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In this docuseries, motorcyle builder Eric Gorges travels across America looking for people who still put lots of time and energy into building things. As part of his journey, Gorges tries his hand at each craft that he uncovers. The series airs on PBS.

Janson Media
1 Season, 10 Episodes
January 1, 2014
Cast: Eric Gorges
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A Craftsman's Legacy Full Episode Guide

  • Host Eric Gorges visits with Ron Paquin, a Native American who teaches others the fine craft of bark basket weaving. Eric and Ron both build baskets together.

  • Chad Pastonik makes fine art books. Host Eric Gorges visits Chad's studio to learn about 400-year-old printing and binding techniques.

  • Host Eric Gorges visits with Lorelei Sims, a talented blacksmith working in a mostly male-dominated trade and learns how to make a dagger. Their conversation reveals the blacksmith's way of life - communal, family-oriented and often, an extension of home life.

  • Charon and Tom Caldwell changed the horse saddle industry. Host Eric Gorges visits the Caldwell ranch and learns how saddles are made. Charon and Tom Caldwell embody the craftsperson who knows when it's time to strike out on their own. After years of successfully working for a top saddle maker, they charted their own paths and created a revolution in the way that saddles are fitted to the horse.

  • Host Eric Gorges visits a goldsmith in the mountains. Susan McDonough works in a small studio on her family's farm. Eric makes a silver ring using a technique over 3000 years old. The conversation turns to the paths that craftspeople take in their journey. It's neither straight nor connected. Some people take years to end up doing what they want.

  • Host Eric Gorges visits with Walter Arnold. Walter is an accomplished stone carver who started his career at a very early age. Eric learns a little about what it takes to carve limestone and marble. We learn the history of stone carving and early days of Walter's apprenticeship in Italy, including kicking around the same quarry that Michelangelo went shopping for his marble.

  • Brain Galloup builds guitars and runs a school to teach others the craft of guitar making. Host Eric Gorges visits the school and learns what it takes to build a guitar from scratch. They discuss topics such as the tonal properties of wood, steam bending and key steps of guitar building.

  • Host Eric Gorges visits a friend, April Wagner. April is a glass blower who works in abstract art. Eric learns how hot a glass studio is and how to make a glass cup. Eric and April discuss the connection between making a sacrifice when starting up a business and the give and take that successful craft people have to make and the rewards that eventually come.

  • John Wilson is a writer, a teacher and a woodworker. Host Eric Gorges visits John at his home shop and learns how to make a shoulder plane. Eric learns the history of shop made tools, how to home temper tool-steel and the importance of salt in the wood shop.

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