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  • 2019
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.1  (423)

Love In Chains is a captivating Ukrainian television series that tells the powerful story of a young woman named Katerina (played by Kateryna Kovalchuk) who overcomes adversity to find love amid the cruelty and chaos of 19th century Ukraine. Set in 1868, the show's plot centres around the life of Katerina, a provincial girl who dreams of a better future. She is forced into working as a servant in the wealthy and powerful Prohnoska family's home. But the family's eldest son, Andriy (played by Oleksiy Yarovenko), takes an interest in Katerina and they begin a passionate yet forbidden relationship. As their love blossoms, they must contend with the Prohnoska family's disapproval, as well as their own past traumas and prejudices.

The show delves into the complexities of class, gender and social norms in 19th century Ukraine, highlighting the often brutal realities of life for women and the poor. Katerina fights against the patriarchal control of her society, risking everything to pursue her dreams and true love. The Prohnoskas, on the other hand, embody the cold, entitled aristocracy - they are cruel, controlling and obsessed with their own power and privilege.

The performances by the show's lead actors are particularly notable. Kateryna Kovalchuk delivers a powerful portrayal of Katerina, conveying both her resilience and vulnerability with nuance and depth. Similarly, Oleksiy Yarovenko's performance as Andriy is arresting as he shifts between being a compassionate lover and the hard-edged heir of the Prohnoska family.

Love In Chains' incredible production design, elaborate period costumes and stunning cinematography make for visually stunning viewing. The scenes set in the Prohnoska estate are particularly atmospheric, with opulent set pieces and richly textured decor that bring the world of 19th century Ukraine to life.

Overall, Love In Chains is a compelling historical drama series that will appeal to fans of romance, history and rich storytelling. With its beautifully realised world, complex characters and themes of love, class and power, it is not to be missed.

Love In Chains is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (71 episodes). The series first aired on August 28, 2019.

Love In Chains
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Episode 72
23. Episode 72
November 18, 2021
Katia asks Zhadan to confess his crimes and he points a gun at her. Irina tries to poison Katerina and Makarova. Stefan fights with Zhadan, and Zhadan dies. Irina is sentenced to ten years of exile, and Stefan is acquitted. He asks Katia to go to Poland with him, she agrees. Katia, Stefan, Pavlina, and Karp leave to Poland, where Katia gives birth to Zhadan's son.
Episode 71
22. Episode 71
November 18, 2021
Katerina stops Zhadan from killing Makarova, and the latter tells her the whole truth: how Zhadan came up with a blackmail scheme, how Vera figured it out, insulted Zhadan, who couldn't stand it and stabbed her with a knife. Katerina finds out the truth about Zhadan's background, his work for a criminal boss. Zhadan says he regrets everything he had done. Katerina believes him.
Episode 70
21. Episode 70
November 17, 2021
Bezus tells Katia that it was Zhadan who came up with the scheme to blackmail Vera, and he only implemented it. Vira couldn't live with her disgrace and killed herself. Rogneda makes a production out of her entrance. Makarova threatens Zhadan that she will reveal the secret of Vera's death, if Zhadan doesn't give her back the salon. Zhadan is trying to strangle Makarova. Enters Katia.
Episode 69
20. Episode 69
November 17, 2021
Katia tells Olga that she is coming back to Zhadan: she believes him and forgives him. On Rogneda's instructions, Makarova sends out invitations to a soiree to the gentlemen of the high society. Olga finds Bezus's daguerreotype at Stefan's hotel room, suspects that he is going to take revenge, and goes with Katia to look for him. Meanwhile, Stefan abducts Bezus and hides him at the factory.
Episode 68
19. Episode 68
November 16, 2021
Katia helps Stefan get out of jail, but refuses to have anything to do with him. Marichka helps Stefan get the purse. It is Bezus in the picture. Katia tells Zhadan that she will not be able to live with him, he tells her he isn't going to force her to stay at the hospital and informs her that he has sold the brothels to deserve her forgiveness. Larisa forgives Piotr, and he takes her in.
Episode 67
18. Episode 67
November 16, 2021
Zhadan offers Stefan freedom if he promises not to seek contact with Katia. Katia agrees to return Chervinka to Piotr if he lets Larisa live there with her son, doesn't buy serfs anymore, and gives Galia her job back, he accepts. Katia finds out that the newspaper mudslinging campaign against her was ordered by Stefan but when she finds out about his arrest, she comes to jail to have him released.
Episode 66
17. Episode 66
November 15, 2021
Katia finds out that Piotr has taken their son away from Larisa, returned to Chervinka. Larisa explains Zhadan's secret sale of Chervinka with his love for Katia. Makarova turns Stefan over to Bezus. Nazar tells Pavlina about Zhadan, and they both leave his house. Olga hires Nazar as the manager of her factory. Rogneda comes to work at Makarova's brothel. Zhadan approaches Stefan with an offer.
Episode 65
16. Episode 65
November 15, 2021
Katerina rides to Nezhin with Zadunayskiy and Liubarskaya. Zhadan, thinking that Olga and Nazar will lead him to Katia, follows them in Chernigov. Karp sends Irina and Lukyan to Pavlina to propose to her on his behalf. Larisa is almost caught by Piotr in the kitchen at his estate, but Galia and Panas save her. Katia comes back to Chervinka.
Episode 64
15. Episode 64
November 11, 2021
Olga and Nazar spot Zhadan and send a warning to Katia. With the help of Liudmila Katia escapes from the monastery. Sister Liudmila helps Kseniya to escape from the convent, but the latter is intercepted by Natalie, they fights and Kseniya hits her head, Natalie believes that she killed the girl. Under Liudmila's influence, Natalie quits her office as the mother superior and leaves the convent.
Episode 63
14. Episode 63
November 10, 2021
Natalie allows Katia to stay at the convent. Zoriana is taken ill of smallpox. Olga and Nazar take care of her. Katia finds out that Kseniya's stepfather sent her to the convent to lay hands on her inheritance. Bezus is planning to set up an opium den at the brothel. Stefan is trying to get the purse with the daguerreotype and fails. Natalie informs Zhadan that Katerina is at her convent.
Episode 62
13. Episode 62
November 10, 2021
Stefan and Olga manage to abduct Katia from the clinic and hide her at Olga's. Oksana finds out that Nastia is homeless now and seriously ill. Bezus and Makarova becomes co-owners of the salon. Nazar recognizes Stefan in the street, follows him, but instead is caught by Stefan. After talking to Katia, Nazar changes his opinion about Zhadan and helps Katia and Olia leave the city.
Episode 61
12. Episode 61
November 10, 2021
Zhadan is tending to Katia at the hospital, trying to gain her forgiveness. Olga follows Nazar and finds out where Katia is kept. Stefan finds out that Oksana still has the purse with Vera's killer's daguerreotype sewn into the lining. Zhadan orders Bogdan to find buyers for his brothels. Stefan manages to get into the ward to rescue Katia, but at the very last moment Nazar comes in.
Episode 60
11. Episode 60
November 9, 2021
Olga figures out that the book, Katia has carried from Zhadan's office, records revenues from the brothel. Olga and Stefan find a witness of the start of Zhadan's brilliant career and find out that he used to work for a criminal Don Gromyko. Katia admits to Zhadan that she knows about the source of his wealth and threatens to tell everyone and he Locks her at the psychiatric ward.
Episode 59
10. Episode 59
November 9, 2021
Stefan proves to Katia that Vera loved him and not Zhadan. Katia asks Nastia and finds out that Zhadan was a special client, he didn't kill Vera, and a daguerreotype of the killer is sewn into the lining of a purse. Zhadan finds out that Katia was asking Nastia questions and gives orders to get rid of the latter. Olga and Nazar fight again, even though Nazar's intention was to make up with her.
Episode 58
9. Episode 58
November 8, 2021
Nazar rescues Olga from the goons. Katia returns to her work at the hospital. Larisa quits the theater company and goes to Chervinka. Piotr sends her away. Olga hires a bodyguard, who appears to be Stefan. He tels her about Zhadan and she helps him to meet Katia to tell her the truth about her husbund. Karp introduces Polina to his children, and the meeting ends up in a confrontation.
Episode 57
8. Episode 57
November 8, 2021
Stefan escapes from Zhadan. Andrey explains to Katia that he and Vera were in love, but she had to marry Stefan who killed her out of jealousy and is now trying to take revenge upon Zhadan. Sister Liudmila confronts Natalie, but the latter is being appointed the new mother superior. A drunk Nazar brings goons to Olga's house, and they break into it. Bogdan figures out where Stefan is.
Episode 56
7. Episode 56
November 4, 2011
Nazar blames Katia for Orysia's death. Natalie requests that her father gave to the church her inheritance. Because of the article, Krister and Bukhteyev refuse to do business with Zhadan. Zhadan takes Piotr's offer. Larisa fires nanny, gets the part in the play, accuses Piotr of having an affair. Stefan proclaims his love for Katerina also he demands that Zhadan tell her how Vera died.
Episode 55
6. Episode 55
November 4, 2021
Irina advises to cancel the auction, Katia disagrees. Zhadan doesn't come to the event. He finds out that Piotr is behind the articles. Katia confides in Stefan: she needs to talk to someone about this day. Rogneda demands that Bezus close the doors of their house to Zhadan and Katia but he disobeys her. For the first time, Stefan questions his plan to revenge Zhadan through Katerina.
Episode 53
5. Episode 53
November 3, 2021
Zhadan and Katia secretly leave for a honeymoon. They meet Stefan five months later at a ball, where Katia publicly supports Olga Rodzievich and dances two dances with Stefan, causing a scandal. Piotr takes Katerina's life story to a newspaper - but it's all distorted and misinterpreted. Bogdan finds out that Zhadan's enemy is dead. Obviously, the attacks on Zhadan were organized by someone else.
Episode 52
4. Episode 52
November 2, 2021
Bogdan finds love letters signed V. among Yablonevskiy's things. Zhadan gives orders to find this woman and decides to move back to Kiev. Stefan follows the couple to Kiev. Panas finds Natalka. Olga unveils her factory. Piotr cheats on Larisa, while Stefan offers Piotr a way to retrieve Chervinka. Piotr says yes. The Mother Superior tells Natalie that she looks to her as her successor.
Episode 51
3. Episode 51
November 2, 2021
Zhadan moves to Chervinka. There he meets Stefan, dislikes him and asks Bogdan to find out more about him. Also, he recognizes the knife, it was given to him by Vera, his first love. Katia and Andrey host a dinner to celebrate their wedding. Stefan gives Zhadan and Katia gifts. A drunk Yakov kidnaps Natalka, his daughter with Galia, to sell her to a childless couple.
Episode 50
2. Episode 50
November 1, 2021
Polish prince Stefan Yablonevskiy finds out about Katia's predicament and helps Katia to get Chervinka back and stays there as a guest. Piotr, Larisa, and their newborn son Lev are forced to leave. Andrey regains consciousness. The Circassian makes a new attempt on Andrey's life and reports to Stefan that he had failed. Orysia confesses to Nazar that they are going to have a baby.
Episode 49
1. Episode 49
November 1, 2021
Lukyan and Bogdan chase the rider in the black cape. Doctors operate on Zhadan without much hope for success. Katia blames herself and tries to kill herself, but Sofya prevents it. Meanwhile, Piotr comes back to Chervinka and turns Katia out of the house. Neither Bogdan and Lukyan, nor the police are able to catch the rider. All Bogdan is able to do is find the knife Zhadan was assassinated with.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 28, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (423)