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This Old House Hour is about renovating and remodeling older historic homes. This show picks two houses to remodel and improve each year. Their jobs are usually so big they can only finish around two or three homes in one year. The crew of this show does the improvements one step at a time and teaches you the tools and techniques you need to be able to do yourself on your own home.

This Old House shows their viewers the newest technology and craftsmanship that will help you update your home. They give you ideas and information that will help you change any room and conform it to your desire. You will learn the correct way to paint, repair plumbing issues, refinishing wood floors and repairing roof problems.

It does not matter if your home is not an older or historic home. This show will teach you and show you ways to improve any home. They will give you ideas and tips on how to spruce up any room or outside your home to make it more modern. If you are wanting to redo your kitchen, you will learn how to change the colors, cabinets, counter tops and even redo the lighting to make your kitchen more pleasant and updated.

The crew will renovate or remodel things from start to finish step by step and give you instructions on how to repair, renew and remodel your home. They will show you what tools you will need and instructions on how to use the tools the correct way. When renovating an entire room they will show you different materials, colors and lighting that could be used and why you would choose them. This helps you create ideas that will help you choose what is best for you and your home.

This show also points out and shows you what signs to look for if your home has mold, mildew, fire hazards due to wiring or worn out outlets. You will learn how to correctly and safely replace outlets and wiring. If you have rust in your water, they will teach you ways to repair your plumbing and what piping to use to help prevent the rust.

If you are interested in learning the newest and modern technology and techniques to remodel or renovate your home or room, this show will give you that and more. You will learn the tools, techniques, and instructions that will help you finish any ideas you have for your home. Whether you or a contractor is renovating your home or rooms, you will know the correct and proper way of doing so. You will know what tools and materials you will need to achieve your goal.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on PBS
17 Seasons, 410 Episodes
October 10, 2002
Cast: Kevin O'Connor
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This Old House Hour Full Episode Guide

  • Tom discusses difference between blueboard and drywall, and the solar array is properly sized. Jeff and Tom install a wood ceiling. In the second half: Mark replaces a concrete walkway with brick, and Kevin builds a table with Jimmy DiResta.

  • Richard demonstrates how a heat pump works. Stone veneer is applied and a wall hung toilet is installed. Don builds his powder room vanity with Tom. In the second half: Tom builds a swing set and Ross explores automated construction.

  • Tom installs crown molding and Mauro teaches wallpaper stripping. Meanwhile, insulation starts in Jamestown.

  • Old shingles with asbestos are removed and a new foundation is formed in a factory. Kevin tours Jamestown. In the second half: Tom repairs a basement window; and Ross visits NASA to learn about the International Space Station.

  • In the Season 17 premiere, Tom and Kevin tour their next project, a 1920s Rhode Island bungalow that will become a larger net zero house. In the second half: Jenn installs a new type of pool; and Richard installs a heat pump water tank in Florida.

  • Rough plumbing; kitchen design; front porch issues; new floor is old; electricity in exposed bricks. In the second half: Tom installs a gutter alternative, and Jenn recreates the desert in a landscape design.

  • In a house with no stud walls, Tom sees how pipes are disguised and Richard seeks out places for HVAC equipment. Kevin learns about Single Houses. In the second half: Mauro paints a door; Mark matches mortar; and Tom demonstrates different joints.

  • An old fireplace will house a new stove. Roger tours hidden gardens. Across town, demo continues while Tom and Judith look at flooring options. In the second half: Tom fixes a loose stair railing and Ross tours a smart house.

  • The demolition starts on the Charleston projects and Roger scouts sub-tropical plants

  • Tom and Charlie install a fireback on a kitchen wall. Roger returns the flowers he saved. The wood stove arrives. In the second half: Richard repairs a water system with air in it and Mauro teaches a homeowner how to paint a room.

  • Liz and Norm lay composite decking. A quartz countertop is installed. Roger's crew paves the walk and installs dry wells. In the second half: Roger tends to a newly seeded lawn and Tom visits a computer-based workshop in San Francisco.

  • Granite goes down for wood stove. Nathan installs the porch ceiling. Kevin visits a home in Rhode Island where the exterior trim is pine. Richard reviews the placement of components at mechanical wall. Mauro shows how to repair holes in old plaster.

  • Tommy builds a shower seat made of foam. Richard connects steel piping. Tommy teaches how to install replacement windows. Tommy shows Kevin and Joe how he makes a jig for the exterior shingled flair detail.

  • An old floor becomes a new door; the garage floor gets radiant heat; and new columns are added to the front porch. In the second half: a toy box is built; and holiday fire prevention is discsused.

  • Apprentices frame a wall in the bedroom, build a drain stack in the bath and lay porch decking. Homeowners visit a cabinet designer. In the second half: removing a tree; finding studs in a wall; and installing a garage door opener.

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