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How the Universe Works is a science and educational documentary that comes on the Discovery Channel. Mike Rowe is the narrator in this hour long show. This show is geared towards all audience members no matter what age they are. How the Universe Works gives us viewers an in depth look on topics ranging from: The birth of planet Earth, the formation of comets, how mega storms develop and how to stay prepared, asteroids and their impact, volcanoes and their eruption, and planets and their evil twins (just to name a few). We will be able to see reenactments of what the scientists are trying to explain. Each episode of How the Universe Works depicts an array of topics and each topic will being discussed in its entirety.

Each topic given to us has scientific analysis, reports, data, and evidence to back up their claims. From elite and respected scientists to archeologists and historians, each group of people bring something special and unique to the table. When all of the evidence is compiled and viewed, the pieces from everyone's point of view fit together like a puzzle. Critics and viewers alike rave about this show because it is easy for any individual to understand and comprehend.

With today's technology looking at the stars or looking at a volcano makes each scientist's job a lot easier than previously noted. The technology being used today can look farther, deeper, and more carefully than any kind of scientific instrument or tool used before. Making their findings even more tangible and relevant. How the Universe Works gives us the answers that we have been asking ourselves for so many years. Scientists are at the brink of discovering new planets that can't be seen with simple telescopes and they are finding out more information to the question of are we alone. These scientists can also explore the answers on why mega disaster hit, and what man kind can do as a whole to stop a disaster from hitting our planet.

Tuesday 7:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
6 Seasons, 62 Episodes
April 25, 2010
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Phil Plait, Michelle Thaller, Lawrence Krauss, Mike Rowe
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How the Universe Works Full Episode Guide

  • Spacetime is the secret structure that controls our universe, and this strange four-dimensional substance controls time, light, and energy; it will also determine how our universe will end.

  • Scientists are using cutting-edge technology to stop an asteroid apocalypse, and for the first time, mankind is closer than ever to keeping Earth safe from these killer space rocks.

  • Our solar system is home to hundreds of strange, tiny worlds called dwarf planets, and new discoveries reveal the secrets of these mysterious places.

  • Quasars are the brightest and most powerful objects in our universe, and though they have shaped the cosmos, they might ultimately destroy everything that exists.

  • Mercury is a deadly world, facing attacks from the Sun, comets, and other planets; even though it's the smallest planet in the solar system, Mercury has a dangerous secret that may one day threaten life on Earth.

  • Uranus and Neptune are mysterious, icy worlds at the edge of the solar system, and new discoveries reveal that these strange planets might have helped start life on Earth.

  • The Milky Way is dying, and experts are investigating what's killing it.

  • Our solar system hides a dark and violent past, and new discoveries reveal that Earth and the planets were formed from the destruction of strange alien worlds that came before us.

  • Planets that orbit two suns instead of one might be deadly hell worlds, but new discoveries reveal that sci-fi star systems with binary stars might be optimal places for alien life.

  • Cosmologists say there are black holes throughout the Universe, but they've never seen one and it's almost impossible to study them directly.

  • Discoveries of new planets have revealed countless worlds much stranger than Earth. Some of these strange worlds don't have stars, others are made out of diamonds. Will we ever find a planet like Earth, or are these distant worlds stranger than fiction?

  • Dark matter is the biggest mystery of the cosmos. Scientists know that it has been vital to the universe since its birth, and new discoveries reveal that it could create black holes, cause mass extinctions, and might even shape life on Earth itself.

  • The universe is a dangerous place, and we explore the deadliest spots in the cosmos. Between earth and the edge of the universe, there are a million ways to die, and our crash test dummy is on a mission to reveal the worst.

  • Recent discoveries could explain how supermassive black holes grow so big, one of the universe's most mysterious questions. Neither dark matter nor cannibalism can fully explain these monsters, but the latest science might finally provide an answer.

  • July 2015, the New Horizons probe sped past the dwarf planet Pluto capturing the first ever close-up images of this most mysterious of worlds. Scientists expected Pluto to be grey and heavily cratered they couldn't have been more wrong. New Horizons reveals mountain ranges, active glaciers and an atmosphere streaked with organic chemistry. This tiny frozen world was geologically alive. The vast heart-shaped plain on Pluto's flanks made headlines around the world but could Pluto's greatest secret lie below; a warm internal ocean of liquid water and with it the possibility of life nearly four billion miles from the Sun.

  • The evolution of life on Mars before a series of cataclysmic events transformed the planet from a watery world to a hostile one; scientists believe life will find a way to continue despite the setbacks.

  • Scientists have discovered a mysterious ninth planet on the very edge of our solar system. Ten times the size of Earth, this strange world could have moons with extraterrestrial life.

  • A countdown of discoveries that changed everything known about the universe.

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