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"Driven with Pat & Nicole", each year the show aims to make quality outdoor television with the goal of hunting hard and capturing the best footage possible in fair chase hunting conditions. Hunting is what drives Pat and Nicole and that is evident in each minute of every action-packed episode.

Driven with Pat & Nicole is a Reality series that is currently running and has 16 seasons (170 episodes). The series first aired on March 12, 2013.

Driven with Pat & Nicole is available for streaming on the Outdoor Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Driven with Pat & Nicole on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Tuesday 9:30 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
16 Seasons, 170 Episodes
March 12, 2013
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Driven with Pat & Nicole Full Episode Guide

  • Leaving the snow behind in Minnesota, Pat & Nicole warm up in Florida. And, the whole crew has a hot hand while hunting wild Turkeys & Hogs.

  • The good times roll on as Pat & Mitch continue to land bucket list fish. Meanwhile, giant Black Bears lurk close by in the thick woods of remote Northern Saskatchewan.

  • Part 2. Proving once more that sweat equity really does pay dividends. Nicole drops a big buck and a doe in familiar territory.

  • Part 1. Now, the real work begins. Pat prepares for hunting season the best way he knows how; by managing his properties to their fullest potential, and creating a paradise that no Whitetail can resist.

  • With a track record for success that is scary, Isabel Reeve turns heads by anchoring the Double Beam Deer at the top of Dad's Hit List.

  • Hunting hard and never giving up, Nicole returns to Alberta to fill her Mule Deer tag.

  • Pat carefully spots and stalks Chocolate Horn Giants with a bow through the river valleys of Alberta.

  • Pat's patience pays off when a well known giant at Buck Country finally meets its maker. Meanwhile, Randy Baker tries to put a tag on his first Saskatchewan whitetail.

  • The Driven Gang arrives in Saskatchewan at Buck Country Outfitters with Nicole & Hometown Police Chief, Tim Schneider, who is on patrol first.

  • Pat heads into the Yukon wilderness to an area that hasn't been hunted in nearly a decade, aiming to get within bow range of a giant moose that roam the timber around Ceasar Lake Outfitters.

  • Driven Team Members, Randy Baker & Carson Reeve, are hoping to connect with prized Minnesota whitetail deer during some early season hunting action.

  • Pat & Nicole continue their adventure in the Northwest Territories together. Both have a tag for Mountain Caribou.

  • Pat & Nicole return to Canol Outfitters in the Northwest Territories, ascending the Mackenzie Mountains on Nicole's first Dall Sheep hunt.

  • Pat & Nicole head to Razzor Ranch in Florida with Clint & Whitney for Osceola Turkey and Hog hunting using their TC Shotgun and Mathews Bow.

  • The Reeve family heads to Northern Saskatchewan for Isabel's first black bear hunt using her new Mission Crossbow. Little father daughter time and lots of close bear action.

  • Managing and growing big deer on the Reeve properties has been the key to success for Pat and Nicole. Building waterholes for big mature whitetails is one of the ingredients to tagging out early in the season. Learn how they get it done year after year using waterholes.

  • Aboard the Golden Eagle, the Driven crew continue to hunt big black bears along the beaches of Southeastern Alaska and enjoy the total experience this kind of hunt has to offer.

  • The Driven Crew is on an epic adventure as they head to spot and stalk black bears along the coast of Southeastern Alaska. Nicole stalks into ten yards with her bow and waits for the perfect shot on a giant bruin.

  • This is a story about a local kid from a small town in Southern Minnesota who has put in hard work at the Driven Headquarters. Join young Aiden as he learns life lessons and is given a chance to prove himself as a new hunter in front of the Driven Cameras.

  • After logging hundreds of hours bow hunting in Northern Saskatchewan, Pat's perseverance finally pays off as he comes face to face with the buck he's been waiting for.

  • Join the Driven Team on their annual trip to Buck Country Outfitters in Northern Saskatchewan. Nicole and Lacrosse Boot, Bass Pro Sweepstakes Winner are up first and are looking to tag a giant chocolate horned whitetail.

  • After years of passing up bucks and letting them grow Pat's management efforts finally pay off on their ground in Southeastern Minnesota. Learn the story and see how Pat closed the book on a mature buck they call 'Forky'.

  • Nicole's up to bat to hunt giant Alaskan moose in the Yukon with their favorite Outfitter, Ceaser Lake Outfitters. The rut is on and big bulls are on the move.

  • Join Pat's youngest daughter Isabel as she tries to keep her big buck shooting streak alive in her home state of Minnesota. See how Isabel's hard work and dedication pan out for a big buck.

  • Pat and Nicole head to Buck Country Outfitters in Northern Saskatchewan for waterfowl hunting in the morning and big black bears at night. This combo hunt offers tons of action.

  • After falling short on filling his sheep tag during the first trip. Pat makes a last minute decision to go back to the rugged Mackenzie Mountains and try again for his dream trophy.

  • Pat and Nicole kick off the fall hunting season climbing the Mountains of the Northwest Territories. They are pursuing World Class Mountain Caribou and Dall Sheep.

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