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The economy has made it possible for the Barter Kings to be a hit TV show. It stars Antonio Palazzola, whose been bartering since he was 8 years old and is the son of a junkyard man. Antonio's first trade was a few small marbles in exchange for 2 large marbles; which he still owns today and is worth more than a hundred dollars. Antonio also suffers from Tourette's syndrome; however it does not let it stop him. It may be a challenge, but he always sticks it out and barters for the best deal possible. The other person in this 2 party cast is Steve McHugh a former car salesman who lost his job and starting bartering out of necessity. His first bartering event happened when he was 22, trading an HO water ski for a set of golf clubs.

These friends and business partners operate a Trading post in Hesperia, California. They earn a few thousand dollars a week by bartering their ways up to more expensive items. These gentlemen are entertaining and very good at what they do. They take their time and use the internet to reach the largest amount of potential traders. Once they obtain the best trade available, they continue to barter up until they reach the greatest trade.

The best part of this show is watching them go to the potential trade locations and negotiate. They use respectable practices to convince the potential trader of the benefits. Showing them how the trade will be a win-win situation for both parties; usually seals the deal. They barter for anything as long as there is a profit to be made. Both these men have children who enjoy the luxuries their fathers are able to provide, without spending any money. Whether any of their children follow in their footsteps remains to be seen, but they are already showing signs by bartering with their friends. This show teaches as well as entertains the whole family.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on A&E
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes
June 12, 2012
Cast: Antonio Palazzola, Steve McHugh, Kendall-Leigh Neuner
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Barter Kings Full Episode Guide

  • Steve and Antonio want an RV to take their families back and forth to the new trading post in Utah. Their risk to trade up takes them to Las Vegas with their wives, a wedding, and the King!

  • Steve and Antonio decide it's time to trade up for a dependable car for Kendall, but first she must pass a "crash" course.

  • The guys attempt to trade up for a heavy duty snowcat.

  • Antonio and Steve are planning a joint family vacation on Catalina Island, and intend to trade up for a shared vacation house.

  • The guys open a trade shop in Utah and barter for a radio spot.

  • Things are getting hot as the guys attempt to trade up to a new AC unit for the shop -- and one of their potential traders gives a new meaning to "High Desert".

  • In the third season premiere, the guys barter for a monstrous item, but to get it, one of them may have to get tazed.

  • The guys barter for a deck boat but it comes with it's challenges.

  • The guys barter for toys for their kids to keep them occupied during spring break.

  • Antonio recruits Steve trade up for a big rig.

  • Upon his discovery that there's a big market for small airplanes, Steve and Antonio start trading for one, but their endeavor takes them to Georgia.

  • The second season opens with Steve confronting his greatest fear so he can get a truck for his wife. Plus, the Barter Kings welcome a new member.

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