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The One is the only hunting show of its kind in the outdoor industry. The show is the first show to blend the reality/personality based programming with real hunting! It tells the story of Mike Stroff's crew and all they do to get to that one opportunity, that one location or that one animal and all that they go through day to day working in the outdoor industry. The cast is a group of very unique individuals that will no doubt entertain to say the least.

The One is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on June 27, 2017.

The One is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The One on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Tuesday 1:30 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes
June 27, 2017
Action & Adventure, Reality
Cast: Siobhan Finneran, Rebecca Front, Ellie White, Lauren Socha
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The One Full Episode Guide

  • This is the second episode of the New Zealand trip. The guys have brought along their wives and some friends for this hunt and things get a little hectic when Mike's wife decides she wants to hunt a big red stag.

  • Mike, Jamie and Uncle Randy are in New Zealand hunting redstags during the roar. These boys are out of their element a little bit leaving the country! Lots of fun being had in New Zealand.

  • Uncle Randy is known for doing things his way. Typically that means getting Mike mad about something. He also always picks deer to hunt that most people wouldn't care much about. Well he finds a buck that looks similar to a deer he killed the year before and he deems this buck his to hunt.

  • Mike is headed to Iowa to hunt with Coal Camp Outfitters in Iowa. This is one of Mike's favorite places to hunt whitetails each year. Randy and Jamie are extremely jealous that Mike doesn't ever get them an Iowa tag so they can hunt at Coal Camp as well. Mike tells both Jamie and Randy to do their own tag applications. To say the least there is some back and forth between the guys before Mike head

  • Mike and Randy leave one of the guides in charge of running the irrigation on one of their very important food plots in Texas and things don't go according to plan. So the guys are forced to change up their hunting plans to try to get on a big buck.

  • Mike and Randy are busy with lots of guest at the Grigsby farm in Illinois during the shotgun season, but after lots of argueing and finally getting everyone taken care of the guys find time to get out in the woods to do some hunting for themselves.

  • Mike and Jamie are in Illinois hunting at the Grigsby farm. Jamie gets a little sneaky and takes out the crossbow without Mike knowing it when they have a wager on who was going to kill the first buck and the biggest buck. Once Mike finds out Jamie's plan he gets down and dirty!

  • Jamie and Randy insist that there is a lot of luck that goes into a successful hunt and Mike has been trying to make the point to the guys that a lot of their success depends on the amount of hard work that is put in before the season starts. This becomes a very heated discussion at times!

  • Mike Stroff is hunting in Alaska for monster moose! He was hoping Uncle Randy would come along on this hunt but he couldn't make it work. The hunting is amazing but Mike is missing his hunting buddy!

  • Mike Stroff is in search of a much needed Texas lease for their outfitting business. The task of finding an additional ranch proves to be way more than Mike was anticipating. . In the end he is able to find an amazing ranch.

  • Uncle Randy and Jamie got to hunt the Grigsby Farm during the first Illinois shotgun season without Mike. He just ask them if they would leave his favorite spots alone while he wasn't there. They both took that as a sign that he was hiding a big buck from them so they hunted his stands! mike makes it back to the Grigsby Farm for the second shotgun season to only find out his spots have been huntin

  • Uncle Randy has had a very tough hunting season watching all the other guys kill big bucks. He just hasn't been able to put it together on a big buck in Illinois. Mike and Jamie have both killed big bucks and it is starting to get to randy. It is the last day of shotgun season and Randy goes back to his superstition and sees a red bird at an old tree stand and decides that bird sighting is his goo

  • Uncle Randy is frantically trying to get all his work done on the SOE ranch so that he can go to SD with the guys on the first archery hunt of the year. Mike tells Randy it is impossible to get that much work done in that short period of time and Randy is determined to make it happen. In doing so, he is rushing and makes a crucial mistake and turns off the water to a critical water trough that was

  • All the guys are hunting in Illinois on the Grigsby farm for bow season. Jamie gets side tracked looking at big tractors in town and is late getting to the farm. Mike is irritated with Jamie for being late and ask him to do a favor. While Jamie is out finding an extra lifeline for Mike, he stumbles on some amazing buck sign and decides to change up where he is hunting. Man does it pay off for Jami

  • Uncle Randy decides to mess with Mike some on their SD Antelope hunt. They are spot and stalking antelope with the horses and Uncle Randy is tired of all the short jokes, so he pulls the shortest horse in the coral to take for Mike to use. Looks like Mike is going to have a long day bending over to hide behind the horses!

  • Mike is hunting on the SOE ranches in Texas and with all the different things going on when he is out finally getting a day to hunt of course the guides need his help at the lodge. Mike decides to take a short cut to get back faster and ends up with a flat tire. Things do happen for a reason and this flat tire changes the entire plan of guiding and hunting for Mike.