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In this animated series, the animal characters from the books of author/illustrator Richard Scarry have adventures and learn lessons.The series debuted in 1994 on Showtime. It later moved to the Nickelodeon cable network and aired for a total of five seasons into 1997.

Cookie Jar
5 Seasons, 65 Episodes
January 1, 1993
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Peter Wildman, Denis Akiyama, Carl Banas, George Buza
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Busy World of Richard Scarry Full Episode Guide

  • The gang finds a message in a bottle. / Hilda shares a story she's written. / Kids who don't believe in the Easter Bunny are in for a surprise.

  • Mr. Tough's entire class disappears. / Sneef and Sniff try to figure out who's stealing New York. / Cousin Russ plans a spooky masquerade party.

  • Billy's bike gets run over. / A family thanks their king by making him a very special egg. / Hilda gets carried away with her Valentine for Lowly.

  • Huckle tries to teach baby birds how to fly. / A Roman secretary tries to impress the emperor's daughter. / Denis is scared to be away from home.

  • Mr. Gronkle escapes to the quiet of the country. / A young scribe finds a new way to keep count. / Billy is chosen to enter a spelling bee.

  • Huckle, Lowly, Billy and Hilda think their neighbor is a witch. / A couple invents Halloween. / Huckle and Lowly find a fun way to remember numbers.

  • Huckle, Lowly, Hilda and Sally play matchmaker. / An architect has trouble remembering details. / Hilda's unsure about going to the dentist.

  • Mr. Gronkle stays with the Cat family. / Leo-pardo Da Vinci paints a challenging portrait. / Mr. Root tries to make Busytown bloom.

  • Lowly and Bananas coach kids in basketball. / Albert and his wife create a giant costume. / Huckle, Lowly and Sally fight the boredom of a rainy day.

  • Everyone wants first prize in the big race. / Manuel and Pedro discover an ancient ruin. / Pig Will and Pig Won't are afraid to go to the doctor.

  • Huckle and Hilda are chosen to ride on a float. / Piggy S. Press must deliver mail to the next town. / Huckle and his friends practice their music.

  • Bananas believes he's doomed to bad luck. / Couscous finds a way to trap a gang. / Mr. Frumble can't understand the fuss over a drive-in movie.

  • Mr. Fixit's invention leads to Busytown's first subway system. / Monks invent tennis. / Mr. Gronkle contemplates tearing down his ancestral castle.

  • The coming eclipse has Busytown in a panic. / Toula and her father invent an underwater breathing device. / The gang enter a big pumpkin contest.

  • Scotty Dog's truck breaks down. / Cucumber and Pickles wonder why Niagara Falls has dried up. / Deputy Flo and Sergeant Murphy get stuck in a cave.

  • Father Cat's family trip takes an unexpected turn. / Ernest invents the ice cream cone. / Huckle's cousin Russ moves to Busytown.

  • Abe and Babe learn the importance of being nice to others. / Sally dreams about helping elves in the North Pole. / The Cat family is expecting a baby.

  • Huckle and Lowly find adventure at Mr. Fixit's submarine launch. / Little Cahuchu discovers rubber. / Mr. Bean's new restaurant only serves beans!

  • Huckle and Lowly learn to work together as a team. / Stanley tries to take a picture of a historic flight. / Father Cat is rescued from the swamp.

  • All of Busytown is late because of Mr. Tick Tock. / Eager Beaver accidentally invents hockey. / Busytown gets its first automatic car wash.

  • Sally, Bridget and Robbie search for a pot of gold. / Pau Loo invents fireworks. / Huckle and Lowly tell everyone about Mr. Frumble's birthday party.

  • Sally has an imaginary friend. / Little Bernard tries to rescue his brother. / Denis is nervous about the upcoming public speaking contest.

  • Mr. Fixit's magnet machine wreaks havoc in Busytown. / Huckle, Lowly and Father Cat's plans continually land Father Cat on Mr. Gronkle's property.

  • Mr. Fixit invents a time machine. / Bump and Thump help their clumsy friend. / P.S. Pig is unhappy that she never receives any mail.

  • Bananas offers to show Hilda's friend Rita around. / Michael Antelope is asked to paint the Sistine Chapel. / Denis ends the day as a hero.

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