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  • 2004
  • 20 Seasons

North American Whitetail is a hunting show that originally aired on the SPORTSMAN CHANNEL in 2004. Hosted by Stan Potts and Pat Hogan, the show is dedicated to exploring the world of deer hunting in North America. The series is packed full of useful information, practical tips, and stunning footage that is sure to entertain and educate hunters of all skill levels.

Each episode of North American Whitetail follows the hosts as they travel to different locations across the United States and Canada to hunt whitetail deer. The show presents a range of different hunting scenarios, from hunting in the backwoods of Ontario to stalking deer in the cornfields of Illinois. The hosts meet with local hunters and experts to learn about the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each location.

One of the highlights of the show is the expert analysis and advice provided by the hosts. Both Potts and Hogan are experienced hunters who have spent decades pursuing whitetails. They share their knowledge and experience freely, breaking down the intricacies of deer behavior, habitat selection, and shot placement. They also provide practical tips on gear selection and hunting strategy, helping viewers to become more effective hunters.

The hunting footage in North American Whitetail is impeccable. The show makes liberal use of high-quality cameras and editing techniques to create stunning visual sequences that capture the beauty and intensity of the hunt. From panoramic landscapes to close-up shots of deer, every shot is expertly composed and expertly edited.

Another strength of the show is its focus on conservation and wildlife management. Potts and Hogan stress the importance of hunting responsibly and sustainably, encouraging viewers to take an active role in managing the deer population in their area. They also highlight the role of habitat conservation and restoration in maintaining the health of the deer herd.

Overall, North American Whitetail is a dynamic and engaging hunting show that is sure to appeal to hunters and outdoor enthusiasts of all types. With its expert analysis, practical tips, and stunning visuals, the show offers a comprehensive look at the world of deer hunting in North America. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or just starting out, this show is well worth a watch.

North American Whitetail is a series that is currently running and has 20 seasons (196 episodes). The series first aired on June 29, 2004.

North American Whitetail
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Polka Dots
13. Polka Dots
September 18, 2023
Join the North American Whitetail Television team as they take on a completely new challenge in the Texas Hill Country.
The 20th Anniversary Special: Part 2
12. The 20th Anniversary Special: Part 2
September 11, 2023
Join the North American Whitetail Television team as they celebrate two decades of pursuing trophy class whitetails.
The 20th Anniversary Special: Part 1
11. The 20th Anniversary Special: Part 1
September 4, 2023
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Show Me That One Again!
10. Show Me That One Again!
August 28, 2023
Host Haynes Shelton makes a late-season return to the scene of a whitetail encounter he just had to re-live.
Texas, Like It's Supposed to Be
9. Texas, Like It's Supposed to Be
August 21, 2023
North American Whitetail Associate Editor Blake Garlock and Digital Editor Dale Evans take their guns to Texas.
Once a Deer Hunter...
8. Once a Deer Hunter...
August 14, 2023
Host Haynes Shelton teams with Intrepid Warrior Hunts and veteran Anthony Villarreal to take big Texas bucks.
Made for the Muzzleloader
7. Made for the Muzzleloader
August 7, 2023
North American Whitetail team captain says his goodbyes with a great late muzzleloader hunt in the Cornhusker State.
The Comeback
6. The Comeback
July 31, 2023
Following a major operation, Dr. James Kroll makes good on his promise to get healthy, and to get back in the deer-hunting action!
Almost Perfect
5. Almost Perfect
July 24, 2023
Almost everything falls into place for Associate Editor Blake Garlock as he comes to full draw in Kansas.
Moments to Remember #2
4. Moments to Remember #2
July 17, 2023
Longtime Contributor Stan Potts returns to his favorite Illinois honey hole, but this time targeting a mature management buck with his slug gun.
Moments to Remember #1
3. Moments to Remember #1
July 10, 2023
Join whitetail bowhunting icon Stan Potts as he shares another exciting rut hunt in his favorite Illinois honey hole.
Bucks Out West
2. Bucks Out West
July 3, 2023
North American Whitetail Associate Editor Blake Garlock takes his bow to the Cowboy State in search of western whitetails.
Saskatchewan Slammers
1. Saskatchewan Slammers
June 26, 2023
North American Whitetail Editor-in-Chief and Show Host Haynes Shelton and his dad head to Northway Outfitters just in time for the best of the rut and the worst of winter. kwhunting kwwhitetail
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North American Whitetail is available for streaming on the SPORTSMAN CHANNEL website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch North American Whitetail on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    June 29, 2004