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  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (162)

Gemstones have fascinated mankind for centuries, with their sparkling beauty and perceived value. But what goes on behind the scenes to bring these gems to market? That's the question at the heart of Gem Hunt, a thrilling adventure series on Travel Channel. The show features three gem experts: J.V. Martin, Ron LeBlanc, and Diane Robinson. These seasoned professionals have traveled the world in search of the finest gems, and they're ready to take viewers along for the ride.

Each episode of Gem Hunt finds the team in a different location, from the remote wilderness of Madagascar to the bustling markets of Bangkok. They meet with local miners and traders, exploring the unique challenges and rewards of each region.

But the journey isn't just about sightseeing. The Gem Hunt team is on a mission to find the rarest and most valuable gems, and they're not afraid to get their hands dirty. They trek through dangerous terrain, using a mix of modern technology and old-fashioned intuition to uncover hidden reserves of precious stones.

Along the way, J.V., Ron, and Diane share their expertise with viewers. They discuss the science behind gemstones, explaining how they're formed and why they differ in quality. They also offer insights into the international trade in gems, from mining to cutting to selling.

One of the standout aspects of Gem Hunt is the stunning visuals. The show captures the natural beauty of each location, from the lush forests of Colombia to the turquoise waters of Sri Lanka. The camera lingers on the glittering gems themselves, highlighting their unique colors and textures.

But Gem Hunt is not just a pretty travelogue. The show has a high-stakes element, as the team races against time to secure the most valuable gems before they're bought up by competitors. They face unpredictable weather, treacherous animals, and even shady characters who may not have their best interests at heart.

Throughout it all, J.V., Ron, and Diane are a tight-knit team, supporting each other through the challenges and celebrating their successes. Their charisma and expertise make them engaging hosts, and viewers will quickly become invested in their adventures.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Gem Hunt is its exploration of the ethical dimensions of the gem trade. The team is always mindful of the impact their work has on local communities and ecosystems, and they strive to operate in a sustainable and responsible manner.

In one episode, for example, they visit a remote tribe in Madagascar that has recently discovered a vein of sapphires. While the gems could bring much-needed income to the community, they also pose a risk of attracting outside exploitation. J.V., Ron, and Diane work with the tribe to negotiate a fair deal and ensure that the gems are mined in a way that respects the environment and the local culture.

Overall, Gem Hunt is a gripping and informative series that will appeal to anyone with an interest in geology, travel, or adventure. Its bold exploration of the fascinating world of gemstones is sure to inspire viewers to plan their own journeys of discovery.

Gem Hunt is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on October 15, 2013.

Gem Hunt
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Amethyst and Emerald - Zambia
14. Amethyst and Emerald - Zambia
January 21, 2014
Ron LeBlanc and his team explore Zambia in search of the country's best emeralds and amethyst.
Double Blue Aquamarine - Mozambique
13. Double Blue Aquamarine - Mozambique
January 14, 2014
Ron LeBlanc and his team of gem hunters visit Mozambique for blue aquamarine.
Ruby, Sapphire and Jade - Myanmar
12. Ruby, Sapphire and Jade - Myanmar
January 7, 2014
Ron LeBlanc and his team of gem hunters head to Mozambique, which is rich with rubies, sapphires, and jade.
Madagascar Aquamarine
11. Madagascar Aquamarine
January 5, 2014
Ron LeBlanc and his team of gem hunters travel to the gem-rich nation of Madagascar in search of huge pieces of aquamarine that they can cut into jewels.
Rubies and Jade - Thailand
10. Rubies and Jade - Thailand
December 17, 2013
Ron LeBlanc and the team land in Thailand in search of a perfect pair of blood-red rubies. They begin in the Western border town of Mae Sot, where Myanmar's best rubies first hit the international gem scene.
Bi-Color Sapphire - Madagascar
9. Bi-Color Sapphire - Madagascar
December 10, 2013
Ron, Bernie and Diane return to their old hunting ground, sapphire rich Madagascar, in search of stunning gemstones believed to be mined in the country's northern region.
Tourmaline - Nepal
8. Tourmaline - Nepal
December 3, 2013
The team is off to Nepal in search of rare tourmaline and aquamarine stones that are known to be hidden in the Himalayan Mountains.
Blue Sapphire and Zircon - Cambodia
7. Blue Sapphire and Zircon - Cambodia
November 26, 2013
The team searches for Blue Sapphire and Zircon in Cambodia.
Sapphire and Moonstone - Sri Lanka
6. Sapphire and Moonstone - Sri Lanka
November 19, 2013
The team travels to Sri Lanka, home to some of the oldest gem markets on the planet. But the markets are full of fakes, synthetics and imported stones. Ron is looking for the fabled padparadscha - a unique pinky-orange sapphire.
Emeralds - Colombia
5. Emeralds - Colombia
November 12, 2013
The team travels to Colombia to get Muzo emeralds, the world's most valued gemstone. But they have to negotiate their way around Colombia first, and deal with the infamous cartels who have control over the emerald trade.
Opals - Ethiopia
4. Opals - Ethiopia
November 5, 2013
Ethiopia has the strictest gem buying rules and regulations Ron has ever had to deal with, so he'll have to deal with bureaucracy and government minders first if he's going to get his Welo opals. After police brutality, vehicle breakdowns, and death defying cliff descents, Ron has the opportunity to try to get a huge package of rough Welo opal and a six-figure pay day.
Imperial Topaz and Aquamarine - Brazil
3. Imperial Topaz and Aquamarine - Brazil
October 29, 2013
The team heads to Brazil to find imperial topaz - a rare stone that is only produced by a single mine in Ouro Preto, Brazil. Ron is looking for a huge stone: a rock that will cut a 20-carat gem, and he is willing to spend big money to get it.
Tanzanite - Tanzania
2. Tanzanite - Tanzania
October 22, 2013
The new blue gemstone tanzanite is one of the bluest of all blue stones and it's only in a small part of Tanzania. But the supply of tanzanite are running out, so the team travels to Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro to get in on the action.
Rubies - Vietnam
1. Rubies - Vietnam
October 15, 2013
In Vietnam Ron LeBlanc and his team want to get their hands on some high-rolling rubies. They are under the government's radar, and an agent intends on making sure they don't leave with any. But, Ron has some tricks.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 15, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (162)