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  • TV-Y7
  • 1994
  • 2 Seasons
  • 5.6  (1,095)

VR Troopers was a live-action American television series that aired in syndication from 1994 until 1996. The show was created by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, who also created another popular 90s show like "Power Rangers." The series revolved around Ryan Steele, his best friend Kaitlin Star, and Ryan's friend J.B. Reese who were chosen by Professor Hart to become the VR Troopers, virtual reality superheroes who fought against the evil forces of Grimlord, a virtual villain who wanted to take over both the real world and the world of virtual reality.

The show had a very unique premise, as the VR Troopers had their base of operations in an abandoned virtual reality system called The Grid, where they could harness the power of virtual reality to become more powerful and fight against the evil forces of Grimlord. The show also featured a variety of giant robots, or 'VR machines,' that could transform and combine to form even more powerful robots.

The main character Ryan Steele, played by Brad Hawkins, was a martial arts expert who was also a member of a rock band. Ryan is very quick to fight and is always willing to take on Grimlord's forces, even if it means risking his own life. He is very optimistic and usually brings cheer to other members of the team.

The other two members of the VR Troopers team were Kaitlin Star, played by Sarah Brown, and J.B. Reese, played by Michael Hollander. Kaitlin is a budding journalist who always loves to investigate and write stories. She is also highly skilled at gymnastics and martial arts. J.B. Reese, on the other hand, is a highly intelligent technophile who was responsible for creating and refining their virtual reality equipment.

The team was assisted by Professor Hart, played by Richard Paul, an elderly scientist who was responsible for creating The Grid and the gear they used to transform into the VR Troopers. He provided the team with guidance and support in their battle against the evil Grimlord.

The main antagonist of the show was Grimlord, played by Gardner Baldwin, the ruler of the virtual world who was set to gain control of the real world. Grimlord was constantly sending his virtual minions, such as the Skugs, to take over the real world.

Throughout the show, there were various story arcs that led to unique battles and situations for the VR Troopers. Some of the most prominent villains included the mighty Goo Fish, the vicious Duplicator, and the dangerous Orbbot. The battles against these villains were often intense and thrilling, often requiring the use of the VR Troopers' combined giant robots to ultimately overcome the threat.

The show's popularity led to a line of action figures, toys, and video games. The series ultimately ended after two seasons in 1996, leaving behind a loyal fan base that still remembers the show to this day.

In conclusion, VR Troopers was an exciting and unique television show that was enjoyed by many during its brief run. The show's action-packed battles, unique concept, and relatable characters made it a favorite among many children in the 90s. Even though the show ended over 20 years ago, its impact is still felt by those who grew up watching it.

VR Troopers is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (92 episodes). The series first aired on September 3, 1994.

VR Troopers
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Galileo's New Memory
40. Galileo's New Memory
February 21, 1996
The Troopers have invented a new robot, GALILEO, to assist Professor Hart in the lab. His memory banks hold all the knowledge of the lab's computer. Grimlord kidnaps the robot and begins extracting information in order to crush the Troopers. But the Troopers have a plan...they follow Doom Master back to the Dark Fortress and rescue the robot. There, they find that Grimlord has stolen nearly all the robot's information. Troopers rescue Galileo and set Grimlord's computers to self-destruct. As they leave, Grimlord's chamber goes up in flames.
Time Out
39. Time Out
February 20, 1996
Knighttime freezes time and it is up to Ryan (with the unlikely help of Grimlord) to destroy the machine of its source. And in the meantime, J.B. and Kaitlin are sent out to destroy another new monster, called FANBOT.
Grimlord's Dummy
38. Grimlord's Dummy
February 13, 1996
Grimlord transforms ventriloquist dummy into a life-size monster who attacks the Troopers.
The Ghost of Cross World Forrest
37. The Ghost of Cross World Forrest
February 12, 1996
The Troopers stumble onto Grimlord's secret weapons factory and are caught in a deadly fog which keeps them from transforming.
Despera Strikes Back
36. Despera Strikes Back
February 7, 1996
Despera sends her evil sister, Desponda, to be the secret weapon in Grimlord's plot to destroy the Troopers.
The Duplitron Dilemma
35. The Duplitron Dilemma
February 6, 1996
Grimlord's Duplitron machine multiplies trouble for the Troopers.
Field and Scream
34. Field and Scream
February 5, 1996
Knighttime launches a city attack while the Troopers and Ziktor are on a nature trip.
Grimlord's Big Breakout
33. Grimlord's Big Breakout
November 28, 1995
Grimlord frees an evil convict and transforms him into an anti-Trooper weapon.
Get Me to the Lab on Time
32. Get Me to the Lab on Time
November 27, 1995
Grimlord creates a powerful love potion for Kaitlin and Percy who plan their wedding.
Magnetic Attraction
31. Magnetic Attraction
November 21, 1995
Grimlord discovers that magentifity can damage the troopers hardaware and decides to use it to against the troopers.
A Hard Day's Mutant
30. A Hard Day's Mutant
November 20, 1995
The Krossworld Kids, a popular, young, rock group, agrees to play a special benefit for the Homeless at the Tao Dojo. Grimlord decides to steal their musical talents with his mutant BONGOTRON. Despera creates a diversion that draws the Troopers away while Doom Master kidnaps the band and their fan club. Jeb leads the Troopers to General Ivar's underground fortress, where they free the prisoners and VR Ryan fights Bongotron. Ryan wins, restoring the Krossworld Kids' musical talents, and they hold their benefit concert.
Dream Battle
29. Dream Battle
November 15, 1995
Grimlord uses Knighttime to make Ryan, JB, and Kaitlin fall into a deep sleep where they experience the world as it might be if Grimlord won. If Hart and Jeb can't revive the Troopers, the heroes will remain in the ""dream world"" for the rest of their lives. Hart enters the dream world via a VR Visor interface and manages to tell the Troopers they are dreaming. The Troopers fight a menagerie of robots and airships, including their own skybase and Troopertron, before realizing that they must literally think their way from the dream rather than fight.
The Charmeeka Invasion
28. The Charmeeka Invasion
November 14, 1995
Friendly, little creatures called CHARMEEKAS become the popular new pet in Cross World City. But the Troopers discover that Grimlord has sent them, and soon, they will mature into mutants called CHARMADORS who will carry out his plans for destruction. They must get rid of the Charmeekas before they all transform. JB and Kaitlin fly overhead and draw all the Charmeekas back across the reality barrier...except one which didn't hear the high-pitched lure. Soon this last Charmeeka mutates into a Charmador. Ryan must battle the last mutant through several zones before finally destroying him.
Santa's Secret Trooper
27. Santa's Secret Trooper
November 13, 1995
Otto, one of Santa's elves, rescue the Troopers in time for Christmas.
Into Oraclon's Web
26. Into Oraclon's Web
November 8, 1995
Ryan befriends a mysterious new girl named Alexis, unaware that she is really one of Grimlords minions in disguise. Then, Ryan takes on Oraclon, one-on-one, and defeats him.
Forward into the Past
25. Forward into the Past
November 7, 1995
With the help of his old friend KNIGHTTIME, Grimlord sends Kaitlin and J.B. back to prehistoric earth and plans to do the same to Ryan. Meanwhile, the Evil emperor instructs Knighttime to construct the ultimate time machine that will send all the citizens of earth hurling back to a point before the beginning of time, thereby destroying them and making the planet his own. Grimlord sends LIZBOT to dispose of Ryan. They battle and Ryan is victorious. Meanwhile, Professor Hart has learned the location of Grimlord's time machine and also realizes that it's power might be able to retrieve J.B. and Kaitlin from the past. In a race against time, Ryan rescues his friends and then destroys the time machine once and for all. Knighttime, defeated, swears he will return.
On the Wrong Track
24. On the Wrong Track
November 6, 1995
Kaitlin is sent abroad to cover the Pan World Games. Grimlord uses this opportunity to alter the ceremonial gold medals thus transforming the world's greatest athletes into his army of mutants. While the three are occupied fighting skugs, Kaitlin's friend, a decathalete, is crowned with the gold and transforms into ATHLETETRON, the most powerful of Grimlord's creatures. VR Ryan must use all his strength, stamina and smarts to fend off such a strong adversary. Meanwhile, Kaitlin must stall the upcoming awards ceremony long enough for JB to deprogram the remaining medals and save the athletes from Grimlord's evil spell.
Grimlord's Dark Secret (2)
23. Grimlord's Dark Secret (2)
November 3, 1995
A pyramid in another time hides deadly secrets for the Troopers.
Grimlord's Dark Secret (1)
22. Grimlord's Dark Secret (1)
November 2, 1995
An Archieologist discovers an ancient doorway to another world what he doesn't know that it also unlocks the information to grimlord's true idenity when grimlord discovers this. he sends doomaster and despra to stop the trooprs from uncovering his idenity.
The Millennium Sabre
21. The Millennium Sabre
October 24, 1995
The Troopers race to block Lizardbot's plan to destroy them using the stolen energized Millennium Sabre.
Grimlord's Children
20. Grimlord's Children
October 18, 1995
Grimlord attempts to enslave Ryan, Kaitlin and the play center kids with his magic balloons.
New World Order
19. New World Order
October 17, 1995
Ryan falls victim to a mind-control motorcycle helmet and threatens Kaitlin's safety.
Virtual Venom
18. Virtual Venom
October 16, 1995
J.B. and Kaitlin face old age before their time after Doom Master's Virtual Spider bites them.
The Disk
17. The Disk
October 11, 1995
A former teacher of Tyler Steele accidently creates a disk that could spell doom for the troopers when grimlord discovers this he sends his henchmen to retrieve the disk.
Grimlord Takes Root
16. Grimlord Takes Root
October 10, 1995
Kaitlin's photo shoot and J.B. and Ryan's motorcycles are destroyed when vicious plants come to life in Cross World City Park. Suspecting that Grimlord is behind this ecological stunt, J.B. and Kaitlin take a sample of the killer vine back to the lab for analysis. Meanwhile, Ryan is attacked by the killer vines. The vines later mutate into plant mutants: CHLOROPHOID and VEGBOT. V.R. Ryan battles Veg-Bot while V.R. J.B. and the twin V.R. Kaitlins fight Chlorophoid. The plant mutants must be destroyed before all life on earth is threatened. Once the Troopers are victorious, they give the plant samples to a biological foundation for research. The foundation rewards the teens with two brand new motorcycles.
Kaitlin Goes Hollywood
15. Kaitlin Goes Hollywood
October 9, 1995
Kaitlin is forced to choose between the VR Troopers and a movie career as Grimlord creates Photobot to destroy them.
Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass (2)
14. Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass (2)
October 4, 1995
Grimlord tries to expand his Virtual Mirror Program with mass production of the compact transmitters. His evil plan is thwarted when Kaitlin Two---pretending to betray the V.R. Troopers---returns to his fortress, only to steal the Master Virtual Mirror Replicator and return to Earth. Professor Hart uses the device to put the two Kaitlins back together, but Jeb accidentally breaks the mirror transmitter. As a result, Kaitlin has a new power; she may transform into two V.R. Kaitlins when a dire situation calls for an additional hand.
Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass (1)
13. Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass (1)
October 3, 1995
Grimlord creates a weapon that can duplicate anyone's image but create an opposite of what they are he uses it on Katlin to create an evil image of katlin. who wreaks havoc on her alter ego and the troopers however Hart realizes that if Katlin that if the two Katlin's are not put back into one by 24 hours they will both disappear
The Negative Factor
12. The Negative Factor
October 2, 1995
Ryan rushes to try to save J.B. and Kaitlin, who are headed for the Negative Zone after being zapped by the Doom Master into phantoms on Earth.
Watered Down
11. Watered Down
September 27, 1995
Grimlord is developing a substance in his underwater lab that will make it impossible for the Troopers to use their V.R. powers anywhere the substance is applied. When the Troopers spot the substance off shore near the beach, Ryan dives down to check it out. He meets OCTOBOT who has spread the substance into the surrounding water. With Ryan unable to use his V.R.Power and transform, he is trapped underwater with his air running out. J.B. and Kaitlin must find a way to reach Ryan and destroy the underwater lab that is manufacturing the substance before it's too late. With time running out, J.B. drills through the bedrock to enter the lab without passing through the water, and then he and Kaitlin destroy Octobot to neutralize the substance to enable Ryan to transform out at the last moment.
Game Over
10. Game Over
September 26, 1995
In an effort to keep up their battle skills and practice defending against Grimlord's forces, J.B. creates a virtual reality computer program that possesses all the fighting capabilities to which the Troopers are most vulnerable. Grimlord becomes aware of this ""video game"" adversary and devises a way to launch it into our reality so that the Troopers must face their most awesome opponent imaginable for real. By confronting their fears, they defeat their opponents and are able to destroy GAMEOID and erase the program from existence.
Fashion Victims
9. Fashion Victims
September 25, 1995
Ziktor uses a fashion show as an opportunity to try to catch the Troopers in his silk "capture" cocoons.
Quest for Power (5)
8. Quest for Power (5)
September 22, 1995
The Troopers are able to get a crystal to power the new V.R. suit from Tao. They all must battle DESPERA, the ULTRA SKUGS, DOOM MASTER, and the VIXENS in the Quarry. In the end, the Troopers win.
Quest for Power (4)
7. Quest for Power (4)
September 21, 1995
Ryan's powers are gone, and Grimlord's new army is activated, can the Troopers create a new armour and power source for thier leader in time before the new mutant army is put to work?
Quest for Power (3)
6. Quest for Power (3)
September 20, 1995
Ryan and the Troopers search the mountains above Cross World City for any readings of Grimlord or Tyler with a special device that J.B. has created. They find that Grimlord is holding up in a cavernous temporary dungeon. Ryan must enter the new domain and battle Grimlord's gauntlet of mutants, while J.B. and Kaitlin are trapped in the Chamber of Doom. The Cavern is destroyed and Ryan loses his V.R. powers in the process of rescuing his father and the other Troopers. Tyler is in bad shape. It appears as if there is no hope for him. Or is there? ...to be continued
Quest for Power (2)
5. Quest for Power (2)
September 19, 1995
Grimlord continues to tap into Tyler Steel's mind Jeb voulunteers to infiltrate Grimlord's dungeon to Wolfbot mutant. Ryan defys the wishes ofd Katlin and goes after Jeb and his father, but Grimlord is waiting for him...
Quest for Power (1)
4. Quest for Power (1)
September 18, 1995
Grimlord uses Tyler Steels' mind to create an energy prism which will upgrade his powers to a whole new level, he then unleashes a powrful cyborg to attack Ryan...
Secret Power
3. Secret Power
September 13, 1995
The Troopers show how to combat stage fright and stop a plot to steal energy from the Power Plant at the same time.
Trooper out of Time
2. Trooper out of Time
September 12, 1995
Ziktor tries to destroy Ryan's past with a time machine.
Mutant Mutiny
1. Mutant Mutiny
September 11, 1995
Amphibidor's mutiny against Grimlord to become master of Virtual Reality is redirected into an attack on the VR Troopers.
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VR Troopers is available for streaming on the Syndicated website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch VR Troopers on demand at Netflix and Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    September 3, 1994
  • IMDB Rating
    5.6  (1,095)