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Top Cat, The much beloved classic cartoon series is a creation of cartoon mischief set in the crazy world of New York and told from the perspective of a gang of cats and their leader, the infamous Top Cat. The show was produced for children's television by the legendary animation group Hanna Barbara, and ran for 30 episodes in the 1960's before its eventual cancellation.

Featuring a wide cast of characters playing a musical group of back alley miscreants lead by Top Cat, called T.C. by his gang and the pesky yet determined Officer Dibble, Top Cat ran for thirty episodes in 1961. It featured the voice talents of Arnold Stang and Maurice Gosfield, among many other guest stars.

Top Cat mimics the traditional live action sitcom and comes complete with a laugh track. Episodes feature a wide range of plots and zany escapes from the hapless Officer Dibble, who is determined though ineffectual in his scheming to rid the feline gang from their alley. Top Cat earns his infamy through a slew of illegal (though harmlessly silly) activities, which each episode usually centers around, designed to earn a quick buck for himself and his crew. Meanwhile, his own constant search for love is often stymied by rivals such as the smooth Jazz Cat, who makes a strong bid for T.C's territory, and his own over-zealous amour. T.C. evades his captors and mugs for the camera with lighthearted narrow escapes and clever asides.

From impersonations of the mayor and violin virtuosos at Carnegie Hall, to T.C.'s own spurned love interests and rivals, Top Cat is filled to the brim with hilarious set-ups and clever plot lines from the legendary animation studio.

Top Cat is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on September 27, 1961.

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Wednesday 8:30 PM et/pt on ABC
2 Seasons, 34 Episodes
September 27, 1961
Animation & Cartoon Comedy
Cast: Leo DeLyon, Allen Jenkins, Arnold Stang, Maurice Gosfield
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Top Cat Full Episode Guide

  • Officer Dibble will win a vacation if he can beat Iron Man Muldoon's record of consecutive days on the force.

  • Earnest Prowler, an overly enthusiastic new cop, convinces his uncle, the sergeant, that the neighborhood is a hotbed of crime, causing Dibble to be fired.

  • Top Cat and the gang find a baby and decide to keep him so the baby won't have to grow up in an orphanage.

  • Benny is followed home by a lovable anteater, but Top Cat discovers there is a reward for its return, so they set off for the zoo. A dog catcher comes along and nabs the anteater.

  • 1962 When Top Cat sees what passes for art at a major show in town, he takes up painting.

  • 1962 A police dog, newly assigned to Dibble's beat, relentlessly harasses Top Cat.

  • 1962 Top Cat, in desperate need of money to pay back a loan, charges Dibble $25 to make a TV star out of him.

  • 1962 Officer Dibble will win a vacation if he can beat Iron Man Muldoon's record of consecutive days on the force.

  • 1962 Top Cat is angry to hear that two con men have swindled Tony, the local hot dog vendor, out of $1,000 by selling him a bogus shareof Wildcat Oil. So Top Cat devises a scheme of his own.

  • 1962 As a contestant on King For A Day, Top Cat tells his hard luck story of life in an alley.

  • 1962 Choo-Choo is desperate for a date with Lola Glamure, the famous movie star.

  • 1962 When Dibble reports for his birthday physical exam, he is dismayed to hear the sergeant discussing old wrecks that he wants takenoff the police force.

  • 1962 Dibble thinks Top Cat has a week to live and resolves to be good to him

  • 1962 Dibble gives the cats 24 hours to find a job or be arrested for vagrancy.

  • 1962 While spending his $2,000 insurance settlement at the Pink Palm, Benny falls for the singer.

  • 1962 While the police commissioner and two top citizens are investigating Top Cat's new tourist attraction, Choo-Choo follows his 25-centtreasure map to an old, condemned building.

  • 1962 Earnest Prowler, an overly enthusiastic new cop, convinces his uncle, the sergeant, that the neighborhood is a hotbed of crime,causing Dibble to be fired.

  • When a ravenous anteater named Jimmy follows Benny the Ball back to the gang's alley, Top Cat realizes that there is a reward to be had for the animal's safe return to the zoo. Jimmy is mistaken for a stray dog from the local dogcatcher and the cats must come up with a scheme to free Jimmy and return him to the zoo,leaving T.C. and his gang to collect the reward.

  • Top Cat and his gang talk Officer Dibble into letting them sleep in his warm apartment on an especially cold winter night. When Dibble starts snoring the cats boot him out onto the fire escape. A furious Dibble throws them back out onto the streets and Top Cat schemes a way to guilt him into letting them come back and stay in his home for the rest of the winter.

  • After being locked in a museum overnight the hapless Benny leaves with a priceless Egyptian scarab pinned to his lapel thanks to an inventive thief. Top Cat,thinking it's a worthless bauble gives it to Fancy-Fancy,who uses it to impress the lady cats. Once the gang realizes that the jewel is genuine and actually stolen they make a plan to return it to the museum but Officer Dibble gets in the way of finding the real thieves.

  • Benny accidentally swallows the famous Hopeless Diamond which had been stolen from Stiftany's jewelry store by Big Gus and his gang. When Big Gus plans to have Dr. Rigor Morten surgically remove the diamond,Top Cat and his friends plan a scheme to pose as their own gang "The Unscratchables" to rescue Benny and collect the reward from Stiftany's.

  • Top Cat coaches his friend Choo Choo in the art of love when Choo Choo develops a crush on Goldie, the poetry loving cat next door. When it is discovered that it is TC who is the master of winning Goldie's affections, her boyfriend Pierre challenges T.C. to a dual.

  • When Top Cat overhears Officer Dibble's great ideas for changing the police force,T.C. presents them as his own to the police captain and earns himself a post as honorary police sergeant. An infuriated Dibble refuses to come to T.C.'s rescue in a robber's shoot-out until he agrees to tell Dibble's captain the truth.

  • Posing as movie producers, Knuckles and Ape use Top Cat's alley as a location for filming a movie but really it's a ruse for a robbery. With T.C. and his gang including Officer Dibble they con the gang into helping them relocate items to their "production van". When Top Cat and friends realize the scam Dibble and the cats devise a plan to trap the robbers in the act.

  • In order to impress his mother that he is successful in life, Benny has written to her that he is the mayor of New York City. When she comes for a visit the gang helps him create the illusion by borrowing Officer Dibble's patrol car for a staged ticker tape parade,ribbon cutting ceremony and other city events. When Dibble finally catches up with Top Cat's gang he doesn't have the heart to tell Mrs. Ball the truth about Benny and helps go along with the allusion.

  • When Benny is hospitalized for a tonsillectomy Top Cat falls in love with Benny's nurse. Feigning a disease called "Blubberitis" Top Cat schemes his way into a hospital stay. Unfortunately for T.C., Nurse LaRue runs off to marry a doctor and her militant nurse replacement sends Top Cat into an amazing recovery.

  • Benny fits the description of a missing heir who stands to inherit an estate and an enormous sum of money. Top Cat talks Benny into collecting the inheritance but it is Officer Dibble who saves Benny from thwarted attempts by the butler and his cat accomplice, who want Benny out of the picture since they are next in line to inherit the money. When T.C. discovers the real heir is still alive, he talks him into joining his gang in hopes that he will share his wealth, only to discover that he already gave away his huge fortune.

  • Benny the Ball decides to take up the violin. When Mr. Gutenberg,the musical director for Carnegie Hall mistaken Benny's playing for the violin master/street cleaner, Laszlo Laszlo's playing,he offers Benny a huge sum of money to make an appearance for a Saturday night performance.Top Cat negotiates a deal but it is quickly withdrawn when they hear Benny's real violin playing. A reward is offered to find the real violin talent and it turns out to be the gang's friend and the neighborhood street cleaner,Laszlo.

  • Benny discovers a pony who poses for children's photos is a fast runner when spurred by the sound of a whistle. So fast that this pony wreaked a million dollars worth of damage inside a department store while running.Top Cat has lofty ideas of cashing in on the nag's speed and poses as Aly Khat,an Arabian oil king,who enters his prize winning race horse in the million dollar derby. With the idea of spurring the pony on to victory with a screaming ambulance siren following along the track,the pony has different ideas when he sees photographers at the photo finish.

  • Top Cat and his gang sneak past Officer Dibble to meet the wealthy Maharajah of Pookajee who likes to share bags of rubies as gifts. When he is mistaken for the Maharajah by the hotel staff, Top Cat is more than happy to oblige them by playing the act of royalty. When the Maharajah himself comes to meet Top Cat he has a hard time convincing the gang who is the real royalty and who is dispensing the genuine rubies.

  • Benny the Ball wins a cruise to Hawaii and the rest of the gang sneaks aboard as stowaways. When Officer Dibble chases a counterfeiter with a suitcase of fake money onto the same ship,T.C. and his gang stumble onto the suitcase of fake cash and begin to live like kings. When Dibble discovers the stowaways and throws them into the brig,Top Cat devises a clever plan to capture the real counterfeiter and free his pals for a great Hawaiian vacation.