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This series presents animated Biblical stories narrated by an amiable host named Father John. The stories, which include the Creation Story and the Exodus of Moses and the Israelites, are slow-paced, simply animated and aimed at a very young audience. Bible Stories for Kids! is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on December 31, 2015.

Where do I stream Bible Stories for Kids! online? Bible Stories for Kids! is available for streaming on Janson Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bible Stories for Kids! on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Tubi TV online.

Janson Media
3 Seasons, 44 Episodes
December 31, 2015
Animation & Cartoon
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Bible Stories for Kids! Full Episode Guide

  • The Priests of Jerusalem hatch a plot to arrest Jesus, and they convince Judas to reveal where Jesus is staying. The Soldiers arrest Jesus, they beat Him and torture Him. He is forced to carry a huge cross on his shoulders, and then they crucify Jesus on top of a hill. Watch this incredible story of sufferings of Jesus, and learn why he died for the sins of the mankind. The story doesn't end here!

  • The news of the miracle at the wedding in Canaa spread fast. Jesus gained many followers after this event. One day Andrew took Jesus to meet his brother Simon. At first Simon ignores Jesus, but after a miracle Simon gets convinced that Jesus is really the messiah. Watch Jesus performing many other miracles in this amazing episode!

  • Jesus grew up as an obedient child and He helped his father in his workshop. Jesus was read a lot, and He was well versed in scriptures. When Jesus was 12, His parents took him to the temple in Jerusalem for the Passover. This episode covers this story as well as the 'The Three Temptations of Jesus'. Follow the adventures of Jesus in this amazing episode!

  • One day when Mary was praying, an angel appears before her, and tells her that she is about to give birth to a child. The angel also tells her to name him 'Jesus' and that he would grow up to be the savior of Israel! Watch this amazing story of Jesus in the this amazing episode!

  • This is the story of Mordecai, and his beautiful nephew Esther. Mordecai one day saves the life of the King, and the King becomes indebted to him. And in the meantime, Esther is selected to become the new Queen. But there were some men hatching plot to kill the King and Mordecai. Will they succeed? Watch this episode to learn more!

  • Susanna was the wife of Joachim, a wealthy and kind man living during the time of Daniel. In those days, court hearings were held at his house. One day, two new Judges arrive at his house, and they take a liking to Susannah. Watch this episode to learn more about Susanna's devotion to Lord!

  • Daniel was chosen from the Israelite's by the King Nebuchadnezzar, to learn the scriptures of Babylon. Daniel quickly learns the scriptures and King appoints him in his council. Daniel interprets King's dreams and he becomes the King's favorite. This doesn't go well with other members of the council, and they decide to act against Daniel. Will Daniel survive their tests? Watch and learn more!

  • Tobias lived in Tishbe, the native place of Elijah. Tobit was a man of faith, and he was appointed as the supervisor by the King. But his fate changes suddenly when the King dies, and he is eventually forced to escape from Tishbe leaving his wife and Son- Tobias behind. This episode also contains the story of how an Angel helps Tobias. Watch this episode to learn more!

  • This is the story of Job, who was the richest man in Middle East. He was kind to the poor, and he was devoted to the Lord. One day his fortunes turn upside down, and he loses everything- including his house, wife, sons! Was he being tested by the Lord? How will he react? Watch this episode to learn more!

  • A long time ago, there lived a Prophet named Jonah in Israel. One day, God asked him to go to Nineveh, and preach to the people there. Jonah didn't want to preach to Ninevites as they were the enemies of Israel. What will Jonah do? Will he preach as God asked him, or will he try to escape from God himself? Watch the amazing adventures of Jonah in this episode!

  • Many of Zechariah's visions were concerning the coming Messiah which was Christ and concerning the church. Zechariah's visions from God looked to a future kingdom which was the church with a future king who was Christ. Watch Zachariah's eight visions in this episode of Bible Stories for Kids!

  • One day, God gave Ezekiel a vision. God's glory appeared as a bright light, in the form of four fiery living creatures. Each had four face and four wings. Above them was a beautiful sapphire throne, filled with light like blazing rainbows. When Ezekiel saw it, he fell on his face. Learn more about Ezekiel and the amazing stories with him.

  • Jeremiah, the son of a Priest spent his entire childhood learning about the scriptures and prophecies. When he grew up, he received visions from God through which he was able to understand the impending dangers. But when he tried to warn the people of Israel, he was abused and even beaten for speaking against the kings. Follow the adventures of Prophet Jeremiah in this exciting new episode!

  • Isaiah, a prophet from the land of Judah had predicted the coming of Christ. Prophet Isaiah lived his whole life firmly believing that Lord God is the only way to salvation. He was granted visions from God, through which he was able to understand the deep holiness of God. Watch and learn the visions Isaiah received from God, and their meaning in this brand new episode!

  • The name 'Micah' means 'Who is like God'. In this episode you will learn the story of how a hardworking farmer from Moresheth revolted against the rulers of the land. Follow the adventures of Prophet Micah in this new episode of Bible Stories for Kids!

  • Hosea was the last prophet sent to Israel. He was a man who experienced the depth of God's love, and the bitterness of betrayal. Watch the story of Prophet Hosea in this new episode where he learns about God's love, and how it feels when someone you love betrays your trust.

  • Amos was a shepherd who lived in Tekoa, a small town south of Jerusalem. He was a strong man, and he was very kind to his people. He spoke the words of God, and he was against idol worship, corruption and slavery. His words 'Let justice roll down like waters, integrity like an unfailing stream' is relevant even today. Watch the complete story of Prophet Amos in this exciting new episode.

  • The name 'Elijah' means 'My God is the Lord', and like his name Elijah was a faithful follower of the God. Elijah was the first Prophet of the God. The people of Israel were now worshipping idols, people with authority were corrupt and they were treating the poor and weak in a cruel way. Will people listen to Elijah's words? Watch this new episode to learn the complete story of Prophet Elijah.

  • Solomon was regarded as the wisest king of Israel. God had blessed him with knowledge and wisdom, which helped him to rule the land wisely. But after sometime, Solomon married a gentile woman, and idol worship started again in Israel. What will Solomon do? Watch the complete story of King Solomon in this brand new episode.

  • After the death of Saul, David became the King. He returned to Hebron and ruled the land. Out of the twelve tribes of Israel, only the tribe of Judah supported him. Will he gain the trust of the remaining tribes? Will he follow the God's commandments? Watch this exciting episode to follow the adventures of King David.

  • When the people of Israel demands a new King, Samuel receives a vision from God, and he appoints Saul as the first King of Israel. Will the people of Israel receive Saul as their new King? How well does Saul perform the duties of a King? Watch the complete story of how Saul is appointed to this position in this episode.

  • Samuel was the last Israelite Judge before the rule of Kings in ancient Israel. Even before his birth, his mother, Hannah had promised God that Samuel will be dedicated to the service of the Lord. Watch the amazing story of Samuel in this exciting new episode.