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Set in the "Train World" where all citizens are trains. However, among the residents there are special trains that can transform into robots, the Robot Trains! Featuring our 5 train heroes, with special powers: Kay, Alf, Duck, Selly and Victor - and their exciting adventures. Can the Robot Trains save the village from the evil dark forces that be?

Robot Trains is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (83 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2016.

Robot Trains is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Robot Trains on demand atAmazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

Janson Media
2 Seasons, 83 Episodes
January 1, 2016
Cast: Bill Rogers, Carrie Savage, Tony Salerno, Ken Spassione
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Robot Trains Full Episode Guide

  • As Genie races to finish the Rainbow Balls, Tony, the secret guardian of Mountainland, explains how the Energy Volcano is the last weapon needed to defeat the Shadow Energy.

  • When the Shadow Energy collides with the Energy Volcano, an unexpected combination of the five good energies is discovered.

  • As the Shadow Energy approaches, Victor uncovers a long lost secret from the ancestors.

  • When Railworld suffers from a drought, Genie invents a "Floaty Spray" to help out.

  • When Louie's sculpture is ruined by mysteriously appearing tornadoes, Alf must use Genie's new Blending Ball to save the day.

  • A huge explosion causes Master X and Mos to switch bodies!

  • The Railwatchers use their special talents to help Eddie's team prepare for the upcoming "Energy Ball Competition".

  • After Joseph stirs up trouble with his reading addiction, he and Andre hatch a plan to create a mobile library.

  • After saving Kay from drowning, the Troublesome Trio is given a "special card": one that can be used when they're in need of Kay's help.

  • When Johnny feels upset about his birthday, the gang gets together to cheer him up.

  • The Troublesome Trio is at it again, this time offering train washes to railers.

  • Unknowingly, the Troublesome Trio saves the day in their new hot air balloon.

  • After Genie temporarily loses her memory, the Troublesome Trio unveils a new device in her absence.

  • When Leo repeatedly oversleeps and shows up late, Genie invents a special watch to help him stay on time.

  • While the Troublesome Trio is out to steal some energyballs, Leo "the prankster" gives them trouble.

  • After Gary walks off during a camping trip, Maxie and Kay worry they've hurt his feelings.

  • When Genie's newest experiment keeps failing, Kay brings her a lucky, four-leaf clover.

  • After Maxie disregards a mysterious package, havoc ensues in an unguarded Watchtower.

  • When Alf and Maxie are caught on thin ice, the gang must resort to Duke's help to save them.

  • When Duke suggests that the troublesome trio be broken up, Mos and Dos hatch a plan to keep the group together.

  • When Genie invents new growth vitamins, the evil duo Mos and Dos set out to steal it.

  • After Rich is praised for watering Victor's flowers, he goes out of control to get more compliments!

  • When Emma becomes ill and can't make her delicious pies, Genie invents the Almighty Oven to fill in.

  • When Augustine goes missing, Genie and Selly go searching for her. But Augustine isn't the only thing missing, Johnny's maracas are also nowhere to be found!

  • Kay and Duke battle it out for the title of fastest train in Railworld.

  • Stuck in an elevator, Alf must endure Gary's recurring, old tales.

  • Paul, a new railer, must overcome his fear of slides in order to collect energy.

  • A spooky rumor about a ghost begins to spread in Railworld.

  • Moris is sick and tired of living in the freezing cold Mountainland. Then one day, when Alf visits Moutainland, he learns of the warm Sunnyland and insists on moving there.

  • Kay accidently ruins Victor's precious edelweiss. Thinking a replacement would cool things down, Kay heads toward a dangerous cliff area in Mountainland to find one.

  • Seeing Victor work so hard with his mine excavation work, Genie develops a Wild Hammer Drill that can make his work easier.

  • A Waterland train, Jose, always puts safety first. As usual, he was holding a safty education to the Railers, but with an unexpected accident, a Railwatch badge gets stuck on Jose. The Railwatch badge's special power allows Jose to transform from a train to robot, just like the Railwatch members.

  • Reckless railer 'Luca' is a well known troublemaker. Everyone tries to catch him, but no one can seem to keep up.

  • During his mission to climb up to a high mountain and fix a weather radar, Alf gets injured. His old backpack launcher is completely broken too. Genie creates a new shiny equipment, Spider Pack, to replace it.

  • When Selly looks away for one second, Becky suddenly disappears!

  • Maxie, who is afraid of bugs, must save the fireflies Mos, Dos, and Duke captured inside the Energyball Capsule!

  • Kay is afraid of water and envious of Duck, a train that can move freely on water. So, Genie makes "Storm Slider," a hover-board that enables him to run on water.

  • Railwatch Victor cares about the railers deeply, but on the surface he seems very cold. Windland railers, startled by Victor's cold words, are so scared of him. Then, a sudden gust of wind blows, and collapses the Windmill. Only Victor can save them now.

  • The mischievous trio Mos, Dos, and Duke find an odd looking camera on the street. Dos takes a picture of Igor who was passing by. After the photo, the chronically grumpy Igor suddenly turns into a kind soul. Maybe this is a magic camera!

  • Gary and Dolo are once again busy playing chess with each other. The mischievous trio, Mos, Dos, and Duke get a special magnetic hat from TrainX. They come up with a daring plan to sneak into the Railwatch headquarters and steal energy balls.

  • Even the youngest Railwatcher Maxie has worries of her own. How come Kay, Alf, Victor, and Genie all have unique talents, but Maxie doesn't?

  • Windland's Novice Pilot's bag is gone! Without a bag, you can't collect windland energy. Detective Genie comes out to solve the difficult case.

  • Mountain Land's lumber camp railer Kevin starts dreaming of becoming one of the RailWatch members after seeing Alf, a RailWatch member rescue a railer.

  • Today is the grand opening of the Water Park in WaterLand, but a shark suddenly spoils the event!

  • Kay, Alf, Victor, Genie, Maxie, and Gary are going on with their daily tasks enjoying a peaceful day at the Railwatch Headquarters. Then, a sudden emergency occurs! There is a report that Mikhail is speeding towards the Energy Volcano.

  • All the trains evacuate to Area V, and the Robot Trains block the tunnel that connects to the Fountain Plaza. But Duke's duplicates penetrate and come through the tunnel, endangering everyone in Area V. Then Duke arrives to Area V just in time. It turns out Becky has unlocked Duke while everyone evacuated. Only thing that can stop Duke's duplicates is the energy coming from the Alpha Train.

  • Duke's duplicates show up in the Fountain Plaza. It turns out the virus has duplicated Duke while it was invading Duke's system. Victor, Alf, Duck and Selly fight against the duplicates, and Kay and Jeffrey join their effort when they get back. Meanwhile, Duke, locked-up in the cell, senses that something has gone wrong.

  • One morning, a train is found thrown off the track, all out energy. While everyone watches him worriedly, the train wakes up, pointing the finger at Duke as the attacker. Everyone starts to suspect Duke again and asks him for an explanation. Kay fights for Duke's innocence, but Alf and Duck also start to get suspicious of Duke. At last, Duke declares that he'll get locked up.

  • Everyone safely makes it to Victor's Base. There, Selly connects Victor's engine with Kay's while repairing Victor. Meanwhile, Duck is skating on a frozen lake when suddenly, the ice on the lake melts and all the water evaporates! Alf and Duke discover what has caused the situation and head out to find the source.

  • Due to the prolonged isolation period, Area V's energy level is unstable, and the snow starts melting, causing the Ice Cave to collapse on Victor while he is investigating the cave. Kay and Stella save Victor, but Victor needs Selly's help immediately. But because of a rise in the temperature, the entire Area V is melting, hindering Alf, Duck, Selly and Duke to get to Victor.

  • Kay arrives at the Central, but the atmosphere is somewhat different than before. His friends act weird and seem to be afraid of him. Kay hears from Duck of what he had least expected. In this world, Kay is a betrayer who interrupted the opening of the tunnels and shut down Duke's engine. In a nutshell, it becomes clear that Kay had arrived in a whole different Train World.

  • Duke finally comes back to the Fountain Plaza after his recovery, but everyone is still scared of him. Kay asks Duke to go training with him, but it is actually Kay's scheme to help Duke earn trust back from the other trains. Up on the mountain, Kay and Duke pick up things that the others might like, but the other trains still can't believe Duke's good intentions.

  • While Kay and his friends are searching for the virus inside Duke's memories, they find Duke's memory of the day before the opening ceremony of the Intercontinental Railroad, where a virus infected Duke's system and turned him evil. They now know that Duke was a victim of the virus. Fighting the mutant virus monsters, Kay and the friends get closer to the central part of Duke's engine.

  • Kay and his friends realize that Duke has acted strangely because of a virus. To treat Duke, Kay and the gang must log into Duke's system and remove the mutant virus themselves. With the help of Selly, Kay, Alf, Duck and Victor enter Duke's system.

  • Kay listens to Stella's story about the primordial train called the Alpha Train. Stella warns Kay that soon, darkness will dawn upon them. Kay is doubtful but Victor shows him the proof of the Alpha Train's existence, the cargo of the Alpha Train that has landed in Area V. Victor explains to Kay that Area V was able to survive after it was shut off from the Fountain Plaza.

  • As the tunnel to Area V reopens, Victor is back. Victor visits the gatekeepers of each area who are his old students. Watching everyone welcoming Victor, Kay realizes that Victor is very much respected around the Train World and feels sad that he doesn't have any memory of Victor. After meeting everyone, Victor takes Kay to meet Stella, the fortune teller.

  • Kay and his friends battle against Duke. Even after Alf ties Duke up, Duck shoots his water guns at him and Selly uses the G-force Nanobombs to help Kay fight Duke, all their efforts are useless against the powerful enemy. But when Kay and his friends refuse to give up, Duke starts up his engine to suck in all the energy from the Fountain Plaza and causes a blackout.

  • It's the day of the opening ceremony for Kay to finally open the tunnel to Area V. Everyone is in the festive mood, but Kay seems nervous because he will be put to the test as to check how much he has improved. Sensing something strange on the night of the Train Race, Jeffrey is gone to check on Duke in his jail. As everyone cheers Kay on, Duke shows up at the ceremony.

  • Kay and Alf tie with eleven cargos each, which they have received from helping other trains. With Kay's Base as the last section of the race, Kay and Alf fight for each other's cargos but end up giving all their cargos to Duck who was strolling at the bottom of the hill when the law of inertia works in Duck's favor.

  • The Train World is downgraded from Kay's setback and the Area V, which requires a large amount of energy to be opened, remains unlocked. Hence the trains hold the Train Race, their tradition, which allows energy to be delivered evenly throughout the Train World. In order to win the race, the participant must receive cargos from the other trains, while running a lap around the whole Train World.

  • Duke in the virtual space is unimaginably strong. After losing connection with Selly, Kay, Alf and Duck are completely exhausted, fighting against Duke. On the other end, Selly is puzzled that the program has gone out of control. While Alf wakes up from his dream, Kay and Duck are still trapped in the virtual space with the formidable foe.

  • Everyone needs more training to open the connecting tunnel to Area V so Selly installs a virtual simulation program to Kay, Alf and Duck's main system. The three Robot Trains begin their training in their dream: Fighting against monster cakes, climbing up a high mountain and completing other unusual tasks. Then Duke appears in the virtual space.

  • Through various experiences, Kay successfully continues to receive upgrades. Feeling good and confident, he goes to the Fountain Plaza and finds out that everyone is praising Alf for being so helpful. While Alf is busy fixing things, Kay also wants to help others but keeps on causing problems instead. Kay becomes discouraged as Alf proves to be a better leader than he is.

  • When the avalanche starts to fall, Alf, Jeffrey, Selly and Duck quickly search for ways to protect the Mountain Area. Kay regains consciousness and helps Alf trying to stop the falling rocks, while the others build barriers. Alf still resents Kay for putting his friends in danger, and the two keep on arguing on duty. After watching Kay eagerly trying to save the Mountain Area,

  • After using all his energy while opening the tunnel to the Mountain Area, Kay collapses as he barely makes it there. Alf finds Kay in need of assistance but doesn't step up to help him. Following Kay into the tunnel, Selly and Duck finally reunite with Alf. While Duck brings injured Kay back to Kay's base, Selly learns that Alf was able to survive because his friends had made sacrifices for him.

  • After Kay gets his upgrade with Experience Points from completing the Area D restoration task, he decides to reopen the railroad tunnel to the Mountain Area, where Alf is trapped. With everyone cheering for him, Kay opens the tunnel gate that leads to the Mountain Area, but his attempt is hindered by a fiercely cold wind from the tunnel that freezes the Fountain Plaza completely.

  • A virus enters the system in Area D, and the area's control unit malfunctions. To fix the problem, Kay has to run faster than the flow of energy and manually adjust all levers along the train tracks. Confident about his speed, Kay thinks this will be an easy task, but a gorilla speedometer surprises Kay, chasing him as it grows bigger and faster, collecting energy from the tracks.

  • As the power of the Train World becomes weaker, viruses spring up and begin to infect the inhabitants. If infected, the trains lose control of their engines and run until they completely exhaust their energy. While Selly searches for the vaccine, Kay and Duck enter the infected zone, Area D. The virus has already spread throughout the region, putting trains in danger.

  • After a long rest, Kay wakes up, clueless to who or where he is. Confused, Kay leaves his base and arrives at the Fountain Plaza. There, everyone welcomes Kay, but Kay doesn't remember anything about his friends. He goes sullen after listening to how great he used to be, and his friends decide to help him get back to his old self.

  • Duke returns to the Train World and lies to everyone that Kay is lost due to an unfortunate accident. But Kay also makes it back, and Duke's lie is revealed! To fulfill his evil scheme, Duke forcefully tries to take over the Train World. But with his last ounce of strength, Kay stops Duke using his lethal combat technique, Maximum Overdrive.

  • The Train World is having a busy period, building railroads between continents. The Intercontinental Railroad construction is to revitalize the isolated continents by installing connecting railroads. The main supervisor of the construction, Kay, begins the construction despite worries from other trains. But Duke, who is to work together with Kay, betrays him and tries to steal his magnetic engine.