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  • 1987
  • 11 Seasons
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Married...with Children was a popular television show that aired on FOX from 1987 to 1997. The show followed the lives of the Bundy family, a dysfunctional group consisting of husband and father Al Bundy (played by Ed O'Neill), wife and mother Peggy Bundy (played by Katey Sagal), and their two children, daughter Kelly Bundy (played by Christina Applegate) and son Bud Bundy (played by David Faustino).

The show was known for its raunchy humor and racy themes, which often revolved around Al's debauched behavior and his constant disappointment with his life. He worked as a shoe salesman at a local department store, a job he loathed, and frequently complained about his wife and children, whom he felt were a burden on him.

Peggy, on the other hand, was a housewife who was equally unhappy with her lot in life. She tried to spice up her marriage with lingerie and seductive behavior, but Al was never interested. Kelly was portrayed as a promiscuous teen who was more concerned with boys and fashion than with school or life goals, while Bud was portrayed as a hapless teenager who was constantly trying to get laid.

The show also featured a handful of supporting characters who added flavor to the proceedings. Marcy D'Arcy (played by Amanda Bearse) was Peggy's best friend and neighbor, whose own marriage to husband Steve Rhoades (played by David Garrison) was tumultuous and often comical. Later in the show's run, Marcy would marry Jefferson D'Arcy (played by Ted McGinley), a pathological liar and con artist.

Other notable characters included Buck the dog, who was a more reliable member of the family than anyone else, and several of Al's colleagues at the shoe store, such as gruff boss Gary (played by Steve Susskind) and lovable goofball Luke (played by Dan Tullis Jr.).

Despite its often crude humor and questionable ethics, Married...with Children was a smash hit with audiences during its decade-long run. The show was praised for its strong performances, particularly from O'Neill and Sagal, and for its willingness to tackle taboo topics and push boundaries in terms of what was acceptable for primetime television.

Although it faced backlash from certain groups (such as feminist activists who saw the show as sexist), Married...with Children remained a beloved part of the cultural landscape and continues to be regarded as a classic example of late 80s and early 90s television.

In conclusion, Married...with Children was a landmark show that offered a unique blend of crude humor, dark comedy, and biting satire. Its unforgettable characters and unapologetic attitude made it a favorite of audiences for years to come.

Married...with Children is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (277 episodes). The series first aired on April 5, 1987.

Married...with Children
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Chicago Shoe Exchange
24. Chicago Shoe Exchange
June 9, 1997
Al and Griff want to get a massage chair, so they start bartering things to get it.
How to Marry a Moron (2)
23. How to Marry a Moron (2)
May 5, 1997
Kelly falls in love with the boyfriend of Bud's pen-pal, and decides to get married to him, but the boyfriend seems to like other women, which Al takes as an insult.
The Desperate Half-Hour (1)
22. The Desperate Half-Hour (1)
May 5, 1997
Bud has a pen pal in prison he writes to. The person is able to visit, but brings her tough boyfriend along too, meaning bad news for the Bundys.
Lez Be Friends
21. Lez Be Friends
April 10, 1997
Marcy's lesbian cousin visits, but she starts getting jealous of her.
Damn Bundys
20. Damn Bundys
April 28, 1997
Al gets to play football with the Chicago Bears, which also has a catch.
Birthday Boy Toy
19. Birthday Boy Toy
March 31, 1997
Bud directs a commercial for the shoe store where Al works. In the meantime, Jefferson goes to the health club, where everyone seems to enjoy his ... behind.
A Babe in Toyland
18. A Babe in Toyland
March 17, 1997
Kelly gets on job on a children's show, but soon starts hogging the set. In the meantime, in order to avoid Peggy, Al and Peggy get twin beds, but some things just don't work out.
Live Nude Peg
17. Live Nude Peg
March 10, 1997
Peggy feels neglected, and decides to pose as a stripper in the nudie bar, under the name of Jasmine. Al falls for her spells, but he doesn't know she's really Peggy.
Breaking Up Is Easy To Do (Part III)
16. Breaking Up Is Easy To Do (Part III)
March 3, 1997
Peggy's new boyfriend tells Bud and Kelly they have to work from now on, and they must find a way to bring her and Al back.
Breaking Up Is Easy To Do (Part II)
15. Breaking Up Is Easy To Do (Part II)
February 24, 1997
Peggy and Al go their separate ways, meeting new people. Al moves into an apartment near the airport, and Peggy finds a new boyfriend.
Breaking Up Is Easy To Do (Part I)
14. Breaking Up Is Easy To Do (Part I)
February 24, 1997
Peg and Al go to a therapist, and soon break up right on the spot. In the meantime, Kelly wants to get a commmercial job, but needs to learn how to box in order to beat the competition.
13. T*R*A*S*H
January 27, 1997
For once, Al and Griff want a regular meal, enlisting in the Army, but soon it becomes "mortal" combat when they have to fight a garbage strike.
Grime and Punishment
12. Grime and Punishment
January 20, 1997
Al starts to charge Bud rent to live in his house. Bud demands that he repair the basement, but Al tells him that he won't do it. Bud calls a health inspector, and she traps Al in the basement until he repairs it. While he's trapped, Bud lets people torture Al while he's down there.
Bud on the Side
11. Bud on the Side
January 13, 1997
Bud still has women problems, and decides to consult Al's help. Al tells him to aim lower, and soon he starts dating Gary!
The Stepford Peg
10. The Stepford Peg
January 6, 1997
Peggy gets amnesia, and the others tell her she is the ideal wife of the family, making her a cooking and cleaning machine.
Crimes Against Obesity
9. Crimes Against Obesity
December 29, 1996
Al gets sued after insulting one more obese woman who walked into the store. He must figure out a way out of it, or surely get punished.
God Help Ye Merry Bundymen
8. God Help Ye Merry Bundymen
December 22, 1996
Al and Griff get some new employees to run the shoe store, but soon Gary decides they do a better job than Al and Griff, getting them fired. Al and Griff can either convince Gary to give them their jobs back, or find "better" jobs. In the meantime, Marcy and Jefferson have been robbed of the Mary and Joseph from their porch Nativity that they were going to use to win the decorating contest. Soon, they find out it was Bud and Kelly. Also, Peggy makes a gingerbread version of the neighborhood, which happens to beat Marcy's Nativity scene.
The Juggs Have Left the Building
7. The Juggs Have Left the Building
December 1, 1996
Peg and Kelly go on a trip to Missouri, and find out they can win big on a singing contest.
A Bundy Thanksgiving
6. A Bundy Thanksgiving
November 24, 1996
Al wants to go look for a pie he loves made by an aunt, but finds out she is dead, and there is ony one pie remaining. He needs to get it away from the others at her funeral, and that is only possible with the help of football tactics.
Requiem for a Chevyweight (2)
5. Requiem for a Chevyweight (2)
November 17, 1996
The Dodge dies on Al, as portrayed in the previous episode, so Al goes to lease a sports car, which happens to be broken as well. In the meantime, Peggy finds out she can make some money from the engine of the Dodge, and goes to dig it up from the backyard where Al buried it.
Requiem for a Chevyweight (1)
4. Requiem for a Chevyweight (1)
November 10, 1996
Al's Dodge is close to breaking down. The family reminisces about what happened with it, and Peg, Kelly, and Bud try to sell parts of it for money behind Al's back. To be continued ...
Kelly's Gotta Habit
3. Kelly's Gotta Habit
October 12, 1996
Kelly gets chosen to be on a commercial where she must play a nun. In the meantime, Al gets chosen to go as Officer Dan's partner on Cops, and invades the D'Arcy's home.
Children of the Corns
2. Children of the Corns
October 5, 1996
Al learns that the shoes he sells are made by children in sweatshops, so he tries to blackmail Gary, his boss. He tries to get some proof of it so that both he and Griff will get a raise, but they fail. Meanwhile, the Bundys get a microwave oven and they try to hide it from Al.
1. Twisted
September 28, 1996
Bud tries to make it seem like there is a bad storm outside in order to get a girl. A real twister occurs and the D'Arcys take refuge in the Bundys' house. The girl that Bud was with discovered what he was up to and leaves him. After the first storm is over, a Force 5 Twister comes. Seeing as how the bad weather turns the women on, Al and Jefferson use their secret exit to get out of the basement, winding up at the nudie bar.
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    April 5, 1987
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