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The Suze Orman Show comes on Saturdays on CNBC. The show's host, Suze Orman, is a financial expert who helps viewers makes decisions about their money. The program is on for an hour and is broken up into different segments. One of the first segments consists of a financial talk Suze Orman gives to viewers. The financial talk lets viewers know the theme of this week's show and gives some practical advice.

Next, comes the one on one segment, where Suze Orman talks with a couple or a single person about their finances. Another segment is the "Can I Afford It" segment, where viewers call the Suze Orman Show to ask her if they can afford something. In this segment, the person's financial information is given and can be seen by viewers as Suze Orman decides if they can afford it. If they can afford it the person is approved, if not the person is declined. There is also the segment where Suze Orman takes questions from viewers via text messages and video chats.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on CNBC
14 Seasons, 27 Episodes
March 9, 2002
Talk & Interview
Cast: Suze Orman
The Suze Orman Show

The Suze Orman Show Full Episode Guide

  • A mother needs help after a financially destructive divorce.

  • Follow these money rules to strengthen relationships.

  • How to get out of credit card debt quickly and efficiently.

  • The bad money habits to break to create a secure life. A man living a financial lie wants to come clean to his friends and family.

  • Suze covers the biggest mistakes that hurt retirement plans.

  • How home equity lines of credit work and why this is the worst time to take one out.

  • The rules about being harassed by debt collectors.

  • Financial strategies for the year end. Advice for recovering from impulsive decisions. Also: affording a Tesla; affording yoga-instructor training.

  • Tips for identifying lies about money.

  • Smart financial moves are discussed; an indebted couple disagree on how to handle their money. Also: affording a barn; affording the upkeep on a muscle car.

  • A husband looks for an action plan after taking his family down a bad financial path; an engine for a Cobra car kit; a business class ticket to Thailand.

  • A frustrated wife blames her husband for the financial problems; President Obama's myRA retirement account; man cave; Cher concert tickets.

  • A wife wants help stopping her husband's impulsive spending but gets a bigger financial wake-up call; diamond earrings; a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy.

  • A young social worker in debt asks for a Suze intervention; Suze's simple pop quiz; a voice-over studio; a DJ sound mixer.

  • A college student hooked on expensive designer clothing wants to stop spending before it's too late; a beer kegerator; a Hawaiian vacation.

  • The power of saying no; a mother of two teenagers has to make difficult choices to get out of the money mess she's created; a sexy master suite; a Louis Vuitton tote.

  • Easy ways to see overspending; Suze has an intervention with a parole supervisor who can't get her money under control; Christian Louboutin shoes; a helmet for horseback riding.

  • Why Suze will never make an investment in real estate; a couple struggles with debt and unemployment; an RV diesel pusher; driveway pavers.

  • Retirement money while still young; Suze gets a surprise from a former guest with an amazing transformation; Britney Spears ticket in Las Vegas; an Amelia Earhart expedition.

  • Become financially independent with advice about pre-nups and cohabitation agreements; a one year sabbatical; an iPad and accessories.