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In the crime thriller series The Sniffer, an investigator works to solve crimes by using his extraordinary sense of smell. His unusually sensitive nose allows him to sniff out clues and locate evidence when other investigators are baffled. The series debuted on Ukranian TV in 2013.

The Sniffer is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on November 1, 2015.

Where do I stream The Sniffer online? The Sniffer is available for streaming on Janson Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Sniffer on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Janson Media
4 Seasons, 32 Episodes
November 1, 2015
Cast: Kirill Käro, Ivan Oganesyan, Nikolay Chindyaykin, Mariya Anikanova
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The Sniffer Full Episode Guide

  • In the final episode, Sniffer will have to sort his past out. He returns to Tallinn where he is attacked by an unknown person. This event brings memories of the trauma he had suffered in his childhood. Sniffer remembers how his special abilities first manifested themselves and comes upon a trace of a mysterious crime committed some thirty years ago.

  • During a conference, one of the awardees suddenly dies - an inspector of quality of produce Boris Komarovskiy. On arriving to the crime scene, Sniffer determines that the victim was poisoned with a potent allergen.

  • In an elite nursing home, one of the patients die. The doctors record death due to a long disease, but the deceased's children doubt that his death was natural. Sniffer finds traces of a dangerous substance in the deceased man's dripper, and the SIB begins its own investigation.

  • During an opening of an exhibition of a famous painter, the guests experience a real shock - the body of the author is molded into one of the sculptures. On examining the crime scene, Sniffer gets down to business.

  • In Tallinn, Thomas is investigating the murder of a secretary of the design bureau Erika Laatz whose body had been find in the Gorhall. He hopes to get important information from the victim's girlfriend. However, somebody outruns the police officers and on coming to her house, they find her body in a loop.

  • Sniffer, Viktor, Irina and Gena are carrying out their own investigation and almost manage to catch the murderer. However, the SIB officers headed by Serdyukov disrupt the operation at the last moment. General gives Viktor three days to detain the criminal. Will that time be enough to find him?

  • Viktor works as a detective in a private detective agency collecting the proofs of adultery. However, a banal case takes an unexpected turn: the husband's lover is found to be cruelly killed in the house of the client, and all the evidence at the crime scene lead to Viktor Lebedev himself.

  • Viktor is certain that Lokmus is behind the kidnapping of the Sniffer and the slaying of two SBI employees, but he's running out of time to prove it.

  • The Sniffer finds wiretaps in his father's house and angles for more information from Thomas. Viktor obtains the slain journalist's last letter.

  • Viktor learns more about Lokmus from a journalist who ends up dead soon afterward. The Sniffer discovers the dangerous truth about his family.

  • The Sniffer and Viktor interview Prof. Lokmus and unearth a connection between him and the victims. The Sniffer probes a string of theater murders.

  • A popular reality show star is dead, but the Sniffer deduces the killer. A professor and corporation founder lands on the Sniffer and Viktor's radar.

  • The murder of an opera diva has an obvious suspect but the Sniffer isn't so sure. Viktor finds a connection between the deaths of Johann and Elena.

  • The Sniffer attends his father's funeral in Tallinn and discovers that a letter left for him has vanished and his father's best friend has been slain.

  • A former prosecutor is killed during a hunting trip, but when friends and the SBI seek the murderer, they find themselves being stalked instead.