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ALF was a staple for many households in the mid-80s and continues to entertain children of all ages in syndication. The NBC show was created by Paul Fusco in 1986 and completed its four season run in 1990. In all, there are 102 total episodes as well as a made-for-television movie called Project ALF, which attempted to answer some of the cliffhanger questions left open by the series finale.

The show's title star is an alien from the planet Marmac. His name is an acronym for alien life form. ALF is a cynical alien who loves to eat. He has a penchant for cats among all things. On his home planet, he attended high school for 122 years and has a large family consisting of 30 relatives.

The show begins with Alf following a radio signal to the planet Earth. Unfortunately, he crash lands onto a family's backyard. The family is the Tanners, an ordinary family consisting of a social worker father, homemaker mom, two children and a cat. Rather than allow ALF to be subject to scrutiny and experimentation by the government, the Tanners decide to adopt ALF as one of their own, and interesting events come about because of this.

Throughout the series, ALF learns about Earth culture and the Tanners learn to love ALF. While he is originally assigned to the laundry room, he eventually makes his way throughout the home and into their hearts. ALF even cares for the cat even though he tries to eat him a few times. When the cat dies, ALF generally feels pain and emotion. In return, the Tanners show affection towards him.

Throughout the series, ALF tries to make signals back to his home planet, and the series finale gives some hope that ALF may have found a way to go back home. Unfortunately, before his Marmackians can save him, the US military capture him. The TV movie, Project ALF, eventually resolves the matter, making ALF an ambassador to Earth.

ALF was a comedy, but it touched on both scientific theories and social experiments that showed those who watched that it was important to consider those who were unlike ourselves. ALF remains a staple in syndication and a cult favorite among those who loved the 80s. In addition to the television show and movie, there have been six video games, a comic book, songs and countless merchandise devoted to the series.

Alf is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (126 episodes). The series first aired on September 22, 1986.

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4 Seasons, 126 Episodes
September 22, 1986
Science Fiction, Comedy
Cast: Paul Fusco, Max Wright, Anne Schedeen, Andrea Elson, Benji Gregory
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Alf Full Episode Guide

  • All of the Tanners but ALF are nervous about Lynn moving in with her boyfriend.

  • ALF tries to go on a diet, but fails after he discovers he can find free food in the park.

  • ALF is astounded and morally outraged at the amounts of pollution a local company is producing.

  • ALF and Willie discover an old treasure map and follow it to Death Valley in order to find the treasure.

  • ALF wonders about his future with the Tanners, who will age quickly compared to him.

  • ALF attempts to preform a Melamacian religious ceremony on earth.

  • ALF takes the art world by storm when he creates an award winning still life out of food.

  • ALF is suspicious when Neal's ex-wife Margaret reconciles with him. ALF goes out of his way to prove his suspicions are correct.

  • ALF has a new ambition - to be a stand-up comic.

  • The Tanners throw a Hawaiian Luau. ALF must hide from their guests.

  • ALF gets his first earth cold.

  • Neal lets ALF stay with him after ALF gets into a fight with the Tanners.

  • Dorothy and Whizzer get into a fight, and an angry Dorothy runs away. Whizzer meets ALF while searching for her.

  • ALF sees kittens for the first time and gets a whole new attitude about cats.

  • Neal stays with the Tanner's for longer than an outraged ALF expected.

  • When Willie's brother Neal visits, ALF is forced to hide in the garage.

  • When ALF becomes addicted to eating cotton, Willie holds a support group meeting to try to cure him.

  • ALF sees a psychoanalyst and becomes intrigued. He invites many other psychoanalysts to the Tanner home in order to study them.

  • ALF discovers the stock market.

  • When ALF sees a criminal resembling Willie on a crime-stopper TV show, he must try to hide Willie from the police.

  • Disaster strikes when tabloid photographers capture ALF on film. The Tanners must try to get the film back.

  • The Tanners let ALF babysit Eric, but the baby disappears.

  • Kate has her baby, a boy named Eric Tanner.

  • ALF experiences his first earthquake and becomes obsessed with preparing for future ones.

  • ALF dreams that he and the Tanners are silent-movie stars.

  • Jake's kleptomaniac mother comes to visit and steals from the Tanners.

  • ALF and Jake bring Brian camping to help him get over his fear of the dark.

  • Desperately wanting a pet of his own, ALF gets an ant farm.

  • When ALF mixes up the phone messages, Lynn has two dates for a dance.

  • ALF is sure Melmac superstition is responsible for his recent bout of bad luck.

  • ALF writes love letters for Jake.

  • An extortionist sees ALF and thinks he is an "illegal alien" from across the border.

  • ALF realizes he is allergic to babies.

  • ALF thinks the Tanners' neighbor is Elvis.

  • When ALF signs up to go on David Horowitz's consumer advocate show, Willie must take his place.

  • ALF thinks Willie's coworker is hiding from gangsters.

  • ALF thinks he made Brian disappear with a mail-order magic kit.

  • After reading an article in the National Inquisitor, ALF thinks his cousin is living in Barstow.

  • Willie dreams he is back in school . . . and ALF is his roommate.

  • Kate must go back to work when Willie gets laid off.

  • One of the Ochmoneks' relatives sees ALF, and he calls the Alien Task Force.

  • The Tanners go to Thanksgiving dinner at the Ochmoneks'.

  • ALF and Lynn share secrets.

  • Conclusion. ALF fills in for Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show," alienating regulars and guests alike. Tommy Newsom and Ed McMahon appear as themselves.

  • ALF hosts "The Tonight Show."

  • Trevor stays with the Tanners after a he has a nasty fight with Raquel.

  • ALF goes along with Lynn on a date.

Alf News

Remember Alf? He's Back....In Movie-Form (Well, He Will Be)

Alf is back! Alas, it's not in pog-form. Sony has signed up to bring the wisecracking, mangy alien who once called suburbia home to theaters as a CG/live-action feature. Yep, like "The Smurfs." Just like "The Smurfs."