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Deadbeat is a comedy show that was made by Cody Heller and Brett Konner. The show has supernatural things in it and is about a guy who is a medium. The medium's name is Kevin Pacalioglu, and he is played by Tyler Labine. Kevin is lazy and is a slacker. He allows customers to hire him for his medium services. He try's to help ghosts solve their issues, so that they can rest in piece. Sometimes Kevin gets help with dealing with these ghost's problems from his best friend. Roofie is Kevin's best friend, and he is also a drug dealer. Rufus Roofie Jones is played by actor Brandon T. Jackson. Kevin is a pot head who has to solve ghosts' problems, while at the same time dealing with a rival medium. The show centers around Kevin being a deadbeat and his job helping ghosts move on. It shows how his friend helps him, and how they deal with Kevin's competition.

Deadbeat is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on April 9, 2014.

Where do I stream Deadbeat online? Deadbeat is available for streaming on Hulu Originals, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Deadbeat on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

Hulu Originals
3 Seasons, 36 Episodes
April 9, 2014
Cast: Tyler Labine, Lucy DeVito, Brandon T. Jackson, Cat Deeley
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Deadbeat Full Episode Guide

  • Pac' get-rich-quick scheme is derailed by the ghost of a 1980s magician who never got to finish his final trick; Clyde prepares a passive-aggressive dinner.

  • Pac tries to help the ghost of an old-timey King get revenge on the Knight who betrayed him; Clyde makes some new friends.

  • Pac and Danny wake up after a "Boys' Night In"gone horribly wrong, only to find that Clyde (and Danny' favorite belt) have gone missing.

  • When the completely naked ghost of a 17th century Duchess follows him home, Pac must help fix a painting of her before she will let him eat.

  • Pac finally gets face time with Danny Poker, but is interrupted by the ghost of an Amish man looking for his son; Clyde tries to have an orgy.

  • In order to meet Instagram celebrity Danny Poker, whom Pac believes has insight into his ghost-seeing abilities, the boys must help the ghost of a wannabe superhero.

  • Pac and Clyde help the perverted ghost of a famous DJ in order to get entrance to the exclusive nightclub Le Douche.

  • Pac and Clyde help the ghost of a dead porn star who is refusing to let her daughter get married in peace.

  • Pac and Clyde' first professional ghost case together involves adead stoner who can't remember his unfinished business.

  • Pac moves into Clyde' apartment, only to realize it is beinghaunted by Clyde' former guidance counselor, whose deathmay have been Clyde' fault.

  • In order to afford to leave the seedy massage parlor where he'been hiding out for the past 6 months, Pac helps the ghost of aMexican drug mule.

  • Federal immigration agents crash Pac's surprise party to celebrate Roofie's release from prison.

  • Pac is visited by the ghost of Santa Claus who needs his help delivering one final present.

  • Roofie, arrested for drug dealing, needs Pac's help from prison to obtain a specific bag of weed.

  • Frustrated that they can't consummate their relationship physically, Pac and Sue hire a sex vessel for Sue to possess.

  • Pac and Sue's romantic staycation at the Waldorf Astoria is interrupted by the ghost of a US President.

  • Pac helps a ghost rescue his girlfriend from their Y2K bunker, now trapped beneath a sperm bank.

  • Pac's adoptive father TJ shows up in need of Pac's help exorcising his new apartment.

  • Pac takes a job at a school in order to help the ghost of a janitor.

  • Pac becomes the reluctant cult leader of a group en route to Pluto.

  • Pac helps a 1940's Broadway dancer train for a nursing home talent show.

  • Pac must convince a cranky teenage ghost to haunt elsewhere.

  • Sue finds herself unable to move on into the light in her new ghost form, though Pac is here to help.

  • Unable to go into her Light, Sue believes that her mysterious unfinished business might be getting closure from an ex-boyfriend (Andy Ridings) who blew her off years ago. Though he knows the truth (that Sue is still a ghost because he's keeping one of her fingers) Pac reluctantly helps Sue reconnect with her handsome, successful ex. Meanwhile, Camomile struggles with her new paranormal reality show "Midtown Manhattan Medium" when actual ghosts start messing with her set. In an effort to blackmail Pac into working for her, she sends her boyfriend, Matthew Biscotti (the new lead of TV's "Felonies and Misdemeanors") to go dig up dirt on Pac.

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