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  • 2012
  • 6 Seasons

The Flush is an exciting outdoor show on Outdoor Channel that follows the adventures of professional bird hunters Scott and Travis as they explore the most breathtaking hunting grounds across North America in search of game birds, primarily pheasants and grouse. The show showcases the experiences of avid hunting enthusiasts, highlighting their camaraderie and love for the sport.

Through heart-pumping hunts on the most beautiful land, The Flush takes viewers on an unforgettable journey into the world of bird hunting. Each episode explores different locations, showcasing the beauty of the outdoors, and educating viewers on the techniques involved in hunting. The show is not only about the hunt, but also the passion that drives these men to pursue their dreams and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.

The hosts of The Flush, Scott and Travis, are both avid bird hunters with decades of hunting experience between them. They have traveled and hunted with some of the best hunters in the world, making them skilled bird hunters and experts in the sport.

In each episode, Scott and Travis take viewers to different parts of the country, giving them insights on different cultures, customs, and traditions associated with game bird hunting in different regions. The duo also share their knowledge of the dogs used in hunting and other aspects of hunting such as the equipment used, the best tactics, and shooting skills. Viewers can learn about bird hunting, its history, and its future, as well as gain insights on various aspects of the sport such as conservation and preservation of wildlife.

The show also provides helpful tips for viewers who are interested in bird hunting. From planning a hunt and selecting the right equipment to scouting the best areas for game bird hunting, The Flush covers everything you need to know to get started. Additionally, viewers can also learn how to improve their shooting skills, which can take them to the next level in the sport.

Throughout each episode, The Flush presents beautiful cinematography that showcases the scenic beauty of each location to its fullest. We see wildlife in its natural environment, and beautiful landscapes that make viewers yearn for the great outdoors. These visuals give viewers a front-row seat to the thrill and excitement of bird hunting.

The show features different guests and friends of the duo who share their experiences, insights, and expertise in hunting. From professional hunters, breeders, and trainers to chefs who specialize in preparing game birds, The Flush welcomes a diverse range of guests to share knowledge, stories, and tips, bringing more depth and insights to the show.

Overall, The Flush on Outdoor Channel is a must-watch show for avid bird hunters or anyone interested in the sport. The show is packed with exciting hunting action, breathtaking scenery, and informative insights, making it the perfect show for any outdoor enthusiast. With its excellent production and engaging hosts, The Flush is sure to delight hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The Flush is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (64 episodes). The series first aired on June 27, 2012.

The Flush
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Turner Ranch Kansas Adventure
11. Turner Ranch Kansas Adventure
September 18, 2017
Ron Schara experiences the highs and lows of bird hunting, in this late season upland bird hunting adventure; pheasants and quail flush wild in the grasslands of Kansas.
Montana Amtrack Adventure
10. Montana Amtrack Adventure
September 11, 2017
Bill Sherck hitches a train from Minnesota to Montana for an upland bird hunting adventure with a unique twist.
Ontario Grouse Adventure - II
9. Ontario Grouse Adventure - II
September 4, 2017
Travis Frank and Scott Fransen hunt the islands of Ontario's, Lake of the Woods; this do-it-yourself bush-wacking adventure explores ruffed grouse, waterfowl and fishing opportunities into one bucket list adventure. Part 2.
Ontario Grouse Adventure - I
8. Ontario Grouse Adventure - I
August 28, 2017
Travis Frank and Scott Fransen hunt the islands of Ontario's Lake of the Woods; this do-it-yourself bushwhacking adventure explores ruffed grouse, waterfowl and fishing opportunities into one bucket list adventure.
Oklahoma Public Land Quail
7. Oklahoma Public Land Quail
August 14, 2017
Travis Frank hits the road with Minnesota dog trainer, George Lyall, for an epic quail hunt in the rolling hills of Oklahoma. America's quail rebound takes center stage on this public land hunting adventure.
Blizzard Ringnecks & Waterfowl
6. Blizzard Ringnecks & Waterfowl
August 7, 2017
Travis Frank and his friends battle through a North Dakota blizzard for a bird hunt to remember.
Texas Quail
5. Texas Quail
July 31, 2017
Ron Schara heads south for a Texas sized bird hunt in the southern grasslands. If rumors of a quail rebound are true, his only question to answer will be how many birds flush in each covey?
Hanks First Hunt
4. Hanks First Hunt
July 17, 2017
Scott Fransen introduces his new bird dog to South Dakota's roosters. When his three daughters tag along for Hank's first hunt, the hunt runs deeper than a single bird flush.
Lake Sakakawea Adventure
3. Lake Sakakawea Adventure
July 10, 2017
Travis Frank experiences a truly wild upland bird hunting adventure on the bluffs surrounding North Dakota's Lake Sakakawea.
Minnesota Milestone Hunt
2. Minnesota Milestone Hunt
July 3, 2017
Travis Frank joins Pheasants Forever and Federal Premium Ammunition on prime Minnesota grasslands to celebrate a pheasant hunting milestone - 50 million shot shells in the making.
Fullers Michigan Grouse
1. Fullers Michigan Grouse
June 26, 2017
Bill Sherck kicks off the upland bird-hunting season in Michigan's ruffed grouse forest; grouse hunting history and big flush numbers take center stage at a Michigan gem known as Fuller's.
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The Flush is available for streaming on the Outdoor Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Flush on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    June 27, 2012