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In this animated series, an eight-year-old princess goes on adventures with her friends, a gallant knight, his horse, and Nella's own loyal unicorn Trinket. The group overcomes challenges and works for justice; the series is aimed at pre-schoolers, and it tries to teach them to be loyal, friendly, and courageous. The series debuted in early 2017 on the Nickelodeon cable network.

4 Seasons, 46 Episodes
February 6, 2017
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Akira Golz, Matthew Gumley, Kobi Frumer, Samantha Hahn
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Nella the Princess Knight Full Episode Guide

  • It's the showdown of the century as Nella and her Dad square off with a fearsome gladiator after he slips away with King Dad's crown!

  • When Olivia's sparkly ball is lost in the bowling lanes, Nella and friends venture into a bowling wonderland beyond the pins to get it back. While Nella and the gang prepare for Garrett's dad's wedding, Tricksy swaps the ring for something silly. Nella and the gang must get it back before the ceremony!

  • Nella is sent on a hair-raising rescue when Trinket is pressured into copying her friends.Blaine serves Nella a culinary catastrophe when he tries to hide his passion for cooking.

  • Blaine gets less than he bargained for when he scouts for his very own steed with Nella. He finds Dwayne, an adorable miniature stallion.When Trinket loses her voice before a special duet, she and Nella must journey to the Shimmering Steamspring for a cure.

  • When Bogner the Bog-Troll takes Nella's bounce-house as her new home, she accidently takes Clod too - who is still bouncing inside!Castlehaven begins to sink when the Diggykins build their underground kingdom beneath Nella's village garden.

  • Nella is a princess who transforms into a knight! She goes on fantastical adventures with her friends, Sir Garret, Trinket, and Clod, to fight for what's right.

  • Nella and her grandparents work together when she accidently plants a Dandydragon; a flower that acts just like a real dragon!When Munchie the dragon is hungry for knowledge, she eats Garrett's homework. Nella and friends must get it back before school.

  • When a young Princess Nella meets a lost unicorn, she finds the courage to make her dreams come true by becoming a Princess Knight.

  • After a display of true courage, Trinket receives a sparkling new carriage from the Unicorn of the Lake.

  • Nella and her friends take part in an action-packed go-kart race!

  • When Nella's sword gets an amazing upgrade, she finds it difficult to master its new power. It's the Castlehaven Jousting Tournament. and everyone wants to win!

  • When Trinket is mysteriously "frozen" at the Castlehaven Carnival, everyone blames Badalf.

  • After Trinket's horn is bent in an accident, Nella helps her find a wise unicorn to fix it.

  • Nella and her friends discover a kingdom in the clouds. When Trinket and Olivia are turned into icky lizards, Nella and her friends must find the antidote.

  • After Trinket's horn is bent in an accident, Nella helps her find a wise unicorn to fix it. Nella and Trinket go on a quest to retrieve Trinket's childhood toy when she accidentally gives it away.

  • When bad weather ruins their plans, Nella and her friends go on a quest inside the castle. During a cute critter watching trip, Olivia causes big problems by feeding a Chompling lunch.

  • Nella and her friends are invited to a party in the mysterious kingdom of Sparkleburg, but no one knows where it is! When Blaine finds himself in peril on a class climbing trip, it's up to Nella to help him!

  • Nella goes on a quest for Bling Berries in the Murkberry Mines, so she can make her mom's favorite pancakes for breakfast!Nella and Blaine must find three baby dragons when they go missing from a play-date.

  • Nella and her friends get lost in Minatori's maze. Miscommunication between Nella and Garrett causes their invention at the Royal Science Expo to go wrong.

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