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  • 2014
  • 4 Seasons

Leo is a dump truck who is very curious and inquisitive. He loves to build things & see how they work.

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20. Hammer
June 18, 2020
Watch as they try to dodge the Hammer!
19. Mixer
June 18, 2020
Mixer in the kitchen with trucks!
18. Carousel
June 18, 2020
More fun spinning Carousels!
Cups Carousel
17. Cups Carousel
June 18, 2020
Cups Carousel spinning around and round!
Animal Trailer
16. Animal Trailer
June 18, 2020
Look, the train is leaving! Let's see, who is sitting in it. Here are toy animals for kids - a cow and a sheep. Oh no, a toy horse missed the train. No worries, Leo the truck will help you. Leo the truck brings parts for a new vehicle for kids. Do you know what he is going to build? Leo the truck will build a trailer for a horse!
15. Rollercoaster
June 18, 2020
Today Leo the truck is going to open a new park attraction, a roller coaster. Look, the crane truck is finishing construction. Toy robots are rolling around and waiting for a roller coaster to be ready. Oh, there is not enough space for the third robot. Leo, let's build a new one roller coaster car for the third robot.
14. Mini-Loader
June 18, 2020
Mini-Loader moving up and down and loading up the trucks!
13. Fridge
June 18, 2020
What a hot day! Robots for kids bring ice cream for all the construction vehicles for kids. But while they played football, the ice cream melted! Leo the truck knows what to do! Our truck for kids is building a fridge! Well done! Now the ice cream can't melt so fast and it will stay cold! Let's play football again, cars and trucks!
Wind Generator
12. Wind Generator
June 18, 2020
Leo the truck and robots for kids will build a wind generator. What is it? Let's look at what it is and learn how it works! Three robots decorate their houses for the holidays. There are lights in the windows, bulbs on the Christmas tree, and even the elevator is decorated with lights! Cars and trucks for children and robots are ready to celebrate Christmas!
Robot House
11. Robot House
June 18, 2020
Leo the inquisitive truck is building a house for robots and learning colors with cars and trucks for kids. A concrete mixer truck for kids is delivering concrete for the robots' house. Thank you, truck for children! Leo the truck is bringing parts for the house. No, Leo the truck is going to build two houses for robots!
10. Halloween
June 18, 2020
Today Leo the truck and robots for kids get Halloween pumpkins! Looks nice! Now cars and trucks for kids have to deliver all the Halloween pumpkins to Skoop's house. But how can we do it? Leo the truck's bed is too small. Let's build a pick up truck with a big bed. Good job, Leo the truck! Happy Halloween, Leo the truck and Skoop the excavator!
Fuel Truck
8. Fuel Truck
June 18, 2020
Today Leo the truck is visiting races with race cars for kids. But the race is stopped because fuel at a fuel station is out. Leo the truck, can you build a new car which can carry some fuel for race cars for kids? Let's build a fuel truck for kids with Leo the truck!
7. Tractor
June 18, 2020
Leo the truck, Lifty the loader, and robots for kids pick apples from the apple tree. But who will carry the apples to the Lifty's shop? Leo the truck knows! Let's build a tractor for kids with cars and trucks for children!
Police Car
5. Police Car
June 18, 2020
What a massive traffic jam! What's going on, cars and trucks? A traffic light is broken! Leo the truck knows what to do. Leo the inquisitive truck brings new parts for a kids' police car, so let's build it together! Our police car for kids is almost ready, but we don't have a windshield. Can you find it, Leo truck?
3. Lifter
June 18, 2020
Leo the truck for kids, excavator Max, Skoop the excavator and robots for kids play football! How fun it is! But the ball flies out and gets stuck in a tree. Even Skoop the excavator for kids can't reach it! Leo the truck has an idea! Build a scissors lift and one of the robots for kids can reach the ball! What a great idea!
Big Airplane
2. Big Airplane
June 18, 2020
Come watch an airplane cartoon and build a plane for kids with Leo the truck English on the KidsFirstTV channel for children. What are you going to build today, Leo truck? Leo truck English brings new parts for an airplane (kids), let's construct a new vehicle for kids together with Leo the truck English! Leo truck, one part of the plane for kids is misiing, maybe we can find it at Lifty's shop?
Lawn Mower
1. Lawn Mower
June 18, 2020
Watch Leo the Truck for kids help robots for kids play football, just in time for the World Cup! Construct new kids' vehicles with our friendly truck! Leo the Truck will build a lawn mower to cut the grass so his friends, robots for kids, can play football for kids (or soccer for kids) in the field.

Leo is a dump truck who is very curious and inquisitive. He loves to build things & see how they work. Leo the Truck is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (91 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2014.

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Leo the Truck is available for streaming on the Janson Media website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Leo the Truck on demand at Amazon, Amazon Prime and Tubi TV.

  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2014