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Leo is a dump truck who is very curious and inquisitive. He loves to build things & see how they work.

Janson Media
1 Season, 69 Episodes
January 1, 2014
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Leo the Truck Full Episode Guide

  • Today Leo the Truck will build a tow truck for kids- let's help him!

  • It's winter time! Leo the truck, excavator Skoop and robots for kids play with snow, how fun it is! Leo the truck is going to build new kids vehicles - a snowmobile.

  • Leo the truck, excavator Scoop and cars for kids build a new house for Scoop the excavator. But robots for kids can't cross the river and visit new house. Leo the truck, excavator and crane build a bridge for robots. Now all cars for kids and robots can visit new excavator's house. Welcome!

  • Cartoon truck builds a ferris wheel. Watch best kids cartoons and kids videos on our channel. Play and have fun with cartoon vehicles!

  • Watch car cartoon and build with Leo the truck parking for cartoon cars.

  • Leo truck lost 2 buttons, let's find them together!

  • Build a caravan for robots with Leo truck. Learn vehicles for kids, build new car for kids and play with Leo the inquisitive truck!

  • Construct toy car with Leo the truck and play with remote control car!

  • Let's construct a racing electrical car for the robot with Leo the truck! One of the robots is upset because he has no car to drive! Let's help him!

  • Watch car cartoons for kids and build an oven with Leo truck and Lifty the loader. Leo and Lifty build the oven, but where is a place for it in a Leo's kitchen? Robots can help Leo and Lifty!

  • Today Leo the Truck is going to repair the road!

  • Leo the truck builds a car wash for his friends. Let's help him!

  • Build a submarine with Leo the Truck and help Lifty the loader save a box from the water.

  • Leo & other toy cars learn the toaster! Watch our funny video & learn how to cook with Leo The Truck & his friends!

  • Cartoons for kids about Leo the truck - car cartoon for smart kids.

  • Leo's house is so dirty, here is so much garbage! Leo the truck, let's build a vacuum cleaner! It could help You to clean up the house.

  • Leo the truck builds a new racing track for two toy cars, racing track has two small loops and one big loop. Our track is ready, but Leo the truck, where we can find two racing cars? Yes, Lifty the loader can help us! Now Leo the truck and Lifty have two toy cars and racing track. Ready, steady, Go!

  • Is Lifty really white? No! Leo must paint him but which colors? Do you remember? Leo Junior is an artist! He loves to color things and today he paints Lifty beautiful colors but what colors? Let's find out!

  • Stop, yield, and go! Leo learns which colors mean what when it comes to traffic lights. Come and learn with him!

  • Fly on water with Leo's hovercraft! Leo Constructs a hovercraft!

  • It's winter time! Leo leaves his house for a drive in the Snow but it's to deep to drive in so he constructs a snow plow to clear the snow away!

  • Cartoon Truck Leo the Truck and Lifty the Loader Construct a drone! It flies high up above them and Skoop comes to watch the fun!

  • Truck Cartoons! Leo the Truck is on the Farm building a combine harvester!

  • Leo smashed up his old house! Now he needs to build a new one! Lifty & Skoop are here to help him. Come and see what it looks like!

  • Leo has a new friend called Skoop! Skoop is an Excavator but very small! Do you want to see what Skoop can do?

  • Leo loves to build vehicles and today he constructs a scooter motorbike but there is a problem! Who comes to help? It's Leo!

  • Leo must smash up his house! He constructs a big crane to help do it! Excavator Max & Lifty the Loader come to help too!

  • Leo Constructs a special robot with the help of his friend Lifty the forklift truck.

  • Leo the Truck is celebrating his birthday party today! We're making delicious cake but will there be enough cake for Lifty the Forklift & Excavator Max too?

  • Leo the Truck to build a Christmas Rocket! Come and watch Leo Junior Truck construct things!

  • It's hot! How can we cool down? Did you see Leo and his friend Lifty the forklift truck? They are building an ice cream truck! What's your favorite flavor? Chocolate? Strawberry? Cherry? Excavator Max comes to join so let's watch & build and eat ice cream!

  • Are you ready for Christmas with the snow and presents? Leo Junior is very excited and he is getting ready by making a snow sledge with Lifty for winter games! Come and help them!

  • Leo Constructs a big monster truck with the help of Lifty the forklift truck.

  • Wow! It's so hot! We need water! Call Leo the cartoon truck and he will make us a big water tanker! What's that? It's a truck that carries water! Come & Build things with Leo Truck Junior!

  • Watch toy truck Leo paint a fire truck and learn names of colors!

  • Today, Cartoon Truck Leo Junior and his new friend Lifty are building us a train station! It's for trains & passengers! Come and see how it's built.

  • Learn colors with Leo Truck! Do you know all these colors? Today, cartoon truck Leo Junior is spray painting a tow truck with some gorgeous rainbow colors! Come and see how he does it!

  • Today, Cartoon Truck Leo Junior is building us Lifty! Lifty is the name of his new forklift truck friend! Lifty will lift things onto Leo's back and help him in his work! Come and see how Lifty is built! It's always Fun when Leo Junior is about! Come and meet Lifty!

  • Toy truck Leo Junior is an artist! He loves to color things and today he paints a beautiful apple tree but do you know what colors he will use? Let's find out when we watch and paint with him!

  • Today, cartoon truck Leo Junior is building us a street sweeper! It cleans the streets for us. Let's watch and build it with Leo!

  • Today, Cartoon Truck Leo Junior is building us a locomotive train! It works with fire and water! Come and see how it's built!

  • Leo Junior builds a convertible car today! Let's watch and build with him!

  • Toy trucks! Leo Junior wants to construct this bus! Can you help him? He needs your help! This bus needs to go and pick up passengers!

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