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  • 2014
  • 5 Seasons
  • 6.7  (906)

Mia & Me is a charming fantasy-adventure show that premiered on Nick Jr. in 2012. The show features a mix of live-action and computer-generated animation, allowing it to transport viewers between the real world and a magical land of unicorns, dragons, and other fantastic creatures.

At the heart of the show is Mia, a young girl who is dealing with the recent loss of her parents. When she discovers a mysterious book and a special bracelet that belonged to her father, she is transported to the enchanted world of Centopia, where she discovers that she is a "dola," a magical being who can communicate with unicorns.

As Mia explores Centopia, she makes friends with a colorful cast of characters, including a brave elf named Yuko, a mischievous panther named Poly, and a noble unicorn named Onchao. Together, they must protect Centopia from the evil queen Panthea, who wants to capture and imprison all the unicorns.

Mia & Me is a show with a lot of heart. Amidst the magical adventures and fantastical creatures, it also deals sensitively with themes of loss, grief, and growing up. Mia is a relatable and sympathetic protagonist, and her journey to find her place in the world is sure to resonate with viewers of all ages.

One of the most impressive aspects of the show is its production design. The computer-generated animation seamlessly blends with the live-action footage, creating a fully-realized world that feels both magical and tangible. The landscapes of Centopia are lush and beautiful, while the creatures are imaginatively designed and animated.

Another standout feature of the show is its music. The theme song, "Mia and Me," by Italian pop star Giovanni Caccamo, is catchy and upbeat, while the background music perfectly captures the mood and tone of each scene.

The show has been praised for its positive messages and strong female characters. Mia is a brave and resourceful protagonist, and Yuko is a skilled warrior who is always ready to stand up for what is right. The show emphasizes the importance of friendship, empathy, and teamwork, as Mia and her friends work together to save Centopia from Panthea's reign of terror.

Overall, Mia & Me is a delightful and engaging show that is sure to captivate viewers of all ages. Its combination of real-world drama and magical adventure creates a compelling narrative that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. With its strong characters, beautiful animation, and catchy music, it's no wonder that Mia & Me has become a beloved children's classic.

Watch Mia & Me online to go on a magical adventure with Mia and her friends, and discover the power of empathy, friendship, and teamwork. Whether you're a fan of fantasy, animation, or just great storytelling, you won't want to miss this charming and enchanting series!

Watch Mia & Me Online to experience a beloved classic that combines real-world drama and magical adventure with strong characters, beautiful animation, and catchy music.

Mia & Me is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (110 episodes). The series first aired on May 3, 2014.

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Return to Rainbow Island
20. Return to Rainbow Island
June 11, 2017
Mia and Sara make a trip to the valley to eat ice cream. But before they reach the ice cream parlor, Mia is called to Centopia and left Sara alone. In Centopia, Mia, Mo, Yuko and Onchao are on their way to Rainbow Island, when they discover that the unicorn foal Kyara secretly followed them. Gargona and Dax have also quickly recognized where the friends are on the road and follow them to the island.
Shyest Unicorn
19. Shyest Unicorn
June 10, 2017
Mia and Sara are stunned when a broker is outside the door and they learn that Sara's mother wants to sell Luciana Weideland. Luciana needs money for Sara's school. As Centopia is increasingly overrun by the nightmare, Mia, Mo, and Yuko are looking for another heart-shaped piece in the marshes at Blumental. There is supposed to be a shy unicorn, which may help them in the search.
Giant Butterfly
18. Giant Butterfly
June 9, 2017
Mr. Meloni comes to visit and presents Sara with a device to take part in his class. Mia also wants Sara to go back to school. Sara is reluctant. In Centopia, Mia, Mo and Yuko are witnessed as a beautiful, giant butterfly slips. The friends accompany him on his first flight attempts, not knowing that they would lure Gargona, Dax and the hoppers on their track.
Bluebardo in Trouble
17. Bluebardo in Trouble
June 8, 2017
Mia and Sara prepare a pasta dough. Mia tries to convince Sara of the existence of Centopia. From the dough she shapes for Sara Runes of the magical book. In Centopia, Mia, Mo and Yuko get a special visit. A small group of Bluebardos from the Northhorn misses one of their comrades. The elf friends are on the search and find out that Polytheus has sold the little penguin to Dax and Gargona.
Under the Heartleaf Tree
16. Under the Heartleaf Tree
June 7, 2017
Mia's aunt Annie is visiting and is enthusiastic about the special honey of the mountains. Mia and Sara bring them to Fabio's hives, where Aunt Annie wants to reap honey. In Centopia, Mia, Mo, Yuko and Onchao have to help the unicorn of hearts. Dax and his handlers have destroyed the heart-leaf tree of the unicorn down to the roots. Only a new heart-leaf tree can save the meek unicorn.
15. Moonstruck
June 5, 2017
Mia has her birthday and her aunt Annie is coming to visit, but the cable car does not drive. To cheer up Mia, Sara leads the girlfriend to a very special place in the mountains. Also in Centopia is celebrated. The golden summer full moon, reminiscent of the legendary moon unicorn, is celebrated in a whole blumental. Yuko firmly believes in the existence of this unicorn and goes to the search.
The Six-eyed Monster
14. The Six-eyed Monster
June 5, 2017
It's hot and Mia can persuade Sara to go eat an ice cream with her down the valley. In the ice-cream parlor, they meet Sara's old teacher Meloni. Sara is annoyed. In Centopia, on the other hand, mysterious things are going on. Food disappear and it is said that a six-eyed monster would drift along the waterfall. Mia, Mo, Yuko and Onchao are on their way to the next thing.
Freeze and Snoot
13. Freeze and Snoot
June 4, 2017
A fox tried to get into the Hühnerstall, but could be expelled in time by Wolfi. Mia and Sara go to work to strengthen the door to the stable. The oracle has sent Mia and the elves into the Black Forest to search for a heart crystal. They have to cross a meadow full of flowers. These look nice, but they leave everyone who is touching them.
Finding Simo
12. Finding Simo
June 3, 2017
Fabio has kept his promise and takes riding lessons, secretly observed by Mia and Sara. As soon as he can ride, Sara will keep her word and go back to school. The oracle, which Mia brings to Centopia this time, gives the hint to visit Simo and Lasita. On the way, Mia, Mo and Yuko enter a storm and have to land on an island. The island is uninhabited, but then something stirs in the bushes.
Glowing Arrows
11. Glowing Arrows
June 1, 2017
Mia and Sara are on the way to collect herbs for the goat Suzanna. On a mountain meadow Mia Sara finally tells of her secret. But Sara thinks it's a joke. In Centopia discover Mia and Mo Yuko's secret. For a long time, she secretly practiced her singing arts. This news spreads to the displeasure of Yuko quickly in Centopia. When the friends get lost in the misty mountains, Yuko revenges himself.
Circle of Life
10. Circle of Life
June 1, 2017
Mia and Fabio want to persuade Sara to start dancing again with hip-hop. Fabio has brought a slackline for balancing exercises. Sara hesitates, but then does. When Mia arrives at Centopia, she is glared at by Mo and Yuko. The small unicorn Kyara is now nervous and restless. Mia finds out that Kyara wants to visit her grandmother Landa.
Night Becomes Day
9. Night Becomes Day
May 31, 2017
After tourists report that they have seen a wolf in the mountains, Mia and Sara set out on Peppino to search for the wild animal. In Centopia, Mia, Yuko and Onchao fly to the dragon caves in search for a Heart Crystal. But the Night Vine has already covered most cave entries. They have to help Baby Blue to find a lost dragon egg before night falls. With the magical Sun Flute they call the Sun Unicorn. Thus, night becomes day again. Mia is able to save the egg – and findsthe Heart Crystal.
The Highest Bidder
8. The Highest Bidder
May 31, 2017
Will love, money or food be enough to pay for the next heart shard? Mia and Mo are about to find out, but only after they perform an animal rescue.
Phuddle Moves Out
7. Phuddle Moves Out
May 30, 2017
Sara's mother Luciana finds a letter from Sara's school and sets Sara before the decision. Either she goes back to the old school after school or to the boarding school in Milan. In Centopia, Mia and her elf friends have learned that Polytheus has a heart crystal. With a delicious elf menu, they want to buy this crystal from him. But Dax and Gargona intersperse again.
Unicorn Kindergarden
6. Unicorn Kindergarden
May 29, 2017
Mia and Sara want to pick blackberries at the edge of the forest. They meet Fabio, who is working on beehives. Sara does not want to talk to Fabio, which makes Mia very surprised. Onchao has arranged for a friend in Centopia. His little sister Kyara wants to go with the beach and secretly disappears from the safe elf crater. Mia and her friends are immediately on the search.
Sister Wracked
5. Sister Wracked
May 27, 2017
Mia and Sara are to milk the goats. These give only milk, if sung thereby. Mia and Sara sing merrily until the letter bearer appears with a letter. Mia finds out in Centopia that Yuko has a sister who lives in Blumental. The friends hope to find another heart crystal with Kuki's help. They suspect him in the cave of glowing mushrooms, but the entrance is blocked.
Return to Bolobo Mountain
4. Return to Bolobo Mountain
May 26, 2017
Sara announces her new girlfriend Mia with all the animals on the farm and shows her how to feed her. But Mia has to sneak away, because her bracelet calls her to Centopia. Mia and her friends have found out that there is only one hope to defeat the poisonous night. You have to collect the pieces scattered over Centopia of the large crystal "Heart of Centopia".
King and Queen Asleep
3. King and Queen Asleep
May 25, 2017
Mia and Sara want to surprise Sarah's mother. They clean the house and prepare a delicious dinner. They want to persuade them that Peppino is allowed to stay on the farm. The bedside continues to spread in Centopia. King Raynor and Queen Mayla come into contact with their poison and fall into a coma-like sleep. Now Mia, Mo and Yuko have to find out how to fight the plant.
Arrival of the Bug Men
2. Arrival of the Bug Men
May 24, 2017
Mia has stayed with Sara in the stable. When Sara's mother brings the breakfast, she informs the two that she will bring the horse Peppino back to the horse farm. In Centopia, Lord Drakon Gargona announces new collaborators: Dax is to support her with his four beetle friends to catch a unicorn. A poisonous nightcloth is also supposed to help by overcrowding all of Centopia with its thorns.
Kyara's Birth
1. Kyara's Birth
May 23, 2017
Mia would like to spend the summer holidays on a horse farm in the Alps. But with the room booking something went wrong. Mia wants to leave, then she meets the blind Sara. In Centopia, Mia learns that Lyria will soon be back again. Onchao gets a little sister, Kyara. Unfortunately, Gargona also learns of the birth of a new unicorn with a golden horn and immediately forges dark plans with Lord Drakon.
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Mia & Me is available for streaming on the Nick Jr. website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mia & Me on demand at Netflix.
  • Premiere Date
    May 3, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (906)