Primos TRUTH About Hunting

"PRIMOS TRUTH ABOUT HUNTING" returns for its 15th season as an Outdoor Channel fan favorite. Join Will Primos, Jimmy Primos, Brad Farris and friends as they chase turkey, elk, deer, waterfowl, and predators from hunting camps in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas to points all over North America. As ever, the TRUTH is about hunters who are serious about their sport and serious about wildlife conservation, but who also value family, friendship, and fun. If you're looking for phony drama or scripted stories, look elsewhere, because like Will always says, "This ain't Hollywood. This is the TRUTH!"

Tuesday 6:30 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
4 Seasons, 73 Episodes
February 6, 2001
Primos TRUTH About Hunting

Primos TRUTH About Hunting Full Episode Guide

  • Jimmy & Will are out of town at the archery show and Brad & Troy take full advantage. The ducks are thick. Perfect conditions make for a fantastic week up the tree and in a duck blind.

  • A good old fashioned sleet storm hammers down upon the Mississippi River Delta, while the guys jump into the duck blind for the first time; with plummeting temps deer are also on their feet, making for a perfect week of bucks and ducks.

  • Will is covered up by late December bucks on an all day sit, and Brad gets an early Cottonmouth Christmas present.

  • Brad and Will head down to Brad's home away from home, Togo Island, to get away from Jimmy; with the rut in full swing, Togo Island becomes the place to be.

  • Will and Jimmy are competing against each other for a split-browed 14-pointer.

  • Will continues his early season big buck run and ends up with an axe in hand as Jimmy makes him pay the price for success.

  • Will & Brad head home for the week, while Jimmy & Troy get in on the early season Cottonmouth action.

  • Will arrives at Cottonmouth and is greeted by the newest addition to the camp. Much to Jimmy's dismay, Will can't miss when he starts his season with a Mathews bow.

  • After arriving home from elk season, Brad and Troy head to Cottonmouth to get ready for an action-packed season and sneak in a little stand time.

  • Team Primos continues to pursue big rutting bulls in Northern New Mexico with their bows. The rut is in full swing, creating the perfect recipe for up close, screaming elk action!

  • Will Primos chases elk with Brad Farris, Will Walker and Troy Ruiz in the mountains of New Mexico with a stick and string. They arrive to hot and heavy rutting action.

  • Will Primos and Brad Farris head to Montana searching for rutting bulls; a September snowstorm makes for an unforgettable hunt in the high country.

  • The Cameramen do a little 12 gauge scouting in the snowy Mountains of New Mexico before Brad and Will arrive for some nonstop turkey action.

  • Brad and Will are chasing swamp turkeys along the banks of the Mississippi. Faced with high water, they suit up with waders, hip boots and boats to find spring success.

  • The Florida action continues as Team Primos chases some of the meanest and most aggressive gobblers in the country.

  • Some long-spurred, hard-gobbling Osceola turkeys welcome Jimmy, Troy and Lake to Florida.

  • With the Game and Fish shutting down the season due to high water, everybody is chomping at the bit to get in a few more hours in the stand. After the river crests, Brad, and Jimmy come back in on the boat to see Cottonmouth underwater!

  • You'd better find higher ground! The Mississippi River is on the rise, and everybody is scrambling to move all the equipment to safety, while trying to get in a few hunts before the season closes.

  • Brad and Troy Ruiz are traveling to Texas to hunt some hard gobbling rios at the Back Porch Ranch.

  • Brad and Will are braving the flood waters of the Mighty Mississippi River as they go after a few Mississippi swamp gobblers.

  • Jimmy is chasing elk at the Ojo Feliz Ranch will long time friend and Primos prostaffer Barry Fincher.

  • Will Primos is kicking off the 2015 Elk Season in Montana then travel's to Colorado to hunt with good friend John Vaca.

  • Jimmy and predator master, Randy Anderson, are finising up a week long predator trip to South Dakota.

  • Jimmy has left the peacefulness of Cottonmouth to go and try and howl up a few coyotes with predator master Randy Anderson.

  • Will and Brad do their best to finish the 2014 Deer Season strong as they try to fill their last remaining deer tags.

  • With the season winding down, Jimmy tries to kill his last remaining Mississippi buck of the season. While Brad, Troy, and Lake gear up for a classic January duck hunt.

  • It's November and Jimmy is trying his best to pattern a big 7 point before Brad gets to him first.