Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures

This television series focuses on hunting in different locations with the talented and world renowned hunter Jim Shockey. The show takes viewers to locations around the world to see the host hunt some very extreme locations and his toughness and grit are evident by watching this program. Jim Shockey has rugged mountain man look and his tracking and hunting skills make him seem to belong to a time and place in which acquiring food through tracking and dispatching animals is a skill you will be sure to learn by following him along on his hunting adventures. This series takes you to many exotic hunting locations without having to leave the comfort of your living room.

Wednesday 5:00 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
15 Seasons, 69 Episodes
July 1, 2013
Action & Adventure, Animals, Drama, Reality
Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures

Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • Every year Jim donates a Yukon combination hunt to SCI. That hunt is then auctioned off at their national convention, and the funds raised go back into conservation. Part of the deal is that Jim will personally guide the auction winner.

  • Eva and her husband,Tim, trek into the northern woodlands of the cold Canadian north with everybody's favorite hunting buddy, Wojo, to go after whitetail deer.

  • Jim heads back to his family ranch in Saskatchewan for the first time since his dad passed away, and he takes a trip down memory lane, recounting all of the great memories he's had hunting with his family.

  • Jim journeys to Tanzania with his longtime friend and professional hunter Mike Fell to go after some unique plains games species that live amongst the Maasai people.

  • Jim journeys to the Mozambique Delta to go after the mighty Cape buffalo and some of the smaller game species that roam that culturally diverse territory.

  • Jim heads to Utah to hunt one of the largest antlered big games species in the world; the Rocky Mountain Elk. At the end of the day, it's good old "hunter's luck'' that helps Jim harvest a giant bull elk.

  • Jim heads to the rugged, high altitude mountains of Nepal to go after some of the most elusive, sought after mountain species in the world, the Muntjac and the Blue Sheep.

  • It's time for our most loved episode of the year; a review of all the best of, the worst of, and the footage we just couldn't air the first time around.

  • Join one of Jim's best guides, Mike Schroeder, as Jim's camera crew trails him around for an amazing black bear hunting season on Vancouver Island in Jim's Pacific Rim Outfitting area.

  • Jim unites with his longtime professional hunter friend, Mike Fell, in Tanzania as they seek one of the most dangerous big game animals on earth, the cape buffalo.

  • This week we're heading to one of the most remote places on this planet, the Aleutian Islands. We're heading after the largest antlered big game animal compared to body size in the world, the reindeer.

  • Jim Rogue takes a trip to his Rogue River Outfitting territory in the Yukon Canada for a moose meat and potatoes hunt.