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The television series North American Whitetail, is a heart-pounding television series focused around avid and lifelong hunters scoring those big trophy whitetails. In this series, viewers will learn how to hunt for these trophy whitetail deer correctly, the best equipment to use during their hunt, and the most effective products that draw those big bucks in.

In addition, viewers will also see some of the hosts bring in some big trophy deer using both a bow and a gun. Viewers will also get to see other viewers hunting videos or photos that they have submitted, which the hosts have found worthy of showing while on air. This television series is the ultimate in guide to learning all the tricks and great products they will need to get a big buck like these long-time hunters.

North American Whitetail is a series that is currently running and has 17 seasons (159 episodes). The series first aired on June 29, 2004.

Where do I stream North American Whitetail online? North American Whitetail is available for streaming on SPORTSMAN CHANNEL, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch North American Whitetail on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on SPORTSMAN CHANNEL
17 Seasons, 159 Episodes
June 29, 2004
Action & Adventure, Drama, Sports, How To
Cast: Pat Hogan
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North American Whitetail Full Episode Guide

  • Laden is headed to Ohio with a TenPoint to pursue his first buck by crossbow. Dr. Kroll lays down the knowledge on what deer need to lay down in BYODF, Laden talks about cold weather crossbow maintenance in "On Target" and Gordon spotlights a shed with a tripple row of tines in "Shed Heads"...

  • We are headed back to the Hill Country with Stan to finish his two-part Texas hunt. Laden and Dr. Kroll are talking Thermal Cover in BYODF, Stan is talking to you about rifle maintenance and storage in "On Target" and Gordon is showcasing a big ol' drop tine on "Shed Heads"...

  • Stan shares part one of a two-part hunt in the Hill Country of Texas. Laden and Dr. Kroll are identifying the critical components of land management in BYODF, Stan is talking about the Modularity of Browning's new X-Bolt Long Range Max and Gordon is going to showcase 230" of Kansas antler!

  • Haynes Shelton is putting the X-Bolt and BDX to work on a rut-filled hunt in Alabama. Laden and Dr. Kroll analyze the Nebraska BYODF Farm, Haynes' talks about using Sig's BDX in the field and Gordon spotlights a beautiful set of sheds from Minnesota.

  • Gordon Whittington is headed to T-Fork Outfitters in West Texas to hunt whitetails in open country. Laden Force and Dr. Kroll introduce a new "Build Your Own Deer Factory," Gordon talks all day comfort in "On Target" and then introduces a crazy Kanasas shed set in "Shed Heads"...

  • Dr. James Kroll takes us to old Mexico to chase giant whitetails, and some special guests are along for the ride! Gordon Whittington discusses the importance of camouflage, and Haynes Shelton profiles the Tim Phillips Buck.

  • Old friends Dr. James Kroll and Gordon Whittington head to the Texas coast to hunt the Bar J Ranch, managed by Rob Hughes. Laden Force discusses overlooked scent contaminants in our From the Stand segment, and Haynes Shelton profiles the Buddy Deville Buck.

  • Dr. James Kroll heads to Kentucky to rifle hunt with his good friend Larry Porter. Then, on our Dr. Deer segment, Doc explains how to decrease hunting pressure. Gordon Whittington profiles the Davey Stuckey Buck.

  • Haynes Shelton hunts a cold front during the second week of rifle season at Indian Hill Outfitters in Pike Co., Missouri. In our From the Stand segment, Haynes gives his tips for quick target acquisition. Finally, he profiles the Joe Ogden Buck.

  • The legendary Stan Potts hunts with a TenPoint crossbow for the first time ever in Illinois. Dr. James Kroll discusses how to plan a Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) project. Gordon Whittington profiles the infamous Living Room Buck.

  • Laden Force has a close encounter with a Montana buck on public land, and Haynes Shelton suffers a heartbreaking miss on a giant Ohio typical. Together Laden and Haynes discuss how to stay mentally tough after a missed shot, and Gordon Whittington profiles the Lear McCoy buck.

  • Stan Potts takes us on a nail-biting November bowhunt for an Illinois giant that nearly gets away. Dr. James Kroll explains whitetail grunts and vocalizations, and Gordon Whittington profiles a monster Ohio typical.

  • Gordon Whittington gets up close and personal with a Kansas brute while hunting on the ground with his TenPoint crossbow. Dr. James Kroll discusses tactics for hunting over a decoy, and we explain how to properly implement mock scrapes.

  • No stranger to early season success, the legendary Stan Potts is headed to western Kentucky after a giant velvet buck during opening week of archery season. Dr. James Kroll discusses supplemental feed and water, and Gordon Whittington shows us a new world record non-typical.

  • Mike Clerkin is headed to Southeast Iowa to late season muzzleloader hunt, Doc and Pat discusses cool season plots, Laden Force shares three tips for better archery accuracy and Gordon shows us a monster shed from the North Country.

  • Dr. Kroll is headed to the Sooner State with a muzzleloader to hunt with Tom Boyer of Boss Buck, then he and Pat give tips on managing your cedars, Haynes Shelton discusses arrow penetration and Jeremy Moore closes his three part series on shed does.

  • Stan Potts is headed to south Texas to collect bone at the Partidas Ranch with his buddy Michael Waddell, Dr. Deer shares the advantages of fire in management in your management plan, Mr. Shelton talks in-season archery practice and Jeremy Moore delivers part two of a three part series on shed dogs.

  • Gordon Whittington is headed to the Panhandle of Texas to hunt with T-Fork Outfitters, Dr. Kroll talks warm season food plots, Laden Force discusses Sig's new BOX system and Jeremy Moore kicks off a three part series on shed dogs.

  • This week, Mike Clerkin heads to Illinois with his bow but ends it with his muzzleloader, Stan Potts talks Browning firearms, Dr. Kroll gives the low-down on your neighbors and Gordon has a set of gigantic non-typical sheds from southern Iowa.

  • This week, Hayes Shelton is headed to Wyoming with a rifle and Hornady ammo, Stan Potts talks Browing Safes, Dr. Kroll teaches how to inventory your heard and Gordon Whittington takes a look at the "Amish Buck" sheds from Ohio.

  • This week, Danny Farris decoys monster Kansas bucks from the ground, Laden Force shares Hornady's new Outfitter Ammo, Dr. James Kroll teaches about climate limitations and Gordon Whittington showcases a huge set of eastern Kansas sheds.

  • This week, Dr. James Kroll drops a big Kentucky buck in its tracks, Gordon Whittington talks about minimizing your trailing distance, we introduce a brand new season of Build Your Own Deer Factory and we begin a new segment called "Shed Heads".