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This animated series from Canada is based on the Jason Kruse graphic novel. World of Quest centers on the activities of Quest, a warrior with a questionable past, who arrives on the scene to help rescue Prince Nestor's kidnapped parents. Other recurring characters include a shape-shifting female called Way, a British robotic cyborg named Gatling, and sorceress Anna Maht.

World Of Quest is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on March 15, 2008.

Where do I stream World Of Quest online? World Of Quest is available for streaming on Cookie Jar, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch World Of Quest on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

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1 Season, 26 Episodes
March 15, 2008
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Landon Norris, Krystal Meadows, Melissa Altro, Ron Pardo
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World Of Quest Full Episode Guide

  • Lord Spite orchestrates a scheme where it appears that Prince Nestor was never the real heir to the throne. He is replaced by a phony Prince Bestor. But Quest sees through the con and helps Nestor regain his true position.Our heroes make a temporary alliance with the bad guys when they have the ultimate battle inside a Scottish Mountain set to destroy all of them. In the end, all of the swords are lost and our heroes are back to square one.

  • Lord Spite tries to infiltrate our heroes by capturing Graer and replacing him with a nasty amphibian version of himself. The new Graer has the same appetite as the old Graer, but likes to munch on bugs. The real Graer who is being held captive finds a way to escape and stop Lord Spite from completing his plan.Nestor is blamed by Quest for helping to save their enemy Agon from the Guardian. Later, when Nestor and gang are in battle with Lord Spite, Agon repays the favor and saves them.

  • It's Nestor's birthday. After being disappointed by lame gifts from his friends, Anna comes through with the best gift of all. She gives him the power of a superhero. The only problem is that he doesn't realize the power only lasts twenty-four hours.Quest and Nestor find themselves on a strange Odyssian game show with their lives on the line. Their opponents turn out to be Lord Spite and General Ogun.

  • Quest and the Guardian meet to settle who will prevail over the swords. In order to make the match happen, Quest must wager his good friend Albert. Quest is reluctant to do so, but has no choice as he's bound by the Allegiance Spell.When Way loses her powers, Nestor and gang take Way back to her family to help her get back on her feet.

  • Graer loses his power and courage when he begins to molt. Nestor and gang have to help him regain his powers so the quest can continue.Thanks to Lord Spite, Nestor and Quest are forced to switch bodies. They must find a way to get their bodies back while battling the bad guys which isn't easy as Nestor's body takes the worst of the beatings.

  • Lord Spite orchestrates an attack against Nestor and friends with the help of Deceit when he creates the perfect storm that allows the Katastrophe Brothers to unite as Katastrophe.When Quest and Nestor plunge into an undersea world, they encounter a grouop of very intelligent shrimp that recognize Graer as their leader.

  • Every so many years, Gatling loses control of his mechanical devices, changing from shape to shape, and trys to destroy everything in sight. Nestor and friends must help Gatling get through this crisis and return to his old self.Albert is impounded for a parking violation in a town with a population of one. Quest and Nestor attempt to free Albert by paying his bail. When that doesn't work, Nestor decides to run for office against the Mayor.

  • Lord Spite masterminds a plan where Graer swallows tiny Munchers that cause him to eat more than usual. The more he devours, the hungrier he becomes. Anna uses her powers to makes Quest and Nestor small so they can go inside Graer and stop the Munchers. But along the way, Spite sends Ogun into Graer to stop our heroes.The Rutabaga Famine has spread across Odyssia, destroying life as we know it. Nestor learns that Agon is behind the famine by hoarding rutabagas.

  • Lord Spite is behind a scheme that splits Quest into Good Quest and Evil Quest. In order to continue the quest, Nestor and the others must find a way to make Quest whole again.Concerned that Anna is growing too strong, Deceit is behind a plan to convince Anna that she's a Leaper and must be sent to Leaper Island. There, she will have her magical powers stripped from her..

  • Nestor is called to leave his quest by a group of Chumps and join a crusade in a war against the Granola RatsNestor learns a lesson in taking one for the team when they are forced to face a troll guarding a path they must pass.

  • Quest and Nestor run into Graer's estranged sister Robin Hood of Odyssia who's been unwittingly working for Lord Spite. Quest and Nestor meet up with a musical telltale tale teller who helps them on their quest while placing their exploits to tiresome music.

  • Quest and Nestor search for Deceit in order to find out what happened to the magical swords. They learn that they were hidden inside of Nestor's tooth that was knocked out earlier. They must find the tooth if they are to regain the swords.Anna asks her tooth fairy friend to help her find the mystical tooth containing the magical swords. In doing so, they run into the Guardian who wants the swords for himself.

  • Lord Spite turns to Deceit for help in stopping our heroes from gaining the final sword in their quest for the Shattersoul Sword. Anna warns Quest that there is great evil magic in the air. She uses her sorceress power to activate the Ward Spell to protect Quest from evil magic. But Nestor doesn't listen. Because of his over exuberance, Nestor loses all of the swords to Lord Spite and finds himself captured.It's up to Quest to rescue Nestor from Lord Spite who plans to activate the final sword, so he can gain the Shattersoul Sword and release Shadowseed. But only Nestor knows where to go to activate the hilt. He refuses to help until something is done about his terrible toothache. Lord Spite agrees to take him to the dentist. But Deceit uses the opportunity to betray Lord Spite and steal the sword hilts for herself. She makes them tiny and hides them inside Nestor's bad tooth. Unfortunately, along the way, the tooth is lost, along with the swords.

  • On their way to the next sword, our group must pass through the Path of Sorrow, a land where they must once again relive difficult moments from the past. Each has a different incident to relive. Quest faces the worst moment of his life when he's given the duty and honor of watching over Baby Nestor. He's told by the king that he must remain at the little one's side twenty-four hours a day. Quest leaves Nestor for only a moment to retrieve some formula when the infant's taken by General Ogun.

  • Nestor plans to give up the quest when he believes that he has found his parents. They tell him that they struck a deal with Lord Spite and have agreed to step down from the throne. But Quest isn't so easily fooled as he suspects that Lord Spite is behind the whole thing. It turns out that he got Deceit to take Anna's place and lead them to Nestor's supposed parents who are actually two of the Katastrophe Brothers under one of her spells.Quest and the group venture into a very dangerous region called the Real Super Great Canyon in search of the Air Sword. While there, they encounter Tremodites (giant sandworms) that can appear in a flash. Nestor is swallowed by one and taken into its underground lair. It's up to Quest to find the Prince and save him.

  • After Anna accidentally turns Nestor into stone, Quest decides to leave the group, now that the Allegiance Spell is no longer in effect. He travels to a Vegas-like city founded on decadence. Graer goes after him, hoping to convince him to return. Meanwhile, Anna and Gatling work to free Nestor from his cage of stone by delivering him to a magical spring. But along the way, they walk into a trap and are grabbed by Lord Spite and General Ogun.Quest is accidentally shrunk to one foot high. In order to return to his former fighting state, he must locate a magic orb. But doing so won't be easy. Lord Spite has learned of his set back and plans to take advantage of his temporary weakness.

  • In order to activate the Fire Sword, our heroes must take on the most fierce monstrous creature The Croca-Doodle-Doo. This dragon-like monster has plagued the nearby village for years. The search for the Fire Sword leads our heroes to the Tournament of Punishment where the sword is offered as part of the prize to the winner. It's a two man combat sport where two teams go into a cage and only one team comes out. It's Quest's time to shine as he takes on the biggest and the baddest. But just who will his partner?

  • Quest, Nestor, Graer and Gatling meet Anna Maht on their way to finding the first of five swords. Anna wants to join the group but tries a little too hard. Her magic isn't working too well and she accidentally brings to life a mountain that follows them around, giving away their location to Lord Spite. In the end, she and her mountain come through and help our heroes recover the Earth Sword.Nestor hurts Way's feelings when he blames her for leading them off course and into a swamp. When Gatling goes to bring Way back, the two of them walk into a trap and are captured by Lord Spite. It's now up to Quest, Nestor and Graer to find a way into Castle Mullux and rescue Way and Gatling.

  • Quest, Nestor, Graer and Gatling find a group of talking rocks at the bottom of a stream that offer to take them to the Dagger of Way.Quest, Nestor, Graer and Gatling find the stone tablet map that points to the Dagger of Way, but it's accidentally destroyed in a cave-in.

  • Accompanied by Graer, Prince Nestor fights off the Kalamity Brothers on his way to find Quest.Quest, Nestor and Graer are in search of Gatling who knows the whereabouts of the Dagger of Way when they are captured and thrown in prison.