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"Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century: The Complete Series" (1999) is an animated science fiction series based on the short stories about the great detective. The setting is indeed the 22nd century and this futuristic world is plagued by a resurrected Professor Moriarty. To stop him, scientists bring Holmes back from the dead and give him the body of a young man. They also give him an assistant: an android programmed to have the personality of his old friend, Dr. Watson. Inspector Beth LeStrade works with the duo and acts as their native guide.

Cookie Jar
1 Season, 26 Episodes
September 18, 1999
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Jason Gray-Stanford, John Payne, Akiko Morison, Viv Leacock
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Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, The Complete Series Full Episode Guide

  • "THE ADVENTURE OF THE ENGINEER'S THUMB" (KEN PONTAC) INSPIRED BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE Victor Fatherly is a bio-engineer whose work on a new blood regenerator could revolutionize organ transplant work - if his competitor Michael Wooten doesn't beat him to it. Now, someone has stolen both men's inventions. But how? The safe housing Victor's invention is protected by a biometric security system; only Victor's thumbprint and DNA signature can open it. Similarly, Michael's system uses his eye's unique retinal scan as the key. Holmes investigates and discovers that someone has lured Victor's girlfriend to betray both men, obtaining DNA from them so that the perpetrator could gruesomely engineer a cloned thumb and eye to break in! With the blood regenerator, the mastermind can now make a monstrous number of cloned organs. Holmes and his cohorts must find and put the Frankenstein-like warehouse out of business and foil the plot. Educational Message: Breaking a large problem into smaller, more manageable components often helps; solve each in turn.

  • "THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE" (MARTHA MORAN) INSPIRED BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE Holmes and Lestrade uncover an elaborate plot which involves red-headed crooks swapping paintings at the National Art Gallery for forgeries... and which employs a crowd of innocent red-headed men to screen their getaway. Who are all these red-heads? The League's employer is none other than Professor Moriarty who is planning to release a chemical (via the forgeries) at a gala to be held that night at the National Art Gallery. By rendering the wealthiest people in Britain helpless, Moriarty can steal their possessions and hold the nation's wealthiest recluse hostage. But Holmes foils the plan, the real art work is replaced, and no one is hurt. And newest League member and fish-and-chip shop owner Carter Wilson gets a "new" piece of artwork for his own Red-headed League! Educational Message: Pay attention to details; be sure your "facts" fit your theory.

  • "THE ADVENTURE OF THE BLUE CARBUNCLE" (SETH KEARSLEY) INSPIRED BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE Christmas in New London finds the whole city gone mad for the hot toy to have: the Blue Carbuncle, a troll-like doll that can mimic a real person and appear to communicate. Holmes inadvertently hurts Watson's feelings when he expresses his disgust at the modern world's obsession for machines. But when Beth brings him one of the coveted dolls after recovering it from a mugging, Holmes quickly realizes that this doll is much more sophisticated than those in the advertisements. This doll has a special artificial life computer chip that bestows sentient thought to robots! The maker of the valuable chip hid it in the doll when he realized Professor Moriarty was closing in, but then lost sight of the doll when it was carted off with dozens exactly like it! Both Moriarty and the chip's creator have been searching for it since. Holmes uses the doll itself to bait Moriarty and to discover the true maker of this very special doll, learning the true nature of friendship in the process. Educational Message: Use your eyes and brains; observe closely, think clearly, and remember - solving problems is fun.

  • "THE ADVENTURE OF THE DANCING MEN" (TERENCE TAYLOR & ELEANOR BURIAN-MOHR) -- INSPIRED BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE At their underground farm, the Cubbitts have had a monumental breakthrough. They have perfected a way to grow vegetables in any temperature and in a nearly airless vacuum - a discovery which should prove a great benefit to the world. But someone wants to use the discovery to further his own agenda and tries to take it using force, leaving the Cubbitts unconscious. With the help of the Baker Street Irregulars, Holmes deduces that the stick figure drawings of dancing men found in the Cubbitts' emails are a coded message threatening the Cubbitts to give up their discovery to aid rebel terrorists on the moon. Holmes and the Irregulars trap the culprit and bring him to justice, leaving the Cubbitts alone to live their lives peacefully helping others. Educational Message: Two heads are better than one - and three or four are even better. Bringing together different perspectives, knowledge, skills is an excellent way to generate and test plausible solutions.

  • "THE SIGN OF FOUR" (PHIL HARNAGE) INSPIRED BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE A troubled young woman appears at Holmes' door with a mysterious letter containing a beautiful ring, a shuttle ticket to the moon, and an urgent message that she has been done a great wrong and must come at once. Holmes agrees to accompany her to the moon and act as her protector. What they discover there is the answer to a 20-year-old mystery involving two quarrelling brothers (one greedy, the other generous), a valuable Copernican gem mine, Miss Morstan's long-lost father, and a bit of suspended animation. All is brought to light, father and daughter are reunited, the gems are fairly shared, and the two brothers reconcile - all in a day's work for the indefatigable Sherlock Holmes. Educational Message: Don't rely on unverified information. Someone may have made an incorrect assumption or misinterpreted the evidence. Check your facts.

  • "THE SCALES OF JUSTICE" (KEN PONTAC) INSPIRED BY "THE ADVENTURE OF THE SPECKLED BAND" BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE Someone has robbed the supposedly impenetrable "safe room" at Genie Tech. In the locked room - with no window or other way out - Sherlock Holmes discovers tiny scales which prove to belong to a mysterious unknown species of snake. Is this the work of the eminent herpetologist Grimsby Roylott who is trying desperately to keep the old London Zoo afloat? Or, as Watson suspects, is it the work of Forest Chapman, the proprietor of the spooky Mythological Museum where monstrous hybrid creatures are created and displayed to the delight of 22nd Century kids? Holmes looks past the obvious to discover that someone has mixed his own DNA with that of a python in order to commit the daring robberies. Holmes must then wrestle with the snake-man for his very life to win the day! Educational Message: Be careful about accepting the first explanation offered; examine alternative theories and possibilities. Also, good intentions never justify wrong actions.

  • "THE CROOKED MAN" (TERENCE TAYLOR & ELEANOR BURIAN-MOHR) INSPIRED BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE After hearing the normally happy couple argue passionately behind closed doors, followed by a crash and screams, the maid rushes in to discover Nancy Barclay unconscious and her husband, James, gone. Holmes investigates the strange day Nancy had prior to the fight, while Lestrade looks into James' company. Both roads lead to a bio-engineering experiment that's gone horribly wrong: inventor Victor Morris - persuaded to become the experiment's lone subject by none other than James - was turned into a monster. With Victor out of the way, James stepped in and took both Victor's fiancĂ©e, Nancy, and her father's company. When Victor comes back to wreak revenge, Holmes convinces him to spare James' life - Nancy has already seen who the real monster is. Nancy reunites with Victor, devoting her father's company to finding a cure for Victor. Educational Message: Don't judge by appearance alone. Look closely, listen carefully, and think clearly.

  • "THE HOUNDS OF THE BASKERVILLES" (PHIL HARNAGE) INSPIRED BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE On the moon, in the domed Galileo City, an old legend appears to be true when three children go missing and eerie howling can be heard echoing throughout the resort. But Sherlock Holmes suspects there is an all too human reason behind this "supernatural" phenomenon. His sleuthing quickly dispatches the mythical beast for what it is: trickery created by Moriarty to vacate the moon of its tourists so that its powerful defense and life support systems would be his from which to rule the earth. Though Moriarty escapes, Holmes and Lestrade cleverly foil the evil plot and save the day, the moon, and the earth! Educational Message: When the facts don't fit a theory, it may be time to change the theory. It is foolish to hold on to a belief (or superstition) when the evidence contradicts it.

  • "THE CRIME MACHINE" (MARTHA MORAN) INSPIRED BY "THE VALLEY OF FEAR" BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE When New London is caught in the grip of a massive crime wave, Holmes uses his eyes and intellect to deduce that the heat of the criminal activity lies in the city's long abandoned underground. With the guidance of the street-wise Baker Street Irregulars, Holmes, Watson and Lestrade plunge into the shadowy depths to foil the plot, but lose Watson when their wild escape ends with a train crash into the Thames. Only then does Holmes realize that the robot is becoming a true "friend." Educational Message: Observe and think - use your eyes and brains. Also, comments on the meaning of friendship.

  • "THE FALL AND RISE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES" (PHIL HARNAGE) INSPIRED BY "THE FINAL PROBLEM" BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE In the 22nd Century, Inspector Beth Lestrade believes that New London's "fool-proof" crime control process, called crypnosis, has been sabotaged by the criminal genius Professor James Moriarty... who has been dead for over a century! To prove her theory and catch the crook, Lestrade brings back to life the only man smart enough to have ever defeated Moriarty: Sherlock Holmes. Holmes tracks the villain, finally confronting him in the heart of the computer itself! Though the system gets back online, Moriarty manages to elude them. For now. Educational Message: Be willing to change a theory or hypothesis when the facts don't fit - be flexible.

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