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In this sitcom, everyman Al Bundy just wants to come home from his job as a shoe salesman and sit on the sofa and do nothing. His plan is continuously foiled, however, by his nagging wife, his dysfunctional children, and his quirky neighbors. Ed O'Neil, Christina Applegate and Katey Sagal star.

Married...with Children is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (277 episodes). The series first aired on April 5, 1987.

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11 Seasons, 277 Episodes
April 5, 1987
Cast: Ed O'Neill, Christina Applegate, Amanda Bearse, Ted McGinley, Katey Sagal
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Married...with Children Full Episode Guide

  • Al and Griff want to get a massage chair, so they start bartering things to get it.

  • Kelly falls in love with the boyfriend of Bud's pen-pal, and decides to get married to him, but the boyfriend seems to like other women, which Al takes as an insult.

  • Bud has a pen pal in prison he writes to. The person is able to visit, but brings her tough boyfriend along too, meaning bad news for the Bundys.

  • Marcy's lesbian cousin visits, but she starts getting jealous of her.

  • Al gets to play football with the Chicago Bears, which also has a catch.

  • Bud directs a commercial for the shoe store where Al works. In the meantime, Jefferson goes to the health club, where everyone seems to enjoy his ... behind.

  • Kelly gets on job on a children's show, but soon starts hogging the set. In the meantime, in order to avoid Peggy, Al and Peggy get twin beds, but some things just don't work out.

  • Peggy feels neglected, and decides to pose as a stripper in the nudie bar, under the name of Jasmine. Al falls for her spells, but he doesn't know she's really Peggy.

  • Peggy's new boyfriend tells Bud and Kelly they have to work from now on, and they must find a way to bring her and Al back.

  • Peggy and Al go their separate ways, meeting new people. Al moves into an apartment near the airport, and Peggy finds a new boyfriend.

  • Peg and Al go to a therapist, and soon break up right on the spot. In the meantime, Kelly wants to get a commmercial job, but needs to learn how to box in order to beat the competition.

  • For once, Al and Griff want a regular meal, enlisting in the Army, but soon it becomes "mortal" combat when they have to fight a garbage strike.

  • Al starts to charge Bud rent to live in his house. Bud demands that he repair the basement, but Al tells him that he won't do it. Bud calls a health inspector, and she traps Al in the basement until he repairs it. While he's trapped, Bud lets people torture Al while he's down there.

  • Bud still has women problems, and decides to consult Al's help. Al tells him to aim lower, and soon he starts dating Gary!

  • Peggy gets amnesia, and the others tell her she is the ideal wife of the family, making her a cooking and cleaning machine.

  • Al gets sued after insulting one more obese woman who walked into the store. He must figure out a way out of it, or surely get punished.

  • Al and Griff get some new employees to run the shoe store, but soon Gary decides they do a better job than Al and Griff, getting them fired. Al and Griff can either convince Gary to give them their jobs back, or find "better" jobs. In the meantime, Marcy and Jefferson have been robbed of the Mary and Joseph from their porch Nativity that they were going to use to win the decorating contest. Soon, they find out it was Bud and Kelly. Also, Peggy makes a gingerbread version of the neighborhood, which happens to beat Marcy's Nativity scene.

  • Peg and Kelly go on a trip to Missouri, and find out they can win big on a singing contest.

  • Al wants to go look for a pie he loves made by an aunt, but finds out she is dead, and there is ony one pie remaining. He needs to get it away from the others at her funeral, and that is only possible with the help of football tactics.

  • The Dodge dies on Al, as portrayed in the previous episode, so Al goes to lease a sports car, which happens to be broken as well. In the meantime, Peggy finds out she can make some money from the engine of the Dodge, and goes to dig it up from the backyard where Al buried it.

  • Al's Dodge is close to breaking down. The family reminisces about what happened with it, and Peg, Kelly, and Bud try to sell parts of it for money behind Al's back. To be continued ...

  • Kelly gets chosen to be on a commercial where she must play a nun. In the meantime, Al gets chosen to go as Officer Dan's partner on Cops, and invades the D'Arcy's home.

  • Al learns that the shoes he sells are made by children in sweatshops, so he tries to blackmail Gary, his boss. He tries to get some proof of it so that both he and Griff will get a raise, but they fail. Meanwhile, the Bundys get a microwave oven and they try to hide it from Al.

  • Bud tries to make it seem like there is a bad storm outside in order to get a girl. A real twister occurs and the D'Arcys take refuge in the Bundys' house. The girl that Bud was with discovered what he was up to and leaves him. After the first storm is over, a Force 5 Twister comes. Seeing as how the bad weather turns the women on, Al and Jefferson use their secret exit to get out of the basement, winding up at the nudie bar.

  • Peggy's friend from old times comes to the Bundy household, and begins to seduce Al. Al isn't very offended by this, since he believes it's all Jefferson's little scheme.

  • Griff wants to win a trip to the Atlanta Olympic Games, but in order to get tickets, he has to answer questions on a radio show. Al happens to be the perfect person to help him.

  • Kelly gets a job in a commercial with Jefferson. Al and Marcy find it offensive when they find out they need to kiss.

  • Bud is trying to study for his finals in the library, but gets caught touching himself, which could get him expelled. Marcy acts as his lawyer for his case.

  • Kelly starts a love triangle with a couple who seems to have an on-and-off relationship.

  • Al tries to build a doghouse for Lucky, and gets help from a criticizing building instructor Marcy hired.

  • Marcy's Japanese boss comes to visit Marcy, and then hears Al's car coming down the road. He says he must have it, and Marcy needs to convince Al to sell it to him.

  • Marcy, Bud, and his friends head off to Ft. Lauderdale to ruin Al's scheme of getting big money through the bikini contest Kelly entered.

  • It's Spring Break, and Bud and the guys want to go to Fort Lauderdale, but Kelly and her friends get them to give up their airline tickets. Al and his friends go there too, and find out that Kelly is entering a bikini contest, where he, Jefferson, and Griff become judges. Marcy soon finds out about them, heading off to Ft. Lauderdale with Bud and his friends.

  • Jefferson tells a story to Bud and Kelly while he's in the hospital: To prove he loves Marcy, Jefferson decides to get a tattoo saying he loves her. The tattoo is done on his rear end, with a slight problem. It says "I Love Mary."

  • Bud tries to make a calendar filled with beautiful girls for each month. He tries to beat a rival with it, but one of the girls are reconsidering. Bud convinces her to do it, and he gets an A+. The girl then becomes famous, soon revealing something very disturbing to all the men.

  • The mob holds Bud in until Kelly stops arguing with the male lead. Al and Jefferson are trying to fix the satellite on to their house, which they do. This is something Peggy and Marcy don't know, since the guys have hooked it up so only they can watch it.

  • Bud wants to make an exercise video, but needs money, which he gets from the mob. Kelly is a part of it along with a male lead, and if the video isn't finished, the mob will kill him.

  • The Christmas period is nearby and Al discovers his bank account is empty again. In contrary to previous years, Peggy didn't use the money for herself. She admits to have bought presents for her mother. Al has an easy solution: Peggy or her mother has to get a job. In the meantime, Griff tries to have phone sex.

  • Al and Peg go to a marriage retreat along with Peggy's parents to try and fix their marriage. In the meantime, Kelly wants to date a guy named Carlos, who will only date her if Bud helps his sister, Esmeralda, who seems to be intersted in him in an entirely different way.

  • To prove they're men, Al and Bud go hunting with Peggy's dad, but soon run into a bear which goes into their house, and starts wreaking havoc in town.

  • Roy Firestone takes a look back at Al's athletic endeavors, including some of his many encounters with sports legends.

  • The bank wants to dedicate the scoreboard of Polk High to Al, but Marcy tries to do anything to stop it. When she finds someone else to dedicate it to, Al thinks up a scheme to get back at her.

  • Al and Jefferson's fishing trip is ruined when they're kicked out of their lodge by a celebrity, and they try to plot revenge. In the meantime, Bud and Kelly try to get Lucky to appear in a dog's commercial, but he won't do anything they say.

  • It's Kelly's high school reunion, and she and her friends are looking up old photos. They find out that a nerdy boy who they used to tease is now rich, and the girls try to compete for him. In the meantime, Bud tries to get revenge on one of the girls.

  • Peggy and Marcy take a self-defense class, but Al doesn't think any good will come for them. Peggy then shows it off when a man tries to pickpocket Al, and she knocks him out, making her one of the coolest people and Al the laughingstock of the town. Al tries to find a way to get that honor back.

  • Kelly gets a part as playing a scientist, and discovers the color bleen. She leaves it in the bathroom, and while Al is in there, he uses it, and later develops a head full of hair. Al discovers he can make a fortune from this, and asks Kelly to make more.

  • A beer tax is created for Chicago, and Al and the other members of NO'MAAM don't want to pay it, so they create their own "church", with Al as the reverend. Marcy tries to find some dirt on him to put them out of business.

  • Al gets an idea of putting an aerobics studio next to the shoe store, with eye holes for viewing, but all the students are fat women. He decides to go to Kelly's aerobics studio and attract women from there, even if it means jumping out a window.

  • Bud leaves his parents' house to find an apartment. He couldn't find one he could afford, so he moves into the basement. Peg's mom moves in after she gets in a fight with her husband. Al goes to Wanker County to get Peg's mom's husband to apologize to Peg's mom so that she will go back to him.

Married...with Children News

One Night Only, FOX Brings Back 'Married...With Children'

Through the years, FOX has gained a deserved reputation for sometimes backing the wrong pony. Though some execs should forever be haunted by some bad decisions, there's at least a sense of appreciation for the ones that worked out. That's why, with FOX now celebrating its 25th year on the air for better and for worse, the network is honoring its legacy with a one-night-only return of the Bundy family.

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