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Wild Fish Wild Places is a show that takes viewers to many exotic and wild places including Alaska, Paraguay, and the Amazon. The professional fishing hosts show viewers the correct tactics for landing unusual fish and how to prepare the catch for eating or for shipping so the catch can be enjoyed upon returning home. As with any fishing adventure this show also explores the challenges of landing a trophy fish in isolated places. Viewers interested in visiting unique fishing hot spots around the globe will want to watch this amazing travel show and start planning a visit to one of the spots highlighted in this amazing series.

Wild Fish Wild Places is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on July 2, 2011.

Where do I stream Wild Fish Wild Places online? Wild Fish Wild Places is available for streaming on Sportsman Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wild Fish Wild Places on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Saturday 7:30 PM et/pt on Sportsman Channel
8 Seasons, 40 Episodes
July 2, 2011
Action & Adventure
Cast: Alan Broderick As Himself Denis Isbister As Himself
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Wild Fish Wild Places Full Episode Guide

  • The WFWP crew meet up with good buddy and guide Justin White. Justin is a guide at the KSL Alaska lodge in the summer and runs a drift boat all winter and fall on the Sacramento River for Rainbow trout. The boys drift the big river in Justin's drift boat and use some long leaders and indicator rigs to get to these fish.

  • The boys finally get some weather conducive to getting offshore to chase bottom fish so they take a ride. Bottom fish and black bass out of the kelp beds are happening and Chad from Sandspit Adventures is there guiding the crew. After the long day of bottom fish Denis and Dreu hike into a remote creek to chase coastal rainbow trout and Dolly Varden.

  • At Sandspit Adventures they take pride in putting you on big king salmon day after day, this day we may have pushed ourselves a little bit too far. A big trip out to Marble Island to chase fish and the wind changes and comes out of nowhere! Time for a slow rough ride back to safety and big salmon.

  • Denis and Dreu travel to the Island of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia to chase King Salmon on the salt. Sandspit adventures is home to one of the premier fishing operations on the Island and the king Salmon are there in abundance! The boys drop crab pots and get ready for a royal feast provided by the ocean.

  • September in Saskatchewan and the Lakers are moving in shallow. Captain Bruce and Denis head out to try and find these fish that have been hard to locate. Everything comes together and the Lake trout do seem to be unlimited!

  • Denis heads to one of his favorite places ever, Lake Athabasca to chase Lake Trout moving shallow to spawn. Lake Athabasca is the 9th largest lake in North America and one of the most remote fisheries around but at Lakers Unlimited they have the place dialed. A lot of big lake trout come to the boat and when the weather gets nasty the boys go chase trophy pike!

  • Remote Alaska is always wild and unpredictable and this fly out day was no exception. The WFWP crew get dropped off on a river to chase Arctic Char and Rainbows but have an up close and scary encounter with a pissed off brown bear. The boys chase more kings on a cloudy day and bring some west coast gangster tricks to the Alaska party that prove valuable.

  • WFWP heads to the Bristol Bay region of Alaska to chase King Salmon. Traditional back trolling of big plugs on the NakNek River at the beautiful King Salmon Lodge is the setting for this show. Giant King Salmon make their return to the rivers and creeks where they were born, to spawn and then die as Mother Nature shows off her brilliance once again.

  • Denis gets dragged by the production crew to the Moreno Glacier just outside of El Calafate but quickly admits it is an amazing sight to see. The boys take an epic hike to the "Aquarium" where they have a perfect day for sight fishing some Monster bows. A few of the largest fish the crew has ever brought to the camera on this episode!

  • The WFWP crew shows off some Downtown El Calafate, Argentina with a stop to this unique wine shop that has a serious connection to the fly fishing culture. Denis and Dreu take a trip to the river and find some monster fall run rainbow trout then finish the episode with an absolute HOG in an area where Denis has some history.

  • Denis and Dreu travel to the southern reaches of the famous Patagonia region in South America in search of the largest Rainbow Trout in the world! Jurassic Lake is the unofficial name of this amazing fishery and they will soon see why. Rough travel and windy weather is what the crew is in for on this trip but it is all worth the effort!

  • Wild Fish Wild Places was all over the world this season and we have some never before seen footage along with some of the favorites to show off

  • The WFWP crew gets deeper into the plains of Argentina looking for big Golden Dorado. The weather takes a turn for the worse and the boys start to really struggle. Good thing the wolf fish are still eating.

  • The Parana River in Argentina is South America's second largest river and the crew is able to explore it from a live aboard! Exploration and adventure is the name of the game on this trip, top water wolf fish and golden dorado are plentiful!

  • The crew chases fish on the NakNek River where the lodge is located for big rainbow trout on the fly as well as a side by side adventure up a creek for grayling and char.

  • Float planes, the taxi of the north, drops the WFWP crew off with the brown bears to hike across the tundra to find some rainbow trout and arctic char. Then they take boats to a small creek and chase some monster silver salmon.

  • Alaska is a name that is synonymous with Adventure and this trip for the WFWP crew is exactly that! Bad weather leaves the crew stranded and left by the float plane in the middle of wild Alaska!

  • The crew takes a big hike to 11,000 feet in search of brook trout and some of the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen. Dreu and Denis also take you to Elko Nevada and show you around the most famous Basque restaurant in the west.

  • Denis turns the big 40 while chasing his favorite fish the lake trout! Dreu and Denis both connect with the biggest lake trout of their lives along with some great top water pike action.

  • Way up north is a lake that is famous for big Lake trout and Pike, Tazin Lake has been known for producing some of the biggest trout in the world! Denis and Dreu start exploring the lake looking for big fish but it is a tough go, until they find some monster pike!

  • This episode the crew finds the biggest bonefish on the island and land a 90 pound GT fish! Denis and Dreu explore the fishery and the team Dentist spends some time helping the locals.

  • On the equator between Hawaii and Fiji lies an atoll by the name of Kiribati, aka Christmas Island! The crew travels to this remote village to chase some of the most amazing flats fish the world has to offer. Bonefish at the Korean wreck and 1 Monster Giant Trevally for Dreu!