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"Major League Bowhunter" is a show that captures the bow hunting experience in a new and comprehensive way. Jeff Danker, formerly of the show "Buckventures Outdoors", and Matt Duff, who was an MLB pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, co-host the show. Viewers will follow the two outdoorsmen through an entire hunting season, and observe and learn from their successes and failures.

The concept behind the show is simple. Everyone who takes up the bow has his or her own style and method. By seeing others in action, hunters have an opportunity to learn new techniques and tricks that may have otherwise been unknown to them. Typical hunting shows seem like highlight reels (merely compiling footage of spectacular kills, while cutting scenes of the set-up and demoralizing misses or post-kill action) and offer little opportunity for viewers to learn. "Major League Bowhunter" differs in that it bares all. Viewers see how the hosts do everything from preparing for a hunt to reflecting on things at the end a season. Viewers are taken on a roller coaster by celebrating great kills and lamenting near misses, learning at every opportunity.

The hosts do not claim to offer expert advice on bow hunting (though they are well-seasoned), but want to offer fellow hunters another perspective and way of doing things. This is why "Major League Bowhunters" will focus less on the size of the deer and more on the story behind the hunt. By seeing every nuance and emotion of the season, any particular viewer -- whether novice or veteran -- will be able to relate and learn from Danker and Duff. This is ultimately what they hope a person will get out of the show: a (or many) nugget(s) that can be placed in any hunter's playbook and taken on the hunt leading to more successful endings.

Major League Bowhunter is a series that is currently running and has 10 seasons (112 episodes). The series first aired on June 30, 2011.

Where do I stream Major League Bowhunter online? Major League Bowhunter is available for streaming on Sportsman Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Major League Bowhunter on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Thursday 9:30 PM et/pt on Sportsman Channel
10 Seasons, 112 Episodes
June 30, 2011
Sports, Nature, How To
Cast: Jeff Danker As Himself Matt Duff As Himself
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Major League Bowhunter Full Episode Guide

  • Season 10 of Major League Bowhunter has come to an end. This week the MLB crew relieves some of their most memorable moments and hunts over the past 10 years!

  • This week on Major League Bowhunter, Chipper Jones' wife, Taylor Jones, hits the woods for the first time in a few years in pursuit of a whitetail with a bow. She takes on Kansas first then Long Shot Farms in Mississippi with Chipper, as they both chase after a Mississippi giant.

  • This week Matt Duff pursues mule deer in the sandhils of Western Nebraska. It takes two trips and seemingly countless stalks to seal the deal on one of these elusive mule deer. Putting time in behind spotting scopes and binoculars plays a key role in this weeks success.

  • Brandon Danker is no stranger to big, Kansas whitetails and this year was no different. This week he takes the viewer through one of his longest seasons yet. Patience and dedication to passing the young bucks pays off as he wraps his tag around a great Kansas whitetail.

  • This week on Major League Bowhunter, it's all about the kids on Long Shot Farms in Mississippi. Matt Duff's brother, Andrew, along with his two kids, Brady and Reagan, take the viewer through a whole deer season on the Duff family farm.

  • When one thinks of big whitetails, Iowa is a state that comes to the forefront of every bowhunters mind. This week follow Chipper Jones as he pursues some Iowa giants with bow in hand. There are plenty of big whitetails on trail cam and it's only a matter of time before one makes a mistake.

  • This week follow Matt Duff as he jugles guiding at Triple Creek Outfitters and hunting big, Kansas whitetails. His passion for getting people on big whitetails shines just as bright as his passion for chasing them himself. He finds himself in early December with a Kansas Whitetail tag still in his pocket.

  • This week on Major League Bowhunter, Brandon Danker takes on the sandhills of Western Nebraska. He puts his stalking skills to the test against the Mule Deer that roam these sandhills. Tough weather conditions and long stalks are in store this week. B- Dank pushes through and closes the distance on a group mule deer bucks.

  • Chipper Jones takes on a new farm in Kansas this week on Majorl League Bowhunter. Stay tuned as he makes his adjustments and learns this farm.Early season preparation pays off as he hits the rut just right with great weather conditions in late October.

  • Welcome to season 10 of Major League Bowhunter. This week we're "Live from the Print Shop" in Marietta, Georgia. Stay tuned for a preview of what's new and what's in store on this season of MLB.

  • This week we're back in New Mexico at the NRA Whittington Center. Matt Duff is in pursuit of his first archery elk kill. With two seasoned elk guides and great conditions, expect lots of big, bugling elk action.

  • Welcome to season 10 of Major League Bowhunter. This week we're "Live from the Print Shop" in Marietta, Georgia. Stay tuned for a preview of what's new and what's in store on this season of MLB. kwwhitetail

  • BA closes the distance on one of the biggest bodied mule deer bucks he's ever arrowed. After several days of chasing mule deer in NW Oklahoma, BA finally puts on a ghillie suit and perches up on the side of a hill where numerous bucks have been spotted throughout the week.

  • Duff is never one to shy away from a tough endeavor and his hunt in Kansas is no different. He is determined to hunt entirely out of Triple Creek Blinds with good buddy, Richard Blakeslee at Triple Creek Outfitters.

  • BA archery hunts in NW Missouri and has a mature buck closing the distance following a doe in late October. After releasing the arrow, an unseen limb deflects the arrow away from the intended vitals.

  • Chipper and B-Dank hunt central Kansas on a farm they've seen success on in the past. Always a Major League Bowhunter mainstay, Kansas produces year after year.

  • The now staple of Major League Bowhunter's destinations, Duff family farm doesn't disappoint. Matt's brother Andrew has a big buck within sight on their first night out. Chipper rolls into camp after Brady Duff misses a nice MS whitetail. Matt gets sick after a mishap in a cold creek and has a mature buck closing distance.

  • Chipper chases whitetail and mule deer in Nebraska, while young Tristan Danker comes in and closes the distance on his first deer. Brandon Danker's 9 year old son has crossbow in hand as he treks up and down the sandhills of western Nebraska in pursuit of a giant mule deer.

  • BA hunts early season mule deer in Central Colorado with his Mathews bow. Hunting familiar stomping grounds at KB Outdoors with Kyle Lopez, BA tries to close the distance on a big velvet buck on opening morning of the season.