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This animated series follows the adventures and misadventures of a society of tiny blue people who live in the forest. The community of Smurfs is entirely male except for Smurfette, the lone female in the group, and they are constantly menaced by the evil Gargamel and his frightening cat Azrael. The characters were created as a comic strip by the Belgian cartoonist Peyo, and they went on to the basis of a successful animated film franchise.

The Smurfs is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (142 episodes). The series first aired on March 7, 1981.

Where do I stream The Smurfs online? The Smurfs is available for streaming on Warner Bros., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Smurfs on demand at Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Warner Bros.
12 Seasons, 142 Episodes
March 7, 1981
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Don Messick, Danny Goldman, Lucille Bliss, Frank Welker
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The Smurfs Full Episode Guide

  • None of the Smurfs believes Grandpa's tales exploration and exotic lands -- until an African princess and her amazing animals arrive for a visit.

  • Accidentally made into doubles, Papa Smurf and Gargamel must find a way to pull themselves together along with Smurf village.

  • The Smurfs are captured by the Wartmongers while picking roots in the Creepeedeepee Swamp, but are rescued by a mysterious Scarlet Croaker.

  • Allura, an enchantress, encourages Poet to touch her magic orb but doing so causes the Smurfs to become dependent on it and erratic in their behavior.

  • The Most Unsmurfy Game: A hunting game has the Smurfs as prey for the Wartmongers.Tattle-Tail Smurfs: Brainy grows tired of the Smurflings tattling on him, and casts a spell that makes their tails grow each time they tell tales.

  • Baby's New Toy: The Smurfs search for a toy that will amuse a bored Baby, but the Toy Maker has lost interest in his work because children don't appreciate his efforts.Smurfs On The Run: After upsetting the balance of truth and deceit, Gargamel and Sassette must reset it.

  • Heart Of Gold: Problems arise in Smurf Village when Gargamel replaces Clockwork's heart of gold with one of stone.The Last Whippoorwill: After poachers hunt down all the whippoorwills, the Smurfs search for the last whippoorwill egg as insects threaten to take over the forest.

  • Head Over Hogatha: Gargamel wants to use Hogatha to get to the Smurfs, but cupid gives her a case of lovesickness for him.Put-Upon Puppy: The Smurflings try to train an unruly Puppy, but his learning is put to the test when he must rescue the Smurfs from Gargamel.

  • Master Scruple: Gargamel gets a new apprentice in Gourdy the Genie.Gargamel's Dummy: Jokey's dummy of Gargamel comes to life after Gargamel's spell.

  • Crying Smurfs: Papa's potion makes the Smurfs cry nonstop.The Color Smurfy: The right color in a spectrum pool must be found by the Smurflings and Grandpa Smurf to restore the life to a color sprite to bring back color to a monochrome world.

  • Futuresmurfed: A baby dinosaur is released from the past when Lord Balthazar uses Father Time's scythe to cut a hole in the fabric of reality.The Horn Of Plenty: Mother Nature accidentally damages the fall harvest, and the Smurfs face a hungry winter. They travel to the Land of Plenty, but Gargamel steals the magical Horn of Plenty.

  • Gargamel takes a job as Prince Theodore's court magician.

  • Clumsy's Cloud: A cloud of Smurf misfortune follows Clumsy home, and the Smurfs must get a silver lining from the Hoarding Elf to get rid of it.Scruple's Sweetheart: Brenda the Little Witch wants a date for the Broomstick Ball, but Scruple only wants her magic wand.

  • Dr. Evil And Mr. Nice: Gargamel suffers from a magic-induced split personality given to him by Scruple.I Smurf To The Trees: All the trees decide to leave the forest once Gargamel makes them come to life.

  • Journey To The Center Of The Smurf: Miner finds some "dirty rocks" which he uses to keep the Smurfs warm all winter.The Gallant Smurf: Hogatha has a devious plan where she must capture Grandpa Smurf by turning herself into Grandma Smurfette.

  • Essence Of Brainy: Some Smurfs have too much of Brainy's personality after he has lost it.Handy's Window-Vision: The Smurfs become fascinated by Handy's new invention, an image-transmitting crystal called "window-vision."

  • The Root of Evil: Chlorhydris plants the Seeds of Discord in the forest, which grow into a literal "root of evil."Don Smurfo: Smurfette dreams of the heroic Don Smurfo, and Jokey disguises himself as the romantic ideal to make her dreams come true.

  • Snappy's Way: The Smurfs are accidentally buried under an avalanche by Snappy and his selfishness.The Village Vandal: Gargamel releases a super-hungry termite into the Smurf Village.

  • Bringing Up Bigfeet: Bigmouth's nephew needs babysitting and the Smurflings get all the practice the can handle.A Myna Problem: Clumsy befriends a talking myhna bird, but its habit of repeating everything it hears causes bad feelings among the Smurfs.

  • Bookworm Smurf: When Sassette wishes all the books in the world to disappear the world stops functioning.Jokey's Cloak: Jokey discovers a magic cloak of invisibility, but his see-through state becomes permanent when he gets wet.

  • Smurfette's Flower: Smurfette takes a flower home, and the pushy bloom takes advantage of her kindness.It's A Puppy's Life: Puppy and Gargamel switch bodies causing problems for the Smurfs

  • Papa's Last Spell: Papa Smurf loses his ability to use magic after Gargamel casts a spell on him.Sweepy Smurf: The Smurflings try to make the chimney sweep, Sweepy, popular, but their plan backfires.

  • The Most Popular Smurf: Scruples casts a magic spell that fills Jokey's prankish exploding packages with real gifts.Reckless Smurfs: "Extreme sports" take on a new meaning when Gargamel puts a daredevil spell on the Smurfs

  • Smurfs on Wheels: Handy takes his fellow Smurfs on a wild ride in his camper to Dreamy Steamy Springs but the trip proves that getting there on foot is more than half the fun.All The Smurf's A Stage: Timid has to convince the others that he can act when they assume he's too shy to try out for Poet's new play.

  • Greedy feels unappreciated until he meets a gnome king that ends up taking advantage of his talents and ignoring his son.

  • Smurfette's Gift: An imp takes Smurfette for his collection as she gets too nosey about her birthday presents.The World According To Smurflings: The Smurflings misuse Mother Nature's wand and learn about the balance of nature.

  • Snappy's carelessness causes a forest fire which threatens the village and hurts many animals, including Puppy.

  • Sassette's Tooth: Sassette loses her tooth and Gargamel pretends to be the Tooth Fairy to capture the Smurfs.The Tallest Smurf: Gourdy tries to cheer up a depressed Slouchy, who's miserable about being the shortest Smurf, but his spell to make him the tallest backfires and shrinks the other Smurfs instead.

  • Papa Smurf creates a magic quill that never correctly draws a map to replace the real magic quill and prevent Gargamel from finding the Smurf Village.

  • The Answer Smurf: Slouchy foils Gargamel while all the other smurfs fall under Brainy's charisma spell.No Smurf Is An Island: Feeling unappreciated, Handy builds a Smurfarine and goes to visit Merena the mermaid.

  • Grouchy Makes a Splash: Grouchy loses his fear of swimming when he sees Gargamel kidnapping Baby.Farmer's Genie: Farmer releases an inept genie from a gourd.

  • An evil wizard turns a prince into a frog that Smurfette falls in love with.

  • As the Longlife Stone fades, the Smurfs age rapidly and travel to a volcanic island in search of the fourth element, a ball of flame. Fourth in a four-part episode.

  • Smurfquest, Part II: The Smurfs go to the Crystal Caverns in search of the element of pure water, one of the four elements they need to renew the Longlife Stone. Second of a four-part episode.Smurfquest, Part III: The Smurfs make a desperate bid to save themeslves before the power of the Longlife Stone fades. Third of a four-part episode.

  • Grandpa Smurf returns with a terrible secret - the Smurfs will perish unless they renew the Longlife Stone. First of a four-part episode.

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