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Super Duper Sumos is an animated cartoon show aimed for children. It followed three sumo wrestlers who would also fight crime using their big butts. The Super Duper Sumo trio consists of Mamoo, Booma, and Kimo, who become "sumo sized" and draw their powers from PHAT (Peace, Honor, And Truth). As babies, they were raised by Wisdom San, who also taught them the ways of PHAT. The Super Duper Sumo's also have a long lost sister, Shemo, who fell from Wisdom San's home and was raised by yaks. The Sumos' arch enemy is Ms. Mister, the CEO of Bad Inc.

Super Duper Sumos is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 2001.

Where do I stream Super Duper Sumos online? Super Duper Sumos is available for streaming on Cookie Jar, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Super Duper Sumos on demand at Vudu, iTunes online.

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1 Season, 26 Episodes
September 15, 2001
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Matt Hill, Richard Newman
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Super Duper Sumos Full Episode Guide

  • When Genghis laments the old days when Wisdom San first beat him and ruined his hopes to destroy the world, Ms. Mister gets the idea to send Genghis back in time to change the tide of the battle to the side of evil. Only three super duper sumos can stop their time-changing plan of destruction.

  • In an attempt to see whose yak is the fastest, the big-bottomed bros enter themselves in the annual, world-famous Generic City Derby. In the race, they come upon Bad Inc.'s evil plan using a Trojan Horse to win and blow up the winner's circle where the Mayor of Tokyo and Wisdom San are gathered. It's neck and neck and turns out to be a photo finish in the home stretch of disaster.

  • Booma gets a job as an underwear model. When Bad Inc.'s monster de jour has really big, butt-slapping hands, Booma refuses to put his butt in harm's way. Kimo and Mamoo must try Booma's patented butt moves in order to fight, but it ends in disaster. Finally, when the monster destroys one of Booma's billboards, Booma becomes a fury unleashed and the big-bottomed bros trounce their foe.

  • Kimo's obsession with miniature golf leads to the discovery that Bad Inc. is attempting to control the minds of kids through a Pizza and Games franchise. The big-bottomed bros leap into action, stopping Bad Inc. and allowing Kimo to achieve the best miniature golf score in the history of the game ... affording him the privilege of wearing the famed, loud, plaid jacket.

  • Bad Inc. secretly abducts Kimo and replaces him with a robot version. The Robot Kimo sabotages the sumos' strength by switching diet blub for their regular food causing Mamoo and Booma to lose weight. Meanwhile, Kimo breaks free from Bad Inc. and battles his "evil twin" robot for a big finish.

  • BS designs a sleek new monster for Bad Inc. and suddenly evil becomes trendy all over town. Desperate to upgrade their own image, the sumos beg Prima to instruct them on how to be cool. Battles of hype and hipness ensue as our big-bottomed bros become tight and totally random.

  • Dr. Stinger kidnaps Santa Claus and disguises himself as the jolly old fellow to distribute destructive toys to the world. The sumos don't catch on at first and think Stinger to actually be Santa. But, Prima wises them up and they fight all the nasty toys. Then, freeing Santa from Bad Inc.'s clutches, the Super Duper Sumos discover a previously unknown fact: Santa's a big fat sumo!

  • Dr. Stinger animates his lunch into a giant, killer dumpling, which terrorizes Generic City. Normally, this would be easy for the sumos, but Mamoo has a childhood fear of dumplings. Kimo and Booma must get Mamoo to overcome his fear so that they can defeat the giant, floury beast. Panic and dimsum ensue.

  • Mamoo goes up against Dr. Stinger on a Bad Inc. cooking show intent upon destroying the world one chef at a time: The Iron Man Chef. When the sumos go up against Bad Inc.'s Iron Chef, a food fight of heroic proportions ensues.

  • Bad Inc. unleashes a horrendous heat wave upon Generic City full of savage plants and rampaging savages. Only the Super Duper Sumos can save the city ... if only they can find a way to keep cool in the process.

  • Genghis tricks Kimo into believing that, "Kimo, I am your father." Kimo must honor his father at all costs, which makes for some very tricky moments amongst the big-bottomed bros... especially when this new-found paternal influence turns brother against brother.

  • Kimo has a psychic vision/premonition that Booma gets destroyed in a fight with Bad Inc. Doing the honorable thing, Kimo sets out to protect his big-bottomed bro at all costs (usually to his own peril). Tempting fate, Kimo disguises himself as Booma only to have all of the psychic visions come true upon himself. Soy nuts.

  • In order to protect a nerdy young man, the sumos go undercover at the local high school. Of course, they don't fit in too well (literally). Bad Inc. thinks that the sumos know something they don't and immediately follow in order to destroy the boy the sumos are protecting. Mayhem, grading and Homecoming football games ensue.

  • Bad Inc. blocks out the sun with a giant pie-shaped blimp in order to freeze the planet. The sumos must put an end to this forever winter while fighting off robotic hockey players and a giant fifty-foot emperor penguin. The big-bottomed bros pop the blimp knocking the penguin out cold and turning up the heat for a grateful planet.

  • The sumos' yaks are stolen and our heroes don't know what to do without their transportation. They try to find them, and the police are absolutely no help. All the while, Bad Inc. keeps attacking. The sumos must continue on the trail of their stolen yaks. It turns out the police had the yaks all along. Some of the boys were out joy riding. Go figure.

  • The Sumos take a break and go camping in the woods. At the same time, Bad Inc. has a company retreat in their toxic-waste plant nestled in the heart of the same pristine woods. All sorts of grotesque monsters attack the Sumos giving them no peace until the big-bottomed bros destroy the toxic-waste plant and send the bad guys packing back to the city.

  • In a sumo-sized mix-up, the big-bottomed bros believe that Bad, Inc. has turned Prima into a small, glass figurine. They battle their way into Bad, Inc. to get Dr. Stinger to turn Prima back. But he can't. Instead he turns the figurine into a huge monster, which sets about smashing the city and spanking the sumos' butts for fear of hurting "Prima." Luckily, Prima returns from her Spring Break vacation, and the sumos leap smash the figurine to smithereens.

  • A day at the beach for the sumos turns into a battle against Bad Inc.'s evil plan to rid the world of cruise ships (which some would call a good plan). Our big-bottomed bros must fight mechanical sharks, giant squids and a motorized evil underwater compound shaped like a giant crab. But luckily, by the end, instead of being in deep sushi, they're eating it.

  • The Bad, Inc. boardroom becomes crowded with failed monsters and hideous experiments. They decide to build a new building ... right on top of the sumos' apartment! But, the big-bottomed bros aren't moving. Battles with animated toilets ensue, until the sumos must battle the most hideous monster of all... their transformed Landlady.

  • The Super Duper Sumos must go undercover as ballerinas to thwart Bad Inc.'s evil plan to destroy centers of culture all around the world.

  • Booma's butt accidentally comes in contact with some of Bad Inc.'s evil shrinking solution. As his butt shrinks to the size of a normal man's, Booma loses all self-esteem. Kimo and Mamoo must get Booma up off the couch and out into the fight against a sea of monsters from Bad Inc.

  • The big-bottomed bros fight in a huge sumo tournament, which turns out to be a sinister trap set by Bad Inc. Our heroes cheat in the tournament (first mistake), get captured by Bad Inc. (second mistake) and listen to Booma's ideas (third huge mistake). Balancing the Phat and fighting fairly against overwhelming odds, the sumos win the day and defeat their opponents restoring honor and the Phat.

  • Our three heroes have to save a small fishing village in New Jersey from the encroachment of Bad Inc.'s killer big-city buildings and menacing skyscrapers.

  • Bad Inc. creates a forty-foot, monstrous Teddy Bear, named Binky, which terrorizes the city. The Super Duper Sumos must put the sumo-sized squeeze on Binky and save the day.