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The 1990's saw a transition in prime time viewing that not very many saw coming but most definitely enjoyed when it arrived; prime time cartoons geared more towards adults. Although some found themselves embarrassed at the idea of indulging in this type of guilty pleasure it wasn't long before the ratings validated that adults everywhere had the same favorites. Somewhat surprisingly one of those favorites would be

King Of The Hill is a series that is currently running and has 13 seasons (259 episodes). The series first aired on January 12, 1997.

Where do I stream King Of The Hill online? King Of The Hill is available for streaming on FOX, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch King Of The Hill on demand at Hulu online.

13 Seasons, 259 Episodes
January 12, 1997
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Adult Cartoon
Cast: Stephen Root, Johnny Hardwick, Brittany Murphy, Pamela Adlon, Kathy Najimy
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King Of The Hill Full Episode Guide

  • Dale attempts to give Joseph the "sex talk" but fails to, and takes a test claiming he has "dementia" leading to him joining a mental home, but then realizes he has to get out before Joseph and Lori go "all the way".

  • Bill decides to take in roommates, and Hank fears it will lead to disaster. Meanwhile, Bobby and Joseph go ghost hunting at their school.

  • Hank discovers that his mother plans to marry a man whom he has never met. Soon after the nuptials, the newlyweds celebrate by purchasing an RV and heading to Hank's house.

  • The Hill family serves up a Texas-size series finale.

  • Bobby seems to have become quite the ladies man as a number of girls in school are considering him for their homecoming dance date. But he learns that he's being played for a fool after being wined and dined by the girls. Later, Bobby is asked to join the local junior college's meat examination team after discovering he has a knack for identifying different cuts of meat. His new found gift brings the Hill men closer than ever before.

  • Luanne tries to become a breakout star in the children's entertainment industry.

  • Bobby signs up for little league and sees his baseball career go through its ups and downs, while Hank and his coach have some friction between them.


  • Bobby rediscovers religion. Meanwhile Hank and the gang are determined to have a better 4th of July fireworks display than a rival neighborhood.

  • Hank becomes Dale's "babysitter" when Dale's wife, Nancy, leaves Arlen for the bright lights of Dallas to become a big city TV news reporter. With Nancy away from home, Dale finds himself an independent man and free to do whatever he wants. But when his behavior gets out of hand, Peggy and Hank beg Nancy to come home.

  • After Hank breaks his nose in a football game a plastic surgeon reconstructs a brand new nose that he starts to love a little too much.

  • When Peggy and Hank forget to pick up Bobby at the mall he uses their ensuing guilt trip to manipulate his parents.

  • Hank accompanies Buck Strickland to the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis.

  • Lucky's sister Myrna and her children attend a baby shower in which Peggy is throwing for Luanne. It doesn't take long before Myrna and Peggy clash over how the children will be raised by Luanne, with Peggy wanting the good, old fashioned skills where as Myrna likes the more modern way and by the book.

  • Hank gets into an argument with his new neighbor about how the Order of the Straight Arrow, a local chapter of a boys club, should be run.

  • Peggy, Minh and Dale play the stock market together, however they lose money in their initial investment. To improve their odds they decide to study an "average man" and Bill becomes the subject of their study.

  • In order to raise the school's average for standardized tests, Principal Moss classifies Bobby as a low achievement student. However, the plan backfires after Bobby is placed in a class where he no longer has to do homework and doesn't have to take the tests.

  • When Mr. Strickland decides to put Strickland Propane on My Space, hank has a feeling this is a bad idea. His fears are founded when Donna posts personal videos and information on the site.

  • A run of "eco-fever" erupts in Arlen when Hank makes the suggestion that the company goes green after experiencing a scandal at Strickland Propane. Bobby and Joseph receive extra credit in school by planting trees, while Dale gets an idea for a fraudulent carbon offset business.

  • The 13th season premiere finds Bill discovering he has diabetes due to his love of sweets, and must make lifestyle changes.

  • Luanne's father/Peggy's brother Hoyt, has been released from prison and with nowhere to go, heads to Arlen to receive guidance and money from his daughter and sister. When Peggy denies him, he resorts to robbing a restaurant. Meanwhile, Luanne's husband Lucky, asks Hank's advice in how to be a better father.

  • Dale, Bill and Boomhauer feel rejected after Hank asks for Bobby's assistance in a boat building competition in hopes of some father and son bonding time. But Bobby is left alone to build the craft when Hank becomes spooked by the bats which roam around the garage.

  • Bobby is assigned to work with the school's police officer after being accused of throwing a can of soda at the officer. Meanwhile, Hank is chased by a man with a baseball bat after trying to return the the wallet of the man in which he believed had stolen his own wallet.

  • In hopes of jazzing up her usually dull birthday celebrations, Peggy schedules a murder mystery party aboard a train for this year. But when the event is ruined by bad food and a lackluster performance of the play, Hank and Peggy create some drama of their own.

  • Joseph is recruited by a prestigious private school after becoming the star quarterback of the Tom Landry Middle school football team. Although Joseph doesn't want to attend the school, Dale is tempted by the money he is offered to switch teams.

  • Realtor Peggy hopes to sell a beautiful home, but the family living there is less than attractive. She plans on bringing in a "Hollywood family" as a replacement so she can make the house marketable, but is made a shocking offer instead.

  • Kahn escapes to a karaoke bar when Mihn's father, the General, comes for a visit and gives him a hard time. While there, Kahn discovers a unknown talent. Meanwhile, Peggy and Bobby seek bragging rights in an escalating wager war.

  • An emergency meeting is held when a child is reported as missing in Arlen. During the meeting, a closed doors session between a relationship expert and Peggy has her embarrassed by questioning her parenting skills, causing her to keep a closer watch on Bobby and Hank.

  • Peggy's hipster real estate clients begin taking over the Mexican area where Enrique resides after Hank consents to speak at the quincea├▒eara of Enrique's daughter.

  • Hank pays the sticker price when Peggy asks for a new convertible, as he has always done with all his cars. But when Peggy informs him that he has been overpaying all these decades, Hank makes a plan to exact his revenge.

  • A blind date with Charlene, an attractive single mother has Bill in love. But Dale feels weary of Kate, Charlene's meddling daughter.

  • Buck Strickland starts a lunch truck which sells foods recently banned by the Arlen city council, including trans fats, raw oysters and rare burgers.

  • Ladybird, the Hill's family dog, is put on a list of vicious dogs after going on a rampage, breaking things around the home and even biting Hank's hand. Their veterinarian makes a suggestion that Hank should take Ladybird to see a spiritualist.

  • Dale and Hank go on a vocational vacation to learn basket weaving after Nancy urges Dale to get a job that would create more family income.

  • Mihn learns skeet shooting after joining the Arlen Gun Club and hopes her skill will make herself and Kahn members of the exclusive country club. Meanwhile, The Hills try to figure who has been throwing their trash in Hank's cans.

  • Bobby is put in charge of the school carnival after making the suggestion to the student council that they run one this year. But all his plans may be squashed when a stern "diversity expert" comes to school.

  • Hank joins a hippie co-op which sells quality organic foods having been disgusted with the quality of the local supermarket steaks.

  • Hank, Luanne, Bobby and Lucky attend a dinner at a performance restaurant with Cotton, who goes crazy. A fight with the chef and a horrible accident, leaves Cotton clinging to life in a hospital.

  • Arlen has a heat wave, and Hank gets season passes at the local water park for Bobby, Joseph and Connie. But trouble ensues when the kids are bullied by surfers at the wave pool.

  • Bobby and Joseph become Powder Puff Boys for the school's annual gender-reversal game, in which the girls play football and the guys dress as cheerleaders to support them. But the game becomes a hot-button issue for the PTA.

  • When Bobby protests against soda machines in the school, his determination attracts the attention of his socially conscious classmate Olivia. He continues his fight in hopes of getting a date with her. The "protest" leads to the machines being removed from campu,s which sends the teachers into a panic because they are using the funds to pay for their "retreat". The teachers devise a new plan to raise money by placing electronic news tickers with advertising for energy bars around the school, which further outrages Olivia, who encourages Bobby to have them removed. In response, Bobby arranges a school walkout but struggles to maintain the crowd, and he looks to Hank for help.

  • Hank, Bill, Boomhauer and Dale take Bobby to a Texas vs. Nebraska college football game to measure Bobby's new love for the sport. When Bobby ventures from the nosebleed section to a VIP suite belonging to retired Nebraska quarterback Jake Middleton, Hank goes to bring Bobby back but gets mesmerized by the complimentary food and drinks. Hank and the boys stir up some trouble when Nebraska's assistant phones the box for a play from Middleton and Hank pretends to be Jake and calls a play that will be make it or break it for Texas.

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