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In the crime thriller series The Sniffer, an investigator works to solve crimes by using his extraordinary sense of smell. His unusually sensitive nose allows him to sniff out clues and locate evidence when other investigators are baffled. The series debuted on Ukranian TV in 2013.

Janson Media
1 Season, 24 Episodes
November 1, 2015
Cast: Kirill Käro, Ivan Oganesyan, Nikolay Chindyaykin, Mariya Anikanova
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The Sniffer Full Episode Guide

  • Viktor is certain that Lokmus is behind the kidnapping of the Sniffer and the slaying of two SBI employees, but he's running out of time to prove it.

  • The Sniffer finds wiretaps in his father's house and angles for more information from Thomas. Viktor obtains the slain journalist's last letter.

  • Viktor learns more about Lokmus from a journalist who ends up dead soon afterward. The Sniffer discovers the dangerous truth about his family.

  • The Sniffer and Viktor interview Prof. Lokmus and unearth a connection between him and the victims. The Sniffer probes a string of theater murders.

  • A popular reality show star is dead, but the Sniffer deduces the killer. A professor and corporation founder lands on the Sniffer and Viktor's radar.

  • The murder of an opera diva has an obvious suspect but the Sniffer isn't so sure. Viktor finds a connection between the deaths of Johann and Elena.

  • The Sniffer attends his father's funeral in Tallinn and discovers that a letter left for him has vanished and his father's best friend has been slain.

  • A former prosecutor is killed during a hunting trip, but when friends and the SBI seek the murderer, they find themselves being stalked instead.

  • Viktor proves that it was Sniffer who went to the lab and stole a blood sample of the convoy that had shot himself. After catching a huge number of criminals, Sniffer finds himself in a prison cell. The temptation to become a part of a secret organization delivering its own justice is too strong to resist... Viktor stands in the way of Sniffer, which results in a shooting...

  • A maniac is out in the city. He kills homeless people, puts make-up on them and leaves the corpses in public places. The main suspect is a journalist compiling a criminal chronicle for local television. The matter is further complicated by the fact that six years ago the same series of murders was committed, and only one girl survived though she had remained disabled ever since.

  • The sniper with a mysterious tattoo "1354" turns out to be an important witness. Deputy Minister of defense tells the security service general about a special military unit created for certain tasks... One day this group went out of control. The security service now holds a key to many puzzles, but the convoy suddenly shoots the arrested sniper and then kills himself...

  • The investigation of Alina's murder shows that a regular student has too many secrets. Where did the girl get the money to rent a luxurious apartment? Who out of three men who visited her that night became her murderer? Sniffer and Viktor solve all puzzles, but during the criminal's capture the latter is killed by a mysterious sniper. Viktor manages to take the sniper alive...

  • An American IT expert comes to a conference by plane; however, right at the airport he changes his appearance and hides from the people meeting him, together with his interpreter. They are the agents of American and Russian intelligence services, but the feelings which have sparked between them turn out to be stronger than state interests.

  • Our characters are involved in a new case: in a luxurious mansion, businessman Novikov was killed. The murderer was his autistic son who threw a working hair-dryer into the bathtub. Everything looks like an accident, but is that really so? Viktor and Sniffer find the culprit and solve this case, but the riddles are only multiplying.

  • Sniffer is discharged from the hospital and finds himself at a gunpoint of a mysterious sniper. However, the car Viktor sent for him covers the goal and saves Sniffer's life. The characters find themselves at the scene of a crime, the supermarket's store room. Three guards have been killed. The main suspect is a colleague of these victims.

  • Viktor brings Sniffer to the hospital; he is gravely wounded and has suffered a huge blood loss. Afterwards, his heart stops. Will the doctors manage to save him? Three days before, two beheaded corpses were found on a wasteland behind the garages. They turn out to be an investigator and a housebreaker cooperating with the authorities.

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