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Headhunters is different than your everyday hunting show. It goes behind the scenes, creating a reality series that will fill you in on exactly what it takes to create a reality show about hunting. Headhunters TV lets the audience see the show as it’s created, all the way from the beginning; getting airtime, finding producers, funding the show, and of course, the hunt itself. As a viewer you will see it all in order to understand not only the hunt, but what it takes to create a show about the hunt.

Headhunters TV is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (103 episodes). The series first aired on July 3, 2011.

Where do I stream Headhunters TV online? Headhunters TV is available for streaming on Outdoor Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Headhunters TV on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Monday 7:00 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
9 Seasons, 103 Episodes
July 3, 2011
Nature, Reality, Sports
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Headhunters TV Full Episode Guide

  • The HeadHunter Crew has the Flextone's singing and Berettas ringing as they hunt across the country all Spring.

  • The HeadHunter keeps the tradition of deer camp alive in Missouri.

  • Nate Hosie heads to Ohio to meet up with his friend Brian Bilinovich in search of his first buckeye buck. Later, Randy Birdsong gets things ready for the annual family deer camp.

  • The crew heads to Arkansas to chase waterfowl with the boys from K-Zone TV and Randy heads to Illinois with friends Mark Zagger and Drew Baier for a predator trapping mission.

  • Randy Birdsong heads south of the border with the Trained Assassins crew. Guaranteed to be lots of laughs and lots of tags punched.

  • Randy Birdsong & Nate Hosie head north of the border to Alberta to meet up with friend Corey Jarvis and are both hoping for a chance at a giant mule deer.

  • Randy Birdsong heads to Anchor P Outfitters in Montana to try his luck at a big sky three-peat on elk. Big muleys are on the menu as well.

  • Part 2 The action is heating up on the F.E. Hill Ranch in central Texas. After getting eyes on a low fence giant, Randy makes his move and hopefully will get his hands on his best Texas buck ever.

  • Part 2. Randy Birdsong and Nate Hosie are up to bat and things are heating up. They've doubled up before...Can they do it this time with archery equipment?

  • Randy Birdsong finds redemption in North Dakota after a week of struggles in Montana.

  • The HeadHunter Crew heads to Montana for DIY whitetail hunt to kick off the season on a brand new property.

  • Randy, Nate, and friend travel the country during the spring for their annual turkey tour.

  • Randy and the Boys meet back up at home for there annual Hometown deer camp in Missouri.

  • HeadHunters Stephen Phillips heads to Campbell Illinois A1:AB25 during the Muzzleloader season then is followed up as Randy Birdsong brings his predator trapping skills to the table to work over the coyote population.

  • Randy and Nate hunt deer in Kansas with Triple Creek Outfitters then head to Arkansas to chase Waterfowl.

  • Nate heads to Montana to hunt Jackie Bushman's place during Montana's rifle deer season and meets up with Jacob Landry from Swamp People.

  • Nate Hosie and Rhett Akins head to Bee Rock Outdoor Adventures in Missouri. You can't beat a camp full of country music and deer stories!

  • Randy heads back to Anchor P Outfitters in Montana with his friend Joel Weaver to hunt elk. Randy is hoping for a repeat of last year.

  • Randy heads to Alberta with his friend Joel Weaver to hunt mule deer with 3 Rivers Adventures. When they arrive they are faced with an Alberta blizzard.

  • Nate gets to Elk Camp a few days late because of the arrival of his son Cruze but doesn't waste anytime getting the party started!

  • Randy finally breaks his elk curse on his biggest bull to date with a bow.

  • The guys kick off the early season in Montana and are faced with brutal temps and slow deer movement but manage to make a 2nd trip and close the chapter on a great buck they had chased in the early season.

  • The crew make their annual trip down south to the FE Hill Ranch in Texas where they are joined with friends for a week of deer hunting.

  • Randy and Jon Syverson kick off the season in Colorado for Mule Deer then take it to Texas to start the whitetail season.