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Busytown Mysteries is a Canadian show for children that airs on CBS and CBC Television. It originally aired between October 2007 and November 2010. It focuses strongly on critical thinking, teaching children to analyze situations and evidence to reach a conclusion. While the show was produced by executive producer Michael Hirsh and a team of three other producers, the original concept was designed by Richard Scarry, an author of children's books on which the show is based. He passed away in 1994.

The characters are all anthropomorphic animals inhabiting the fictional world of Busytown. There are are various families, such as the Cat family, which includes Huckle, Sally and their father, who owns the town grocery store. In every episode, Huckle and his group of friends are trying to solve a mystery that has the inhabitants of the town puzzled.

This team of mystery solvers is mostly comprised of Huckle, Sally, Lowly Worm, Pig Will, and Pig Won't, but they will occasionally bring other friends along for the ride. There are various supporting characters such as Sergeant Murphy and Farmer Patrick Pig. If a character is included in an episode, he or she will almost certainly be linked to the current mystery in some fashion. The rest of the town is kept informed about the mysteries Huckle's team is solving thanks to Goldbug, a reporter for Busytown Action News who talks directly to the "camera" for real life viewers.

As the show progresses, viewers will notice that many lessons are being taught along the way. Huckle and his friends display kindness and concern for others at all times. Children will also learn how everyday things are made, how to solve puzzles and how to work as a team. The show aims at being well-rounded in teaching good moral lessons to children, as well as how to actively use their cognitive skills to to predict what the outcome of the mystery might be. At the end of every episode, Huckle provides a short summary of what happened and how he reached his final conclusion.

The first season of Busytown Mysteries won the 2009 CFTPA award for best children's program. It was also nominated for the Pulcinella award for best preschool series at "Cartoons on the Bay" in 2009. It continues to air today, but at this time, there is no word on whether or not a third season will be produced.

Busytown Mysteries is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on September 22, 2007.

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2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
September 22, 2007
Kids & Family
Cast: Joanne Vannicola, Julie Lemieux, Catherine Disher
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Busytown Mysteries Full Episode Guide

  • When a new nameplate is about to be placed on the statue of Admiral Hornblast, it suddenly disappears. Huckle, Sally and Lowly check out the photos and videos taken at the scene and ultimately determine that the statue slide over the plate when it was bumped by an out of control bulldozer.When Pig Won't looses his precious Spy Ring, Huckle, Lowly and Sally check everywhere he's been but turn up empty. It isn't until they see a strange lump in Vanderbuilt's Venus Fly Trap that Huckle puts the clues together and determines Pig Won't's ring slipped off his finger and flew into the fly eating plant.

  • Something knocks Sgt. Murphy's hat off his head, chops the tops of Baker Humperdink's baguettes, and sheers a path through a flower bed. Although no one saw anything, they all heard it make the same whoop whoop whoop sound. Putting the clues together, Huckle, Sally and Lowly figure out that it was Vanderbuilt's new, out of control, boomerang.When Mayor Fox doesn't appear for an important ribbon-cutting ceremony, the kids go to city hall to see where he is. His secretary informs them that the Mayor left his office hours ago. The discovery of a brake lever is an important clue that leads the kids to the end of a road where Mayor Fox was unable to stop. Following some distant horn honking, the kids find the Mayor stuck in a nearby swamp.

  • Huckle and his pals all receive party invitations, but the party's location is a mystery. Small circular marks left behind by whoever delivered the invitations are an important clue. It leads Huckle and pals to Miss Honey who's been walking with a crutch. Grateful for the help she got raking up all her leaves, Miss Honey decided to throw a party for all the volunteers.Huckle, Sally and Lowly find a gigantic spoon and the Pig Twins find an enormous bowl. Has a giant come to Busytown? While the kids search for clues, others are searching for the Super Soup Restaurant that no longer has a sign. As it turns out, the trailing anchor on Rudolph von Flugel zeppelin accidentally pulled the bowl and spoon off the restaurant's sign.

  • Trying to figure out what a strange piece of metal with a number 10 on it is, Huckle and his pals take it to Blacksmith Bear who helps them discover strange writing on it. Figuring it must be a foreign language, they take it to Ms Honey and, with her help, determine the piece of metal is a lost tap from Hilda's French tap dance shoes.Sergeant Murphy directs traffic with the aid of his whistle, but drivers suddenly get confused when someone else blows a whistle too. After the ensuing traffic jam, Huckle and his pals try to find out who the mystery whistle blower is. Following a number of clues leads them to Mr. Fix-it's steam-power car that whistles like a boiling tea kettle.

  • When Mr Frumble's morning newspaper disappears off his front step, Huckle sets out to investigate what happened to it. After a number of other innocuous items 'disappear' from across town, Huckle ultimately discovers that the culprits are none other than Pig Will and Pig Won't. They are enthusiastically taking part in Busytown's Annual Recycling Drive by picking up anything they see that can be recycled.Huckle and his pals find a huge tooth and try to track down who it belongs to. By putting the clues together, they ultimately determine the tooth fell out of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton on it's way to Busytown Museum.

  • When Hilda arrives at Sally's dance party, she's suddenly struck with a severe case of the sneezes. Thinking she's come down with a cold, her friends take her to Doctor Lion who informs her she has an allergy to something. It turns out she's allergic to her best friend Sally - or rather, the new rose-scented perfume Sally's wearing.First Ella's washing disappears right off her clothesline, then Mr Frumble's BBQ, then Miss Honey's deck chair, all in a blink of an eye! Our heroes work their way to solving the mystery by determining that it was none other than Mr Fix-It and his Super Duper Silent Street Cleaner that's been sucking everything up along with the trash.

  • Huckle and the gang race all over Busytown trying to find the lock that fits and old key they found. They search everywhere from the Busytown Museum to Mr Gronkle's antiques. They come up empty until they remember that an old roll top desk was being delivered to the antique store near where they found the key and had a lock on it. They try the key and it fits.Lowly discovers chocolate sauce dripping down from his apple car roof. No one can figure out how it got there. When the kids encounter a taxi with the same gooey problem, they learn that both vehicles have recently been through the car wash. Further investigation leads them to the problem - a delivery truck lost one of its chocolate sauce bottles in the car wash's polishing brush.

  • When Huckle, Lowly and Sally find a lost bag, they use the eyeglass case, atomizer, map, and a red scarf inside it to determine that the owner is a famous international opera star who's come to Busytown to perform for the first time.A rash of cyclists getting flat tires prompts Huckle and his pals to find the cause of the puncturing. Since only bicycle tires are affected, the investigation is narrowed down to a freshly paved street that's blocked off to cars and trucks. The kids soon discover that the cyclists have been unwittingly riding over a carpenters spilled nails, embedded in the soft asphalt.

  • Peppino delivers pizzas faster than anyone in Busytown, so when the kids wait an unusually long time for their pizza to arrive, they figure something must be wrong at the pizzeria. But Peppino isn't there and neither is his delivery car. By following his delivery route, the kids ultimately find Peppino stuck in an elevator.The Amazing Mouse Acrobats are in town. What's more amazing is that Hilda has found evidence of real live fairies in Busytown Woods. Putting the clues together, one by one, Huckle and his pals figure out that the 'fairies' are really the mouse acrobats practicing their stunts.

  • The kids find some numbered papers blowing around the park. After investigating several possibilities of where they could be from, they finally figure out they were once fastened to trees in the park as part of a self-guided tour to celebrate Arbor Day.Huckle and his pals try to uncover why the fresh milk Farmer Pig delivered to Huckle's Dad's store was sour while the milk he delivered everywhere else wasn't. It turns out that the unusually hot weather melted the delivery truck ice that was keeping the milk from spoiling. So by the time it got to the last delivery, Huckle's Dad's store, it was sour.

  • The Pig Twins discover a puddle full of stranded goldfish. Huckle and his pals try to solve the mystery of where they came from. It turns out they were blasted out of the park fountain when an obstruction in the drain hole suddenly got unplugged.Sgt Murphy gets a broken message on his police radio. All they hear is '!' It's only when Huckle and the gang realize that because different words can sound the same do they figure out that the message was really saying '!

  • A mysterious giant circle appears in the middle of a corn field. Although Pig Will and Pig Won't are convinced it's the landing site of an alien flying saucer, Huckle puts the clues together and ultimately goes up in a hot air balloon to reveal the flattened area is actually Vincent Van Goat's latest artistic endeavor.Potatoes are mysteriously dropping from the sky along one Busytown street. Huckle, Sally and Lowly investigate where they're coming from. In the end, it turns out that a faulty French fry slicer is flinging them from a block away.

  • Red spots suddenly begin appearing on everything in Busytown from Mr. Rabbit's mail box to Hilda Hippo's roof! Huckle ultimately discovers that the red spots are really juice marks made from cherries falling from overhanging trees.A mysterious giant circle appears in the middle of a corn field. Although Pig Will and Pig Won't are convinced it's the landing site of an alien flying saucer, Huckle puts the clues together and ultimately goes up in a hot air balloon to reveal the flattened area is actually Vincent Van Goat's latest artistic endeavor.

  • The kids try to find the owner of a camera using the photos for clues. All the pictures are sporting events, so they eventually find out the camera belongs to the sports reporter for the Busytown Bugle.Sally wrote a list of contestants' guesses for her 'How Many Jellybeans In The Jar' contest on a piece of paper which is now suddenly blank. After a trail of suspects and clues, Huckle discovers that she wrote the list with an 'invisible ink' pen from Pig Will & Pig Won't's Magic Kit. When put under water her blank paper list 'magically' reappears.

  • Someone in Busytown Park got rid of Sally and Hilda's newly drawn hopscotch board. Huckle and Lowly set about helping the girls find out who's responsible. As it turns out the culprit isn't a who, but a what - the park's new sprinkler system washed the chalk drawing clean off the sidewalk.A treasure is hidden somewhere in Mr. Gronkle's mansion. All anyone knows is that the secret hiding place has something to do with a rooster, an arrow and the number four. It turns out the treasure is hidden where the shadow of the arrow on the rooster weather vane points to four eggs on a garden statue.

  • All the balls at Farmer Patrick Pig's new mini putt are disappearing. After much investigation Huckle and the gang track the missing balls to Patrick's record breaking 'egg laying' chicken.Mr. Fix-It is using his metal detector to find coins in the sand of Busytown Beach. Even though he drops each one into his collectors sack as he finds them, he soon discovers his bag is empty! Huckle, Lowly and Sally set out to find out how someone could have taken them without Mr. Fix-It seeing. It turns out Mr. Fix-It repeatedly found the same coin which kept falling through a hole in his bag.

  • The new yellow t-shirt that Sally planned on wearing for her portrait painting has mysteriously turned green. Huckle and Lowly help Sally look for clues as to how this colour-change happened. They discover that mixing different colours results in the creation of a new one. It turns out that the dye from a blue blanket turned the yellow shirt green in the washing machine.A tall moving object has been banging into objects too low for it to pass under. Investigating the debris left behind, Huckle and his pals literally piece together clues and reconstruct a large bronze hand. It belongs on the arm of Mayor Fox's new statue, about to be unveiled at City Hall.

  • The kids search for the owner of a sketchbook that contains drawings done from a high point of view. After determining the artist wasn't drawing at the top of a ladder or up in a tree, they discover the sketchbook belongs to one of Busytown's tallest residents, Jeremy Giraffe. A summer heat wave suddenly changes to winter-like weather, but only in Busytown. When Huckle, Sally and Lowly investigate why, they discover that hundreds of air conditioners installed by Mr. Fix-it have been accidently put in backwards, so they suck heat into buildings and blow cold air outside.

  • When Huckle and the gang hear strange mumbling voices in the Busytown Museum, it begins to look like it's coming from the new Mummy Exhibit. However, after tracking down the clues and putting them together, the sounds turn out to be the voices of the workmen echoing up through air vents from the basement.The ice cream shop smoke alarm keeps going off but there's no fire to be found. Huckle and his mystery-solving team get the smoke alarm tested by Mr. Fix-it and he determines it's working properly. Huckle discovers the source of the smoke is a barbecue cart parked too close to the window outside.

  • The Cheese Car Chomp Mystery / Where's the Hero?

  • The Playground Mystery / The Crazy Clock Mix-Up Mystery

  • When Junior Monkey disappears, Huckle and his pals set out to find him. / Huckle and his pals join a secret club but can't find the clubhouse.

  • Huckle, Lowly and Sally's science project mysteriously vanishes from inside a locked room. / Huckle helps Sally track down her missing scooter.

  • Hilda's fresh-baked muffins mysteriously disappear, one by one. / Huckle and the gang try to determine why someone is sneaking into Mr. Cat's shop every night just to knock over a stack of cans.

  • Dripping glue creates a sticky situation on the streets of Busytown. / Pig Won't mysteriously disappears along with a hundred helium balloons.

  • Convinced she's seen a ghost near the old Lighthouse, Hilda Hippo joins Huckle and the gang as they endeavor to figure out what it was she really saw. / Pig Won't takes a wrong turn and gets lost in a cornfield.

  • Busytown cars are blowing bubbles after a mix-up at the gas pumps. / Huckle and his pals reunite a baby bird with its lost family.

  • Huckle and Lowly reunite a lost parrot with its owner. / A set of mysterious footprints has Sally convinced there's a monster loose in Busytown!

  • Huckle, Lowly and Sally find a mysterious wheel and comb Busytown trying to find what it belongs to. / Some Busytown characters have fresh paint on their clothes but they don't know how it got there.

  • A giant wooden apple on the fruit store sign mysteriously disappears. / Mr. Frumble's Pickle Car disappears and Huck and the gang set out to find it.