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The Jupiter II spacecraft has left planet earth and John Robinson and his family are headed to the star system of Alpha Centauri. Their goal is to reach a planet and turn it into a civilization. Several years later, the family awake, and they are lost in space; this is only the start of their troubles. They have lost communication the earth and they do not know actions they should do next.

John and his family must now do all they can to get back to planet earth. In the meantime, the family discovers that there are villains in space that do not want them to get back to earth. In fact, these villains do not want the Robinson family to live at all.

In Space is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on July 5, 2005.

In Space is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch In Space on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

Janson Media
1 Season, 26 Episodes
July 5, 2005
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Bill Mumy
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  • Skylab Experiments, Space Tourist, Chile Telescope, Flight of Faith 7, Ballons in Space, Images of Man in Space

  • Views from Space, Space Suit Design, Radiation, Jellyfish in Space, MT Etna and Mars Rover, Space Health Research

  • Frenck Astronomers, Japan Space Programme, Skylab laboratory, 15th Anniversary of Hubble, Satellite Internet on Trains, Asteroids, Global Monitoring, Mars Encounter, Shuttle Discovery Training

  • Galileo GPS, How it all Began, Humna Life, Russian Robotic Arm, Pictures from Titan, Gravitrons in Space, Life on Planets, Robot Arm Wrestling

  • Rosetta Flyby, Satellite Tracking, ESA OPS Centre, Toys in Space, ISS Development, Women Astronauts, Dante The Robot, EURO Mars Rover

  • Space Sniffer, Apollo 16, Saturn Pictures, Mars, A nEarly Shuttle Trip, Secrets of the Sun

  • Ham the Astronaut, UFOS, European Space Progress, Disaster Monitoring, Atmosphere, Space Debris

  • Micro Gravity, Stratellite, Supernova, Gravity Experiment, Symphonies of Light, Salt, Swedish Rocket Range

  • Student Design, Olympic Security, MIR Space Station, IRAS, Pioneer 10, Gemini 3

  • International Space Station, Galileo, Hubble, MIR, Ulysses Explorer, Robotics,

  • Mars Orbiter, Tedrs, Satellite Tracking, Hubble launch, Space Photography, Atlantix meets ISS, Moon Rock Fuel, Chinese Space Mission

  • Cobe, Early Warning Defection System, Point of View, Mission to the Sun, Growing for Air, Space Generations, Last Apollo, ESA Probe to Titan

  • Weightlessness, Sleep Hibernation, Jovian System, Space Scientists, Shuttle Pallet Satellite, Mars Briefing, Kazakhstan Space Centre

  • Space Safety, Virtual Landscape, Astro Manouvering, Space Shuttle Aircraft, Heart Assist Pump, Virtual Reality Training, Advanced Life Support, Sputnik, UK Nationall Space Centre

  • International Space Station, Goldstone Tracking, Photgraphers in Space, Space Technology, Moon Mapping, Hyperspace Plane X30, Experiments in Space, Astronaut Training

  • Meteorites, Astrounaut Selection, Lift Off, Images of Space, Cool Suit, Apollo 14 abd 15, Space Phone, Challenging the Future

  • Surface Mapping, Earth Exhibition, Planets, Space Generation, Glass Blower, Unmasking the Sun, Cluster Satellites, Russia Delta Mission, Preparing for Space,

  • Space Scientists, nasa Dart, Mars, Rosetta, Hubble, Space Youth, Cambridge Space Camera, Titan Probe, Space Satellite Company, Mice Bone Loss

  • Transit of Venus, Nasa Telescope, Romania Rocket Launch, Gamma Ray Probe, Space Expo, Tumbleweed, Solar Sail,Ariane 5, Spaceship One, Astronomy

  • Magnetic Levitation, Space Walk, Mars Water, Space Detectives, Netherlands Space, Mercury, Huygens, Saturn Probe, Genesis Aftermath, Endeavour

  • Moon on Earth, Magellan, White Sands, Skylab, Benefits from Space, Glenn Blastoff, CFD, Challenger

  • Mars Station, Gemini, Hibble, Crystals in Space, Space School, ISS Virtuall Reality, Cluster Satellites, Shuttle Views, Space Technologies

  • Nasa Robots, Bone Loss, Voyager, Aircraft To Medicine, Weather Satellite, Pims, Mars Exploration Aircraft, Rocket Festival, Space Burials

  • Space Photography, LDEF, Mars Rovers Space Walk, Moon Mining, Oldest Observatory, Moon Golf, Model Builder, Hubble

  • Satellites, Ozone Hole, Pioneer 10, Space Senese, Space Sickness, Driving on the Moon, Space Travel, Meteors, Health in Space, Ill Fated Flight,

  • Martian Meteorite, Space Elebator, Space Gases, Scram Jets, Space Wedding, Weightlessness, Moon Development, Goddard, Big Bang, Venus,Space, Dust, Windows in Time

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