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  • 2011
  • 12 Seasons

Headhunters TV is an exciting hunting show aired on Outdoor Channel that takes viewers on thrilling expeditions across North America. The show is all about the pursuit of big game, and the hunters in the show go all out with their high-tech equipment and extensive knowledge to track and capture these magnificent creatures. Each episode is packed with action, stunning scenery, and valuable information about hunting strategies.

The show is hosted by Randy Birdsong and Nate Hosie, who are both avid hunters with a passion for the sport. They are joined by a team of experienced hunters, guides, and outfitters, who share their knowledge and skills. Together, they explore the best hunting locations in the country and take on some of the most challenging hunts, from stalking elk in the Rockies to hunting whitetail deer in the Midwest.

One of the standout features of Headhunters TV is the advanced equipment used by the hunters. The show features the latest rifles, bows, and other hunting gadgets that help the hunters track their prey with precision. The hunters also use high-end trail cameras, drones, and other advanced gear to scout out their hunting areas in advance and identify potential targets. Each episode showcases the latest hunting technology and how it can be used to maximize success in the field.

Another unique aspect of Headhunters TV is the focus on ethical hunting practices. The hunters in the show take great care to ensure that they are following all local regulations and that they are hunting in an ethical, responsible manner. This includes respecting the animals they are hunting, following proper safety procedures, and using sustainable hunting practices. The show provides valuable insights into the importance of responsible hunting and how it can help preserve wildlife populations for years to come.

One of the highlights of each episode is the stunning scenery that the hunters encounter during their expeditions. From majestic mountain ranges to rugged wilderness areas, Headhunters TV takes viewers on a visual journey to some of the most beautiful landscapes in North America. Along the way, the hunters share stories about the history of the area, its wildlife, and the challenges they face.

Of course, the real heart of the show is the hunting itself, and Headhunters TV does not disappoint in this regard. Each episode features thrilling hunts, with the hunters facing off against some of the most elusive and challenging game in North America. Whether stalking through dense forests, traversing rugged terrain, or waiting patiently in a stand, the hunters in the show go to great lengths to capture their prey. And when they do succeed, the sense of accomplishment and respect for the animal is palpable.

Overall, Headhunters TV is an entertaining and informative show that is sure to appeal to anyone with a love for hunting or the outdoors. With its blend of advanced technology, ethical hunting practices, stunning scenery, and thrilling hunts, the show is a must-watch for anyone who wants to see the best of what North America has to offer. Whether you're an experienced hunter or just starting out, Headhunters TV is sure to provide plenty of excitement, education, and inspiration.

Headhunters TV is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (149 episodes). The series first aired on July 3, 2011.

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Headhunters Turkey Tour 2022
13. Headhunters Turkey Tour 2022
September 23, 2022
Summary is not available.
Family Tradition 2022
12. Family Tradition 2022
September 16, 2022
Hit listers & headaches...The Missouri rifle opener picks up steam real quick after a slow start.
South of the Border 2022 - Part 2
11. South of the Border 2022 - Part 2
September 9, 2022
Summary is not available.
South of the Border 2022
10. South of the Border 2022
September 2, 2022
Randy, Cody & Dustin head south of the border to old Mexico as the season starts winding down in the states.
Iowa or Bust
9. Iowa or Bust
August 26, 2022
Four years in the making...Nate heads to Iowa in hopes of putting that coveted archery tag to work.
It takes Two
8. It takes Two
August 19, 2022
Divide and conquering in Kansas takes Randy & Nate across different units to knock down upland birds and a big whitetail.
Double Trouble - 2022
7. Double Trouble - 2022
August 11, 2022
Anchor P is the place to be! The boys head to elk country and try doubling up on bulls in Montana.
Trespassin Assassin
6. Trespassin Assassin
August 5, 2022
Summary is not available.
If You Plant It They Will Come
5. If You Plant It They Will Come
July 29, 2022
Summary is not available.
Buck-up Buckeye
4. Buck-up Buckeye
July 22, 2022
Summary is not available.
The Greenest Pasture
3. The Greenest Pasture
July 15, 2022
Randy & Nate go 2 for 2 on tags punched in a quick and one-of-a-kind setup at Powder River Outfitters in Montana.
How the West Wasn't Won
2. How the West Wasn't Won
July 8, 2022
Summary is not available.
Back in NODAK
1. Back in NODAK
July 1, 2022
Summary is not available.
Where to Watch Headhunters TV
Headhunters TV is available for streaming on the Outdoor Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Headhunters TV on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    July 3, 2011