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This lifestyle series gives viewers tips for performing ordinary household tasks with tools not intended to perform those tasks. Hosts Kevin Pereira and Brooke Van Poppelen don't fall for every "hack" they hear about, though; if the hack doesn't work, they'll let you know. The series debuted in 2015 on the truTV cable network.

Tuesdays 10:30 PM et/pt on truTV
5 Seasons, 61 Episodes
January 6, 2015
Comedy, How To, Reality
Cast: Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen
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Hack My Life Full Episode Guide

  • Brooke and Kevin test out a new toilet hack; Brooke has tips for hacking dating profiles. Also: Señor Solución finally meets his match

  • Kevin and Brooke bring back a failed lawnmower hack; Kevin tests cheese-cutting hacks for a charcuterie. Also: Hack 911 works on a murder mystery.

  • Kevin and Brooke test your hacks for smelly kitty litter, Kevin makes a flute out of a carrot in a new segment of Let's Make a Thing, and our Hack Line of Defense will have a testy bridezilla walking down the aisle in no time.

  • Kevin and Brooke find out that poo on the shoe isn't good luck; and Brooke tests some hacks for her pup. Also: hacks to go undercover as the Cold-Blooded Hacker tries to swipe some bling.

  • Kevin and Brooke test hacks for holding it in; and Nurse Hackie has a cure for itchy bites. Also: road-trip hacks.

  • Kevin and Brooke go dumpster-diving at the drive-through in "Gaming the System"; and Kevin is the hack hunter as he meets with truckers to find some new everyday hacks. Also: Señor Solución has a nasty fall on "Hacks Del Corazón."

  • Kevin and Brooke find the hacked pool of their dreams. Also: a hack that keeps rude teenagers on the straight and narrow.

  • Brooke meets a dominatrix who wants to teach a pomegranate a lesson; Mack and Jack try to help a new couple beat the cohabitation curse.

  • Kevin and Brooke have dinner in a hot tub; Kevin re-hacks a self-tanner; teens let the hacks take over.

  • Brooke and Kevin salute the next class of household tips and tricks that are graduating from these hallowed halls and moving on to the next stage of life. But before they go off into the real world, B&K are presenting each one a yearbook-style superlative.

  • It's time for a long awaited vacation so Brooke and Kevin want to share the best travel-related hacks they've come across, starting with ones that help with packing, hotel room service, the worst part of every vacation: the hell of airline travel and much more.

  • There are forces in the world that waste your time, steal your money, and make it impossible to get ahead. In comes Brooke and Kevin to the rescue as they assemble the ultimate field guide of hacks to show you how to game every system that tries to game you!

  • On this April Fools' Edition of Hack My Life, Brooke & Kevin share some of the most foolish moments in HML history. It's a celebration of all the times where the pursuit of hacking made Brooke and Kevin look silly or forced them (and others) to do ridiculous things.

  • It surprises, delights, and makes you shout things at your TV. In other words, these are some of the best FUCKING hacks we've ever seen!!

  • Brooke and Kevin are here with a bunch of great hacks that will help make that nine to five fly by faster. Whether it's your commute, meetings, lunch, more meetings, or happy hour, Hack My Life has got you covered.

  • Brooke and Kevin head to the casino to see if they can game the system with a high stakes dice-throwing hack, and they test some surprising hacks for overcoming snoring and sleeping through the night.

  • Brooke and Kevin meet their toughest challenge yet when they use hacks to game a polygraph test, and it gets hot and heavy in the OR when Dr. Hack meets the fiery new CEO. Plus, Kevin learns how to defend himself with a smartphone.

  • Officers Mack and Jack come to the rescue of a perp who has a tough time being alone, and Kevin reunites with his long-time friend Candace Bailey in a hacksperiment where they attempt to find out the sex of her baby.

  • We're going to the future with Kevin as he lives out his hoverboard dream with Master Hacker Science Bob. And move over, 2000 thread count sheets, Brooke and Kevin spot a hack that will help your sheets feel like a million bucks!

  • Brooke and Kevin give tips on skipping a busy lunch line with a new Gaming the System hack, the Pitchman has some money-saving advice for your car, and ever wonder where high heels come from? Find out in Hacks From History.

  • Brooke and Kevin demonstrate how to save money at the gas tank, and the Lazy Cook shows us a great way to get more bacon out of our BLTs. Plus, breaking up doesn't have to be so hard when you use these lessons from our Hack Hero!

  • Officers Mack and Jack crash a failed football-viewing party, Kevin and Brooke use an important hacker's tool to secure a restaurant reservation, and it's mom versus dad in a race to determine peanut butter & jelly supremacy.

  • Señor Solución discovers a hack that gets him back in the mood, and Kevin and Brooke reveal fan hacks for cooling down a hot bed. Plus, get revenge on rigged arcades with hacks to make the claw machine cough up a sweet prize.

  • A facial hack found in any school kid's book bag; how to treat oneself like it's one's birthday; diving deep into a garbage bag for what could be the wackiest hack yet.

  • Dr. Hack finds an unlikely match in a veterinarian; Kevin and Brooke hack their way through the worst obstacles an airport has to offer; viewers share DIY solutions for whipping cream; how low prices can go if one acts like a ``good guy.''

  • In the third-season opener, ideas for navigating an office-holiday bash are shared; and the history of the ball drop on New Year's Eve is talked about.

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