuses Grigoriy of dishonorable conduct, self-harm, and stealing military awards in front of the guests. He demands to send for Reshetnikov who would corroborate his words. It appears that Yegor has escaped from prison. Piotr throws Aleksey out of his house, and Grigoriy calls him out in a duel.

  • To pay off Reshetnikov, Grigoriy pawns Natalie's wedding present, a ring. He accidentally runs across Aleksey in jail. Pavlina begs Natalie to put a word for Katerina with Grigoriy, but she blatantly refuses. Sofya asks Katerina to let go of Aleksey. Reshetnikov spills all Grigoriy's secrets to Aleksey. Nikolay manages to get Aleksey out of jail and persuades him to apologize to Piotr.

  • Grigoriy brings Katerina back to Chervinka and locks her in the cellar. She finds out about Anna's death, blames herself, and falls ill. Aleksey is sent to jail. His cellmate is Grigoriy's former comrade-in-arms and current blackmailer, Yegor Reshetnikov. Aleksey finds out about Grigoriy's secret. Lidiya refuses to help Sofya bail out Aleksey.

  • Anna dies at Grigoriy and Natalie's wedding. Grigoriy blames his father for her death and leaves to pursue Katerina. He finds a letter at Sofya's house, which tips him about Katerina's and Aleksey's whereabouts, and demands to send the police after them. Meanwhile, Aleksey and Katerina get married at a Kyiv church.

  • Natalie and Grigoriy get married. Katerina and Aleksey take advantage of the Chervinskys' absence and elope. Grigoriy finds out about their escape. Piotr brings Larisa to the wedding and gets into a brawl with his son in front of the guests. Anna faints.

  • Anna turns Aleksey out of the manor and locks up Katerina in her room. She hears from Varvara about Piotr's mistress and threatens him with a divorce and depriving him of all property in case he doesn't break up with Larisa. Meanwhile, Grigoriy finds Larisa and promises to take revenge upon her if she continues seeing his father.

  • Nikolay tells Aleksey he had been belied by Lidiya and asks Natalie to set up a meeting between Aleksey and Katerina. Natalie agrees, but Galia finds out and tells Grigoriy, who sabotages their meeting. Pavlina threatens Galina she'll tell Anna about her stealing if she harms Katerina. Galina, however, keeps following Katerina on Grigoriy's orders.

  • Anna makes Piotr refuse to sell Katerina. Aleksey won't give up. Anna fights with Katerina over Aleksey. She confronts Piotr, threatening to change her will if his affair with Larisa tarnishes the family honor. However, Aglaya and Varvara, local gossipmongers and Anna's friends, already know about Piotr's infidelity.

  • Grigoriy keeps setting Anna against Aleksey. Zhadan gives Aleksey enough money for buying out Katerina and for the wedding. Zhadan's employees follow Kosach and steal part of the sum from him. Now he only has enough for the manumission. Lidia lets herself be tempted by Chervinsky and badmouths Aleksey in front of Anna.

  • Aleksey introduces Katerina to Sofia, who takes an immediate liking to her. Lidiya offers Aleksey to buy Katerina for him upon condition that he marries Lidiya. Kosach rejects her and goes to Kyiv with a commercial proposal for Zhadan. Grigoriy tries to convince Anna that Aleksey only wants Katerina as a plaything. Anna won't budge, and Chervinskiy asks Lidia to belie Aleksey.

  • Piotr sets a high price for Katerina. Aleksey tries to take out a loan and fails. He tries to pawn his grandfather's ring and win some money at the casino, but all in vain. Katerina finds out about the price set for her by Piotr and breaks up with Aleksey. However, he doesn't give up, wins back Katerina's trust, and introduces her to Sofya.

  • Aleksey agrees to buy Katerina. Grigoriy tries to talk his parents out of this deal. His mother is almost persuaded, when suddenly Anna decides Kosach would be perfect for Katerina. Lidiya finds out about Aleksey's proposal and asks Natalie to set up a meeting with her. During a tea party, she humiliates Katerina, reminding her of her low social status.

  • Grigoriy offers Katerina a manumission. She rejects the offer, since it implies she'd have to become his mistress. She tells Aleksey she is a bondmaid. Aleksey proposes to Katerina and she says yes. Sofya tries to talk her son out of this marriage and asks Nikolay to make his childhood friend see reason. Aleksey asks Piotr for Katerina's hand in marriage anyway.

  • Katerina decides to ask Anna for manumission. Grigoriy finds out about her plan and persuades Anna and Piotr to say no, while simultaneously promising her to talk them into letting her go. Pavlina writes to Stepan, telling him that he has a daughter. Grigoriy forges with his father's factory manager's report, striving to take his lucrative job and get access to the money.

  • Katerina decides to confess to Aleksey that she is a bondmaid but can't find the courage. Grigoriy keeps making moves on Katerina and tortures her at a dinner with the Doroshenkos. Meanwhile, Aleksey confronts Grigoriy and Piotr over their inhumane treatment of their serfs. Later, he finds out about Andrey Zhadan, a former bondsman who has redeemed himself and is now building a sugar refinery.

  • Once again, Pavlina saves Katerina from Grigoriy's advances. She tries to set her up with Nazar, but all in vain. Also, she asks Anna to tell Katerina the truth about her father. Anna forbids her to do this. Lidiya brings Sofya money to pay off her debt to Chervinsky. Enraged by this, Aleksey goes to a casino and wins a hefty sum.

  • Piotr expects his son to help him run the estate, but the latter refuses. However, Grigoriy needs money: he's being blackmailed by his ex-comrade in arms Reshetnikov. Chervinsky places an ad in a newspaper to sell his father's mistress Vasilina, which earns him his mother's gratitude and his father's wrath. Steward Yakov beats up Nazar the blacksmith for his alleged impudence.

  • Katerina, a nice girl, helps her godmother Anna who is worried about her son Grigoriy who went off to war and she hasn't heard from him in a while. Meanwhile, Piotr, Grigoriy's father, keeps running the estate, buys Nazar the blacksmith, and rapes his new bondmaid Vasilina. Grigoriy comes back home and tries to rape Katerina in a fit of lust. The girl is being rescued by Pavlina the cook.