Driven with Pat & Nicole

"Driven with Pat & Nicole", each year the show aims to make quality outdoor television with the goal of hunting hard and capturing the best footage possible in fair chase hunting conditions. Hunting is what drives Pat and Nicole and that is evident in each minute of every action-packed episode.

Tuesday 9:30 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
4 Seasons, 55 Episodes
March 12, 2013
Driven with Pat & Nicole

Driven with Pat & Nicole Full Episode Guide

  • Pat is covered up with brown bears, but looking for the nine footer; breathe taking landscapes help calm Pat's itchy trigger finger and to bloody his Bloodsport arrows.

  • The Alaskan voyage begins. Pat has left the TC at home and will be wielding his Mathews. Years ago Pat hammered down on a huge prehistoric brown bear with his TC. Looking to get it done with his Halon 32.

  • Pat is heading up to Alberta to hopefully break his whitetail curse and punch his tag. His previous years in Alberta have been good to him.

  • Isabel hammered down on her first buck ever in Minnesota, during the 2016 season. This year she's looking for something a little bigger. She has her hit list already figured out.

  • Driven's Muddy ProCAMS are hot in Minnesota. Pat and Andrew return from Saskatchewan and are itching to get back in the tree. It's opening gun season and Pat has a bit of a surprise planned.

  • Pat and Nicole got word her drop main beam buck is back. Pat and Nicole fly back up to Saskatchewan to finish the job and hope Pat has a little better luck for round two.

  • Driven team is back in the holy land of Saskatchewan waiting on giant whitetail deer and Jahnke is in camp.

  • Pat's been hunting hard and looking for that majestic bull New Mexico is known for. Satellite bulls are right in the wheel house of his TC but can he harvest a herd bull.

  • "Driven'' is back in New Mexico chasing screaming bulls, and Nicole tagged out the first day last year.

  • From Kansas youth season to his home state of Minnesota. You can't keep this kid out of the tree. Carson is archery hunting during the youth gun season. Will he continue his big buck luck.

  • Nicole loves her early season hunting in Minnesota during the October lull. She has started a track record with shooting mature bucks over watering holes. Looking to get it done two years in a row.

  • Pat and Nicole head out west to the gorgeous state of Utah in search of velvet mule deer during the archery season.

  • Carson brings his sister Isabel to Kansas to see if she can hammer down on her first Kansas giant. Can Carson tag out three years in a row as well?

  • With multiple close calls along the Yukon river banks, Pat finally finds the moose of his dreams and arrows a record book Alaskan moose.

  • Pat and Driven cameraman, Bryan Lemke, travel to the wilderness of the Yukon in search of giant Alaskan moose on the river banks. Their unforgettable, epic journey begins in this three-part mini-series.

  • The Driven Crew, along with Cody and Kelsy Robbins, hunt for giant sheds sprinkled across the Canadian landscape.

  • Green Bay Packers football star Jeff Janis hunts along with Holly Miller at Bluff Country Outfitters in Wisconsin.

  • For the second year in a row, the Driven team takes a Wounded Warrior turkey hunting in Kansas.

  • Pat and Nicole are in the Rock Mountain West hunting for rutting elk. With close encounters and heart-pounding drama, will they be able to get it done?

  • The hunts of Driven team members, Darren and Sherri Martin, are documented throughout the 2014 hunting season. One buck in particular named ''Mr. Velvetdeer'' is profiled.