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The Busy World of Richard Scarry is a children's television program which is targeted towards those in France and Canada. The show was based off of the books and stories written by writer Richard Scarry. The show aired back from 1993 to 1997, and the show was produced by CINAR Animation that is now known as Cookie Jar Entertainment. The show is set in the beautiful fictional town called BusyTown. The show stars Lowly Worm, Huckle Cat, and a wide range of other great characters who reside in BusyTown.

The show mainly showcases animals as the main characters, like pigs, mice, dogs, rabbits, cats, goats, and all sorts of animals. Richard Scarry wanted a television show that would teach children the valuable life lessons they need to learn. This is why the show always has some sort of conflict take place in each episode. The conflicts usually involve something similarly to what children have to deal with in their everyday lives. The story usually ends with the conflict being fixed up, so the story always showcases kids how important it is to make sure that conflicts are always solved in the end. This helps children learn the basics of life.

The Busy World of Richard Scarry only had 65 episodes and was aired via Showtime, Nickelodeon, Nick JR., Noggin, ThisTV, and many other channels. The show is definitely aimed at children, but teens and even adults will learn a thing or two in certain episodes since the story is very Universal and offers life lessons that everybody can follow in their day to day life. Richard Scarry is a creative writer who has always been interested in writing short stories that can help teach kids a thing or two once in awhile. This story is crafted very well, so you will see how Richard's creativity is able to shine through in this show.

Children who watch The Busy World of Richard Perry will find their lives changing because of how many different things they will learn. The show is very good to enjoy, and the stories are literally timeless and be viewed even in the future.

Cookie Jar
5 Seasons, 65 Episodes
January 1, 1993
Animation & Cartoons
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Busy World of Richard Scarry Full Episode Guide

  • The gang finds a message in a bottle. / Hilda shares a story she's written. / Kids who don't believe in the Easter Bunny are in for a surprise.

  • Mr. Tough's entire class disappears. / Sneef and Sniff try to figure out who's stealing New York. / Cousin Russ plans a spooky masquerade party.

  • Billy's bike gets run over. / A family thanks their king by making him a very special egg. / Hilda gets carried away with her Valentine for Lowly.

  • Huckle tries to teach baby birds how to fly. / A Roman secretary tries to impress the emperor's daughter. / Denis is scared to be away from home.

  • Mr. Gronkle escapes to the quiet of the country. / A young scribe finds a new way to keep count. / Billy is chosen to enter a spelling bee.

  • Huckle, Lowly, Billy and Hilda think their neighbor is a witch. / A couple invents Halloween. / Huckle and Lowly find a fun way to remember numbers.

  • Huckle, Lowly, Hilda and Sally play matchmaker. / An architect has trouble remembering details. / Hilda's unsure about going to the dentist.

  • Mr. Gronkle stays with the Cat family. / Leo-pardo Da Vinci paints a challenging portrait. / Mr. Root tries to make Busytown bloom.

  • Lowly and Bananas coach kids in basketball. / Albert and his wife create a giant costume. / Huckle, Lowly and Sally fight the boredom of a rainy day.

  • Everyone wants first prize in the big race. / Manuel and Pedro discover an ancient ruin. / Pig Will and Pig Won't are afraid to go to the doctor.

  • Huckle and Hilda are chosen to ride on a float. / Piggy S. Press must deliver mail to the next town. / Huckle and his friends practice their music.

  • Bananas believes he's doomed to bad luck. / Couscous finds a way to trap a gang. / Mr. Frumble can't understand the fuss over a drive-in movie.

  • Mr. Fixit's invention leads to Busytown's first subway system. / Monks invent tennis. / Mr. Gronkle contemplates tearing down his ancestral castle.

  • The coming eclipse has Busytown in a panic. / Toula and her father invent an underwater breathing device. / The gang enter a big pumpkin contest.

  • Scotty Dog's truck breaks down. / Cucumber and Pickles wonder why Niagara Falls has dried up. / Deputy Flo and Sergeant Murphy get stuck in a cave.

  • Father Cat's family trip takes an unexpected turn. / Ernest invents the ice cream cone. / Huckle's cousin Russ moves to Busytown.

  • Abe and Babe learn the importance of being nice to others. / Sally dreams about helping elves in the North Pole. / The Cat family is expecting a baby.

  • Huckle and Lowly find adventure at Mr. Fixit's submarine launch. / Little Cahuchu discovers rubber. / Mr. Bean's new restaurant only serves beans!

  • Huckle and Lowly learn to work together as a team. / Stanley tries to take a picture of a historic flight. / Father Cat is rescued from the swamp.

  • All of Busytown is late because of Mr. Tick Tock. / Eager Beaver accidentally invents hockey. / Busytown gets its first automatic car wash.

  • Sally, Bridget and Robbie search for a pot of gold. / Pau Loo invents fireworks. / Huckle and Lowly tell everyone about Mr. Frumble's birthday party.

  • Sally has an imaginary friend. / Little Bernard tries to rescue his brother. / Denis is nervous about the upcoming public speaking contest.

  • Mr. Fixit's magnet machine wreaks havoc in Busytown. / Huckle, Lowly and Father Cat's plans continually land Father Cat on Mr. Gronkle's property.

  • Mr. Fixit invents a time machine. / Bump and Thump help their clumsy friend. / P.S. Pig is unhappy that she never receives any mail.

  • Bananas offers to show Hilda's friend Rita around. / Michael Antelope is asked to paint the Sistine Chapel. / Denis ends the day as a hero.

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