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The Rachel Maddow Show is a news and analysis show on MSNBC. The show airs Monday through Friday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time and is hosted by the funny and engaging Rachel Maddow. The host is unapologetically progressive and her show reflects her passion for politics.

Ms Maddow has gained a large following because of her calm demeanor and quick wit. Rather than the traditional shouting matches that seem to dominate cable political shows, she prefers to have a conversation with her guests, even the ones she disagrees with politically. She treats all of her guests with respect making her show easy to watch and a chance to learn something about current events.

One of her most popular segments is Debunktion Junction. In this segment she takes stories that have gotten a lot of coverage in the news and separates the facts from fiction. Too often embellishments get woven into news stories to the point that they are seen as the truth. Ms. Maddow breaks the stories down and lets her viewers know what is truth and what they should ignore.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on msnbc
10 Seasons, 752 Episodes
September 8, 2008
Talk & Interview
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