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The series Heartland Bowhunter follows a hunter as he hunts in the open country trying to get a moose. The series follows the hunter as he waits for the animal and also show views hunting safety tips as well as respecting nature while hunting. Heartland Bowhunter is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (154 episodes). The series first aired on December 13, 1901.

Heartland Bowhunter is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Heartland Bowhunter on demand atAmazon Prime, iTunes online.

Outdoor Channel
12 Seasons, 154 Episodes
December 13, 1901
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Heartland Bowhunter Full Episode Guide

  • After capturing two different shooter bucks on trail camera, both with "heavyweight" bodies, Nate decided to name them after famous boxers. Ali and Frazier would be at the top of his hitlist in 2017 and after harvesting Frazier that year, Nate's focus shifted to Ali for the 2018 season.

  • With the rut winding down and deer transitioning to food sources, Rex Luchtel finds himself focusing on the food sources he's left for the late season. This time of year, sometimes its best to hunt smart and wait for the right weather in order to try to catch a mature deer coming to food.

  • Trent Siegle is a whitetail manager through and through. Targeting a specific buck or two each season typically results in feast or famine, but that is a challenge that Trent is always up for.

  • The state of Texas is one of the most game rich states in the country making it a highly sought after destination for bowhunters. After missing the 2017 season due to hurricane Harvey, the crew is excited to return to the Wexford for an exciting week of archery hunting whitetail.

  • The annual trip to hunt the rut in Kansas with Heartland Pride Outfitters has become a tradition over the years. This area produces some incredible whitetails and is an extremely effective area for calling and decoying in November.

  • After getting pictures of an absolute world-class whitetail in Missouri, Skyler knew where the majority of his focus would likely be for the 2018 season. Opportunities to hunt a once in a lifetime deer like this are truly few and far between.

  • Building history with deer on the properties we hunt is one of the most rewarding processes as hunters and land managers. The story of a buck nick-named Bovice began way before we even knew it after getting trail camera pictures of him for the first time. Follow the multi-year journey as Mike, Shawn and Rex puruse this ellusive whitetail.

  • Shawn is in his home state of Missouri going through his normal preparation for whitetails. The season kicks off but seems to slower than normal. With having little luck in Missouri Shawn heads to his neighboring state of Kansas to find first day success.

  • Skyler's dad, Mike Wirsig, is no stranger to elk hunting in Arizona. As a resident, his odds are higher than most to draw a tag, however he never thought that he would be forutnate enough in his lifetime to draw a tag for one of the top units in the state. Truly a tag most only dream about getting.

  • Shawn has been on a handful of elk hunts in his lifetime, most of which have ended without filling a tag. This year looked like it might be different though after drawing two different highly coveted tags for New Mexico and Montana. Surely this will be the year to break his dry spell.

  • After a successful mule deer hunt in MT, Mike sticks around to hunt elk for the first time in the Missouri River Breaks. This area is known for its high density of elk and great age structure, making it a top destination for elk hunters around the country.

  • Mike & Shawn return to Montana for the second year in a row to hunt the early archery opener for mule deer on a General Tag. After experiencing a successful hunt last year, they are optimistic to begin exploring some new property in Big Sky Country.

  • Once again the crew kicks off the season with a high country mule deer hunt in Utah. Unlike previous years, the brutal weather makes the hunting conditions extremely difficult, limiting opportunities for both spotting and stalking. They know that they will have to hunt carefully and take full advantage of any opportunities that come their way.

  • Adversity is something that we commonly have to overcome as bowhunters, however this season provided more obstacles than normal for Shawn. Getting down to the wire late in the season, Shawn attempts to capitalize on cold weather and standing food.

  • Over the years Skyler and his dad Mike have intensely managed their property in KS and keep close tabs on the deer that frequent it. Aptly named, Brick, a huge bodied buck became a regular and with the whole family in town, he was on the hit list if he offered an opportunity.

  • In-transit and unarmed doesn't have to become helpless.

  • The name 9-Lives isn't a name given to a buck at a young age. It's a name that's earned and one that carries a lot of weight. The story of 9-Lives starts back in 2013 before he had earned the name. Over the course of the next few years this buck would grow into a buck that was highly targeted yet he constantly managed to avoid making a mistake at the right time. Finally after 3 years, he made his

  • Nate, Skyler and Mike Wirsig are all familiar with hunting in NE Wyoming, but this year finds them hunting a new property that they hadn't stepped foot on before. High deer numbers and great age structure always make for good hunting in Wyoming.

  • This year marks the 10th season that Skyler has shared camp in North Dakota, a tradition almost as old as HB itself. Early season whitetails and summer patterns typicaly lead to a high success rate, especially when the conditions are right.

  • Mike is kicking off his season with a new adventure hunting off horseback for mule deer in the high country of Colorado, then meeting up with Shawn in Montana.

  • Shawn and Mike have hunted mule deer all over the country, but never before in Montana. The Missouri River Breaks are an area known for its abundance of wildlife both big and small. High deer numbers and easily navigable terrain make for some up close and personal spot and stalk bowhunting.

  • Rex and Erin Luchtel are headed west for some early season whitetail action in NE WY at the Buckhorn Ridge Ranch. Over the years we have made many great memories and this year this father daughter duo is in search of their first velvet bucks.

  • The guys are no stranger to the high-country of Utah, however this season they venture to a new area with hopes of finding a hidden gem.

  • Kodiak Island, Alaska is home of some of the biggest Brown Bears in the world. This hunt is one that's been on Mike's bucket list for quite some time and after making plans with guide and high school friend, Cole Kramer, he was in for an adventure that he will never forget.

  • Kodiak Island, Alaska is home of some of the biggest Brown Bears in the world. This hunt is one that's been on Mike's bucket list for quite some time and after making plans with guide and high school friend, Cole Kramer, he was in for an adventure that he will never forget.